Employee Background Check

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode (DIIRI) Island has significantly upgraded its employee background check process by procuring Bayometric’s “Print to Card” software.


Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island (DIIRI) was born out of a merger in 2013. They have been actively engaged in their mission to foster an inclusive community for immigrants and refugees by offering comprehensive services, promoting cultural exchange and building collaborative relationship.

Dorcas International offers a wide range of services, including education, employment training, legal assistance for citizenship and immigration matters, refugee resettlement programs and additional support services.

DIIRI has been a nonprofit organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It has upheld over a century of community work, catering to the needs of immigrants, refugees and native-born individuals in Rhode Island and south-eastern Massachusetts.

This case study corresponds to the DIIRI’s initiative to implement Bayometric’s Print to Card software and live scan fingerprint machine for employee criminal background checks.

The Business Need

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island has been on the forefront of providing crucial services to the most vulnerable part of the population. They provide an extensive array of services, encompassing educational programs, vocational training, legal aid for citizenship and immigration issues, initiatives for refugee resettlement, and supplementary support services.

In order to assist individuals to overcome educational, cultural, economic, legal, and language barriers, DIIRI also has to navigate the complex landscape of government regulations, ensuring compliance while upholding its mission of support and inclusion.

One such regulatory requirement is the Youth Protection Act, which mandates that organizations like DIIRI to conduct employee fingerprint background checks to safeguard the individuals they serve. Initially, DIIRI employed a traditional ink-based fingerprint method to fulfill this obligation, submitting fingerprint cards to the FBI Criminal ID unit. However, this approach posed several challenges and limitations, hindering the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

Firstly, the use of ink-based fingerprint capture proved cumbersome and messy for employees. The process involved staining their fingers with ink and accurately pressing and rolling them against fingerprint cards. Not only was this method labor-intensive, but it also introduced the risk of errors and inconsistencies, potentially compromising the accuracy of the captured fingerprints.

On top of that, the quality of the captured fingerprints was often subpar, further exacerbating the issue. Without proper mechanisms in place to ensure optimal quality, DIIRI faced frequent rejections from the FBI due to inadequate quality prints. These rejections not only delayed the background check process but also incurred additional administrative burdens and costs for the organization.

In light of these challenges, DIIRI recognized the need for a more efficient and reliable solution to meet regulatory requirements while streamlining operations. Transitioning from traditional ink-based fingerprinting to modern, digital methods emerged as a viable solution to address these shortcomings and enhance overall effectiveness.

To address these challenges, DIIRI sought a modern, efficient solution for fingerprinting. During their market research, they came across Bayometric, a leading provider of biometric identity solutions. Recognizing the business need, Bayometric offered their Print to Card software and live scan fingerprint machine for background checks to streamline DIIRI’s fingerprinting processes.

What our clients say

“I received a fair amount of rejections using the traditional ink method, sometimes multiple rejections for the same person. Once we purchased and used the scanner, the same employees whose fingerprints were rejected by the FBI were now being approved. I like how easy it is to use the software, and the overall quality and premium feel of the machine. We are largely happy with our purchase.”- Richard Daluz, HR Coordinator, Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

The Solution

DIIRI procured Bayometric’s Print to Card software and live scan fingerprint machine for FBI criminal background checks to replace their traditional ink-based method. The Print to Card software allows for the digital capture of fingerprints, which are then printed directly onto FD-258 fingerprint cards. This solution not only eliminates the messiness associated with ink-based methods but also ensures consistent and high-quality prints, thereby reducing the likelihood of rejections.

With Bayometric’s Print to Card solution, you have the option to print directly onto a fingerprint card or onto a blank card stock. If you opt for blank card stock, Card to Print includes the FBI fingerprint card template alongside your high-quality fingerprint images during printing. Print to Card is already configured to accommodate standard FBI card templates such as the civil FBI applicant card (FD-258 fingerprint card) for FBI background check for employment and others.

Bayometric’s Print to Card software aligns with the criteria outlined in Appendix F IQS, ensuring seamless compatibility with the IAFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The algorithm undergoes specialized adjustments to ensure the precise printing of fingerprint images, guaranteeing that even the smallest details are accurately reproduced without omission.

Business Benefits Achieved

The adoption of digital fingerprinting reflects DIIRI’s commitment to regulatory compliance by modernizing the process of FBI background check for employment. By embracing emerging technologies and best practices, DIIRI was able to achieve several business benefits with the fingerprint machine for background checks.

By leveraging best live scan equipment for fingerprinting, DIIRI could overcome the limitations of the traditional approach and achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in capturing and submitting fingerprints. Fingerprint machine for background checks offered several advantages over their ink-based FD-258 fingerprint card.

Before transitioning to Bayometric’s Print to Card solution, DIIRI relied on traditional ink-based FBI fingerprint card to submit employees’ prints to the FBI Criminal ID unit during the onboarding process. However, this approach proved problematic, as DIIRI encountered numerous rejections due to errors in the fingerprint cards.

These rejections not only caused delays in the onboarding process but also added to the administrative burden of the organization. Recognizing the need for a more reliable and efficient solution, DIIRI opted to purchase Bayometric’s software and fingerprint machine for background checks. The implementation of Print to Card software marked a significant improvement for DIIRI, as they experienced a dramatic reduction in rejections from the FBI.

This success can be attributed to the enhanced accuracy and consistency offered by the Print to Card solution. DIIRI found the software to be user-friendly, accurate, and convenient, facilitating a smoother and more streamlined fingerprinting process. Additionally, DIIRI expressed satisfaction with Bayometric’s after-sales service, highlighting the company’s commitment to customer support and satisfaction.

Overall, the transition to Bayometric’s Print to Card solution has not only resolved the challenges DIIRI faced with traditional ink-based methods but has also enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction within the organization.

Bayometric’s Print to Card software and fingerprint machine for background checks also offered several other advantages such as:

Ease of Use: Digital fingerprinting eliminates the need for messy ink and difficult rolling techniques, simplifying the process for both employees and administrators. With intuitive interfaces and guided procedures, individuals can quickly and conveniently provide their fingerprints without the hassle associated with traditional methods.

Consistent Quality: Fingerprint machine for FBI criminal background checks utilizes advanced imaging technology to capture high-quality fingerprints consistently. By minimizing the potential for smudging, distortion, or other artifacts, these systems ensure that the submitted prints meet the stringent standards set by regulatory authorities such as the FBI.

Real-time Feedback: Unlike ink-based FD-258 fingerprint cards, which offer little to no feedback during the fingerprinting process, digital systems provide real-time feedback on the quality of the captured prints. This immediate feedback allows individuals to make necessary adjustments, ensuring that the submitted fingerprints meet the required standards on the first attempt, thereby reducing the likelihood of rejections and delays.

Enhanced Security: Digital fingerprinting systems offer enhanced security features, such as encryption and secure data transmission, to protect sensitive information throughout the capture and submission process. This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and instills confidence in both employees and stakeholders regarding the integrity and confidentiality of their personal information.

In embracing fingerprint machine for FBI criminal background checks, DIIRI not only meets its regulatory obligations under the Youth Protection Act but also enhances its capacity to support and empower the individuals it serves. By removing barriers and inefficiencies associated with traditional methods, DIIRI can focus its resources and efforts on delivering high-quality services and fostering positive outcomes for vulnerable populations.

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