Live Scan Software for FBI Fingerprint Background Check

Live Scan Software for high quality electronic fingerprints capture. Quick and easy fingerprinting for FBI civil background check.

Live Scan Software

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Bundle Includes

  • Bayometric’s LiveScan Software can quickly capture fingerprints to submit to the FBI.
  • Currently available ten print live scanners – Integrated Biometrics Kojak or Suprema RealScan G10.
  • Remote Installation & Training. 1 Year free support.

Live Scan Software: Biometric Capture and Send to FBI

Software for electronic fingerprint capture and submission to FBI fingerprint database for conducting civil fingerprint background checks.

Supported FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners

We currently offer Integrated Biometrics Kojak and Suprema RealScan G10 fingerprint scanners with our live scanner software package. Both are FBI certified scanners and equipped with industry leading hardware, optics and algorithm.

Easy Demographic Data Entry

Simple and easy to fill demographic data entry screen makes the entire process seamless. To prevent common data entry errors, drop down menus and data validation checks are placed wherever required. With its ability to provide constant feedback during data entry, Bayometric’s Live Scan software makes sure that demographic data entry is as easy and precise as possible.

Rolls and Flat Fingerprints

Our live scan software supports type 4 (standard) as well as type 14 (enhanced) fingerprint images. Typically, 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions are captured in the fingerprinting process. Supports latest ANSI/NIST and the FBI EBTS industry standards.

Segmentation and Quality Check

Our live scan software comes with the ability to perform segmentation of each finger and perform quality checks on individual fingerprints. Segmentation and quality testing of each finger is an FBI requirement for type 14 flat fingerprint scan. Both the processes (segmentation and quality check) take place before creating the ETFS file.


Capture and Submit Fingerprints to FBI

Intuitive and Easy to use FBI Appendix F compatible solution that helps submit demographic and fingerprint data to FBI.

Compatible with FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners

Works seamlessly with various 10 print fingerprint scanners such as Integrated Biometrics Kojak and Suprema RealScan G-10.

Real-time Quality Check

Capture high-quality fingerprint images every time.

Supported USB Fingerprint Scanners

Applications & Features

LiveScan Applications

  • US government and state agencies
  • Airports and border control authorities
  • Health and childcare institutes
  • Educational institutes
  • Regulated commercial businesses
  • Law enforcement agencies


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Live Scan System Features

  • Fingerprint Image & Demographic Data Capture
  • Photograph & Signature Capture
  • Create the EFTS file
  • type 4 (standard) & type 14 (enhanced) fingerprint images
  • Segmentation and quality checks on all fingers
  • 10 rolled fingerprints and 4 flat impressions


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Intuitive and Easy to Use Solution

  • Bid farewell to ink and roll.
  • Upload electronically to the FBI database.
  • Applicant records stays encrypted, results in greater privacy and security for applicant data
  • Be it contractors, employees and/or candidates, one solution for all you background check needs.
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Product Description (Software)

Bayometric’s Live Scan software is one of the market leading solutions that allow you to capture electronic fingerprints and submit them to the FBI, in order to place a background check request with the agency. Fingerprints are captured with a certified ten print scanner that adheres to FBI prescribed fingerprint image quality at 500 PPI. Bayometric’s Live Scan software makes sure that FBI standards are maintained throughout the process: fingerprint capture, data entry and submission.

The software contains all the components required while placing an FBI background check request. From electronic fingerprinting to filling demographic details ahead of time and quality checks, Bayometric’s Live Scan software makes the FBI background check a seamless yet effortless experience. The system is easy to use and user is guided throughout the fingerprinting process.

If a fingerprint scan is not up to the mark, user is notified beforehand, thanks to thorough fingerprint quality checks coded within the software. These quality checks are performed before creating the EFTS file (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification file: the electronic file which is eventually transferred to the agency). Performing quality checks in advance saves from unnecessary trouble that may arise due to poor quality fingerprint submissions at the FBI’s end. It also ensures that your submission results in a dependable background check report.

Bayometric’s Live Scan software is free from proprietary traps and can be used with a wide range of FBI live scanners available in the market. It gives the freedom to choose and upgrade a scanner without worrying about the compatibility or support. It works with a wide variety of single, dual, ten-print and palm print scanners from most of the leading brands. It makes sure that users can choose their own hardware and upgrade it as they please.

Product Description (Hardware)

Suprema RealScan G10

RealScan G10 comes equipped with Suprema’s advanced optics to ensure high quality and flawless image capture. RealScan G10 is an FBI IAFIS Appendix F certified ten-print scanner, which means that it can capture 4+4+2 rolled prints as well as single fingerprints. To make sure that rolled prints do not suffer with image quality issues, this all-in-one scanner makes use of Suprema’s Advanced Rolled Image Construction technology to construct impeccable rolled fingerprint images. It captures rolled scans at 20 frames per second to ensure no details are missed and errors stay minimized. Its sealed construction is rated IP54 to ensure that device stays protected from moisture, dust and liquids.


IB Kojak

Kojak looks incredibly compact for a ten print scanner. Along with the smallest footprint, it packs some of the market leading features that make it stand apart. This FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 60 10-Print (4-4-2) Roll Scanner comes equipped with IB’s patented LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology to capture high quality fingerprint images in most challenging conditions. LES technology renders the device immune from finger contaminants like oil, lotion, sweat, dirt, grease. LES technology also allows Kojak to capture fingerprints in indirect and even in direct sunlight without compromising on image quality. Kojak can be easily integration into applications that require FAP 60 image quality using Fingerprint SDK.


Live Scan fingerprinting

Still using ink stained fingers on FBI fingerprint cards and not sure if they are good enough to be accepted? Use Bayometric’s electronic Live Scan to capture and greatly improve chances of acceptance.

Easy to integrate

Print to Card can be integrated with your existing solution or custom applications quite easily. With simplified integration process, you can add ten-print card printing ability to your application. You can digitize fingerprint records as EFT files and submit them to the agency.

Fingerprint Submissions to the FBI

Live Scan Solution allows you to capture fingerprints electronically and send them to the FBI.

Cost Effective

Live Scan Solution is one of the most cost effective offerings in fingerprint capture and print tools on the market.

FBI Certified Solution

Bayometric’s Live Scan Solution meets the specifications of Appendix F IQS making sure that scans and prints work perfectly with IAFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). Algorithm is specially tweaked for high quality printing of fingerprint images, making sure that fine minutiae are not missed.

Comprehensive fingerprint solutions

Bayometric offers a range of fingerprint solutions and each solution can be used independently. These ready-to-integrate solutions quickly add desired functionality from card scanning, image processing to compression to your custom applications / interfaces within turnkey systems.

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Compatible Live Scan Hardware

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