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Logon to Windows, Domain, Websites and Applications using fingerprints & create a ”password free” environment.

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Sale! Hamster Pro Fingerprint Reader

SecuGen Hamster Pro

Item Model: HUPx; Item Code: EA4-0091A. Hamster Pro is built with rugged and advanced optical sensor, it's an ultra-compact and high image quality USB fingerprint reader. Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible. Used for authentication, identification and verification functions, low price makes it suitable for large deployments. Supports Windows Hello for quick and secure fingerprint login to Windows…
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Sale! Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen Hamster Plus (HSDU03P)

SecuGen Hamster Plus is a versatile, compact and highly efficient USB fingerprint reader that comes equipped with a sensor immune to scratches, impacts and vibrations. Smart Capture™ can read difficult-to-scan fingers while Auto-On™ enables it to detect the finger presence to power-on the device. High quality fingerprint recognition at an affordable price. Do away with PINs and passwords and let…
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Sale! Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Reader

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 (HU20)

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is a highly accurate, ultra-compact FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) and Mobile ID FAP 20 compliant USB fingerprint scanner. Its IP54 rated water-resistant construction houses an advanced high-performance optical sensor resistant to dust, scratch, and corrosion. This is a special order item. [minti_table style="2"] Qty. 1 – 24 25 + Price $71.40 Request a Quote [/minti_table] FREE…
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Sale! secugen hamster iv fingerprint scanner

SecuGen Hamster IV (HSDU04P)

SecuGen Hamster IV is a compact, lightweight, FBI (PIV) FIPS 201, Mobile ID (FAP 10) and STQC certified USB fingerprint reader comes equipped with a sensor immune to scratches, impacts and vibrations. This ergonomically designed fingerprint reader is also equipped with Smart Capture™ and Auto-On™. [minti_table style="2"] Qty. 1 – 4 5 – 9 10 – 24 25 + Price…
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SecuGen SDA03P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA03P

Complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system. Features next-generation fingerprint technology. High image quality fingerprint optic module. Fast 1:1 and 1:N search capabilities.
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SecuGen SDA04P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA04P

Ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module. Interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers. Captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. Advanced, optical fingerprint technology for embedded systems.
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SecuGen SDU03P

High image quality fingerprint optic module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Supports Plug & Play architecture. FCC, CE, RoHS complient.
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SecuGen SDU04P Fingerprint Sensor

SecuGen SDU04P

FBI FIPS 201/PIV certified fingerprint module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Features Auto-On™ and Smart Capture™. Supports Plug & Play architecture.
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Sale! SecuGen iD-SERIAL Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader

SecuGen iD-Serial

Item Model: XSDA04P; Item Code: EA4-0506P; fingerprint authentication system with integrated smart card reader. Comes with SecuGen’s stand-alone optic module (SDA04P), PC/SC compliant smart card reader, on-board processor, serial cable, external power supply and surface mountable case with integrated screw mounts. Available on-board 1:1 and 1:N matching algorithms, designed for ready access by any finger in any orientation. This is…
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Sale! iD-USB SC/PIV Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader


Item Model: XSDU04PSC; Item Code: EA4-0516P; USB 2.0 optical fingerprint scanner with an embedded contact smart card reader. FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) certified and Mobile ID (FAP 10) compliant. Comes with a high-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor (same as Hamster IV, HSDU04P) and PC/SC compliant USB Smart Card reader. Plug ‘n Play, hot-swappable, includes a surface mountable case with integrated…
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Sale! SecuGen iD-USB SC Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader


Item Model: XSDU03PSC; Item Code: EA4-0515P. A combination fingerprint scanner and Smart Card reader. High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor and PC/SC compliant USB Smart Card reader. Plug ‘n Play, hot-swappable device captures high quality fingerprint images even from difficult to read fingers (e.g. dry, wet, scarred or aged skin).
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Sale! secugen hamster pro duo cl

Hamster Pro Duo CL

Item Model: XU20CL; Item Code: EA4-0518CL. Featuring SecuGen’s ultra-compact U20 optical fingerprint sensor and an advanced NFC / contactless smart card reader. Two factor authentication (Fingerprint + Smart Card) ensures higher security (e.g. physical access control, personal identity verification, and national ID programs). Fake finger rejection and latent print (2D) image removal, encrypted templates cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint…
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Sale! SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

Item Model: XU20SCI; Item Code: EA4-0520SCI. FCC, RoHS, FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) certified and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 20) compliant fingerprint and contact smart card reader. Featuring SecuGen’s rugged and advanced U20 optical sensor and ISO 7816 smart card reader in one device. This ultra-compact sensor comes with automatic finger detection and quality scanning of dry, moist, aged, scarred, and…
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secugen hamster pro 10

SecuGen Hamster Pro 10

Item Model: HU10 Hamster Pro 10 is an ultra-slim USB fingerprint reader equipped with SecuGen’s newest U10 fingerprint sensor. FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 10) certified, IP54 rated dust and water-proof glass platen. SecuGen’s patented advanced optical sensor captures high quality fingerprints from difficult-to-scan fingers (e.g. dry, moist, aged and scarred). Compatible with Windows Hello for…
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Sale! secugen unity 20 bluetooth

Unity 20 Bluetooth

Item Model: HU20-ASF-BT. FBI (PIV) FIPS 201 and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 20) compliant bluetooth fingerprint reader comes with a sleek elegant yet affordable design. Unity 20 is equipped with a premium optical fingerprint sensor and can securely transfer fingerprint data wirelessly to mobile devices. Supports automatic finger detection technology, easily capture rough fingers (i.e. dry, wet, scarred) in any…
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About SecuGen PC Peripherals & OEM Modules

SecuGen manufactures most advanced optical fingerprint recognition devices. Their patented SEIR-based fingerprint sensors (500 dpi) are extremely durable, accurate and support a wide range of biometric platforms.

SecuGen fingerprint readers are well known for their ruggedness and solid engineering. The sensor prisms are made of indestructible quartz like material, to resist scratches, stress and corrosion.

Advanced quality control measures are taken during the manufacture of every SecuGen devices and all fingerprint scanners are tested under extreme conditions.

SecuGen’s fingerprint readers and sensor components are in use for a variety of innovative applications including mobile, Internet, enterprise network and desktop security, physical access control, time and attendance management, and financial and medical records control.

FIPS 201 / PIV Certified

SecuGen scanners and OEM modules meet the rigorous requirements of the U.S. Government.

SecuGen devices are compliant with FIPS (Federal information Process Standard) 201 / PIV (Personal Identify Verification) of federal employees and contractors as mandated by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).

Download Manuals

SecuGen Fingerprint Reader User Guide (PDF)


SecuGen fingerprint scanners and OEM modules are highly accurate. In an independent test of major biometric products, carried out by International Biometric Group, SecuGen’s sensor and algorithm achieved 0.0% FAR and 0.0% FRR.


All SecuGen devices were carefully designed to work reliably and consistently in any climatic conditions (e.g. subfreezing, arid, and tropical climates) and with any type of fingerprints (e.g. dry, moist, or rough fingerprints).

Supported Platforms

SecuGen fingerprint devices can be integrated into nearly any type of application based on a variety of platforms (e.g. Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT 4 / 9x, Windows Server 2008, Server 2003, Java, Sun Solaris, DOS, and various Linux platforms).