Bayometric’s Biometric Single Sign –On software (SSO) is a strong authentication and identity management solution which relieves the burden of password management while providing a more convenient way for users to access their computer or the network.

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Enterprise Single Sign on allows users to securely connect into the enterprise. It is a cost effective, server based back-end that offers enterprise wide identity management that can be easily deployed and managed by your IT department.

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Easy to Deploy

The Fingerprint Single Sign-On solution seamlessly interfaces with Active Directory, ADAM, Novel eDirectory, Standard MMC console plug-in, enabling IT personnel to quickly and easily administrate biometric login information.

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Fingerprint Single Sign-On

Logon to Windows, Domain, Websites and Applications using fingerprints & create a ”password free” environment.

Microsoft Active Directory-Based Single Sign On

Centralized user enrollment, credentials & access rights management. Easy client components installation via AD group policies.

Remote Access & Terminal Services

Supports Citrix, Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp desktops and applications, VMware, Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) environment.

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Fingerprint Login Password Management Tool
Single Sign-On Password Management

Strong Password Management

Biometric Single Sign-On supports all enterprise level applications, such as teminal emulators, SAP, Oracle, Chrome, IE, Firefox, ERP, CRM.

Event Logging

Authentication, encryption and most other user operations are logged into the Active Directory or the ADAM server.

Government Compliance

Produce audit trail of user operations to help comply with governmental regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Gramm-Leech-Bliley Act.

Supported USB Fingerprint Scanners
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Key Features

The SSO portal provides organizations a well-integrated strong authentication and identity management system that ties easily into their existing infrastructure.

Secure Windows Logon

Extends Windows Logon protection (GINA for Windows XP and Credential Provider for Windows Vista/7). Policies are configurable per user or on a per machine basis. Allows policies to be overridden by an end user or enterprise help desk in emergency situations.

Centralized or Remote User Enrollment

User authentication information (fingerprint, smart cards, security token, etc.) is stored along with the other information in the server, so that a user can be enrolled using any device from anywhere. The user never needs to enroll separately on the second device.

File and Folder Encryption

Biometric Single Sign-On allows users to secure individual files and folders, an authentication is required to access data that is encrypted. Uses the existing PKI encryption technology and the CryptoAPI architecture that is already built into Windows.

Fast User Switching

Enable users to share a physical workstation using individual authentication and real-time context switching. Shared workstation mode support.

Standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

For managing user accounts and settings and management of authentication hardware such as the TPM.

Compatible Fingerprint Scanners

40+ readers supported like Digital Persona UrU 4500, Secugen, Lumidigm, Nitgen etc. Supports fingerprint scanners that are peripherals or integrated into notebooks/laptops.

Other Authentication Technologies

Biometric Single Sign-On also supports Fujitsu (PalmSecure), authentication tokens, proximity badges and other proprietary security devices from multiple vendors.

Enterprise Class Password Management

Annual costs of password management can add hundreds of dollars per user. Biometric Single Sign-On is a powerful tool that enables enterprises to reduce costs and conveniently manage passwords and identities.

Improved IT & User Efficiency

Relieve IT staff of the burden of managing user access and resetting passwords across a wide range of applications. Enhance user productivity by freeing users from having to remember passwords for multiple systems and applications.

Encrypted Data Sharing

Biometric Single Sign-On Enterprise Edition allows encryption keys for each user to be stored in the server allowing any user in the domain to securely share encrypted data with other users without any key management or transfer.

Secure E-Mail, VPN & Certification Access

Incorporates the generation of secure digital certificates as part of the enrollment process. Users can protect access to e-mails and VPN logins with fingerprint, smart card or other authentication.

Optional Password Reset

Enable users to manage their own network password resets by answering secret questions.

Compatible Smart Cards

Supports smart cards from major suppliers such as Gemalto, G&D, ActivIdentity, AET and the latest security chip technology being added to most laptops – the Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

Operating System Support

Supports Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, 2012.

Secure Login to the PC Using Strong User Authentication

A Windows application to manage passwords, secure data, and protect users online.

Biometric Login Client

Biometric Single Sign-On allows a user to encrypt/decrypt data and login to their local PC, home or corporate network, websites and applications with a wide choice of authentication mechanisms (fingerprint scanners, smart cards, TPM etc.) or a single password.

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Biometric Login Server

Biometric Single Sign-On Enterprise Edition is a cost effective, server based back-end that offers enterprise wide identity and password management as well as data protection that is easily deployed and easily managed by your IT department.

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Key Functionality

Enterprise class password management and Single Sign-On for websites and applications to implement a completely “password free” environment in an organization.
  • Improves employees’ user experience
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Emergency Login Method
  • Large scale 1:N matching capability
  • Multi-device (mobile and desktop app login) and multi-factor authentication
  • Ensures more secure passwords
  • Multi-language support
  • Citrix/Terminal Service Support
  • Advanced authentication rules
  • Simple method to import existing passwords
  • Integrated License Management to simplify the procedure of auditing and tracking
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Works with Enterprise Edition
  • Novell Server Support
  • Simple installation program
  • Shared workstation mode support
  • Choice of centralized or remote enrollment for user authentication devices
Still not convinced? We’ve got plenty more features lined up for you

Just some of our happy clients

The Bayometric Software is a nice piece of software...but the people behind this software really made the difference for me. I was totally blown away by the level of communication and the amount of time your team worked with me personally on this project. You were more concerned with fitting a solution that would work for me than making a sale. I give you guys 5 stars and a two thumbs up!- Tommy Trucks, Sign Master
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Still not convinced? We’ve got plenty more features lined up for you