Fingerprint Live Scan System for Background Check

Bayometric’s highly efficient and cost effective live scan system for multi-agency background check.

Live Scan Background Check

  • Bayometric’s live scan system offers unrivalled performance and accuracy in live scan background check applications.
  • Our solution is powered by quality fingerprint scanners that further enhance the performance and reliability.
  • We provide remote Installation support and training with a year’s support.

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Fast Forward Background Checks with Our Live Scan System

Bayometric’s live scan system enables you to meet all your background check requirements laid by different regulatory agencies (such as FBI, FINRA, FDLE, ATF, etc.) across the United States and beyond.

Say Good Bye to Ink and Roll

Making ink impression on fingerprint cards might seem like an easy process but here are a number of things that may go wrong including smudged details, overlapped ridges, etc., if not done perfectly. Save yourself considerable time and effort with our live scan system.

Comprehensive Live Scan Background Check

We have designed our live scan fingerprinting software to meet regulatory requirements across the agencies and regulatory bodies. Our systems can scan flat as well as rolled prints, while keeping quality intact. This all-inclusive solution allows you to submit fingerprints for different agencies including FBI, ATF, FDLE, FINRA, etc.

Print On Cards

Our live scan fingerprinting software enables you to print fingerprints on cards and submit fingerprint for background check. Your fingerprints are live scanned and checked on fingerprint quality parameters.

User Friendly and Intuitive

From fingerprint scan to demographic data entry, our live scan fingerprinting software is designed to complete the process seamlessly. It is a highly intuitive solution that guides you throughout the process. The demographic data entry forms are designed the way you can complete the process quickly with all validation checks in place.


Multi-Agency Live Scan Solution

Bayometric’s live scan system is certified and approved to be used with several agencies in the country.

State and national level background checks

Our live scan fingerprinting software is compatible to place fingerprint live scan background check requests to state as well as national agencies.

High quality fingerprint scans every time

No matter how challenging your scenario is, you can expect high quality fingerprint capture each time.

Supported USB Fingerprint Scanners

Applications and Features

Live Scan Applications

  • National Agencies (FINRA, ATF, FBI, etc.)
  • State Agencies (FDLE, CCDF, DoJ, etc.)
  • Air travel and Immigration
  • Schools and Healthcare outfits
  • Regulated industries
  • Law enforcement agencies


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Live Scan System Features

  • Electronic fingerprint and demographic data capture
  • EFTS file creation
  • Type 4 (standard) & type 14 (enhanced) fingerprinting
  • Photograph and signature capture
  • Rolled (single) as well as flat (4-4-2) fingerprint capture
  • Segmentation and quality checks of individual fingers


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User Friendly and Intuitive Live Scan Fingerprinting

  • No more ink and roll led rejections.
  • Print on a fingerprint card.
  • Encrypted user data and personal information leads to privacy and data security.
  • One stop solution to meet all your live scan background check requirements.
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Live Scan Fingerprinting Software: Background Check

What is live scan?

Put simply, live scan is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically with a live scan equipment (i.e. a fingerprint reader and supporting software) and create a digital image of the user fingerprints. Unlike traditional ink-and-roll capture of user fingerprints, the process of live scan enables us to do it more quickly and precisely.

What is live scan background check?

A background check, as the name suggests, it the process of reviewing the past actions and transactions of an individual in order to make sure it does not include anything conflicting with the laws and regulations of the country. When background checks are done with a live scan, it is called live scan background check.

Some law enforcement and regulatory agencies accept fingerprint cards for background check requests. Making fingerprint impressions on these cards with ink stained fingers looks like an easy process and cheap alternative to live scan. But getting these prints without missing details can be extremely hard.

Live scan vs. background check

Live scan is a crucial part of the background check process. Live scan only covers the portion in which your fingerprints / palm prints are captured electronically using a live scan fingerprinting equipment. Live scan fingerprinting, however, is not the only way to initiate the process of your fingerprint / palm print submission for background checks. Instead of using live scan, you can make ink based fingerprint impressions on the fingerprint card and send them to the concerned agency. This process does not have live scan involved.

Different Types of Background Checks

Personal Background Checks

A personal background check is a background check that is requested by you instead of your employer or any agency. Why would you like to perform your own background check? There can be a few situations when you might want to perform your own background check, for example, to see what employers see in your background check or just to perform a review if your name has been recorded for any unlawful activity, traffic violations for sexual offenses.

The details involved in personal background checks can be customized as per your need and you background check service provider. For example, you may want to perform specific checks (such as traffic violations) and skip others (such as sex offender checks). Learn more…

Criminal background checks

Criminal background checks can be important in many situations. For example, for hiring candidates certain employment types, military enlistment, adoption, financial / brokerage licensing, etc. A criminal background check, as the name suggests, is the process of background checks in which past records of an individual are looked up for any criminal activity or arrests. Personal details of a candidate going through the criminal background checks are looked up in criminal records, which are generally maintained by law enforcement agencies. Learn more…

International Background Checks

International background checks, as the name implies, is the process of performing background check beyond the jurisdiction of a country. It may include one or more countries where a subject has lived or worked in the past. It is commonly done in international employment positioning which the candidates are hired from another country.

There are background check agencies that provide international background check services for a fee. International background checks may include verification of past employment claims, education, criminal background checks in the target country, etc. Learn more…

Professional Licenses Background Checks

Professional licenses background check is the process of ensuring the validity of license claims presented by a professional who has applied for a position. Conducting professional licenses background check ensures that the applicant indeed possesses a valid license and skill set that he/she claims. It also helps protect interests of the employers against unskilled professionals taking a position fraudulently.

Certain jobs and industry types such as financial services, banking, accounting, real-estate, insurance, etc. require only licensed professionals. Professional license background check is also called education verification check as it basically verifies your education related claims.

There are professional licenses background check service providers that can do the job for a fee. These service providers get in touch of license issuer agencies to verify details of the license and their validity and return the results to their clients.

OIG Background Checks

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) maintains an exclusion database aka a List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE). The OIG belongs to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and maintaining this list has been mandated by the social security act. This list includes excluded individuals and entities that are not allowed to work with federally-funded healthcare programs due to their past record of committing healthcare crimes.

Hiring candidates without performing OIG background checks can attract a civil monetary penalty. Not to mention, there can also be safety related issues while working with excluded individuals. Learn more…

Employment Background Checks

In most employment types, employers conduct some sort of background screening on their prospective employees to make sure their eligibility claims for the job stand true. There can be many risks hiring employees without due background checks. These risks include, but are not limited to performance issues, behavioral issues, criminal activity, threat to the organizational resources and safety of other employees. Conducting background checks before hiring an employee help workplaces meet their objectives and ensure safer working environment for everyone. Learn more…

Credit Background Checks

Credit Background Checks or Credit Report is the activity of checking credit history of an individual. This is a common process followed by financial institutions before sanctioning loans, etc. It is done figure how efficiently someone has been able to manage his/her credit. If you have not been able to repay a loan or pay bills in the past, there is a chance that your car loan or home loan can be denied.

Credit background checks may also be done while hiring employees in financial sector jobs where there is a possibility of fraud and embezzlement. A candidate with poor credit history or high debt may be screened out of the selection process as employers may consider him/her risky to manage financial assets. Learn more…

Fingerprint Background Checks

Fingerprint background check is any type of background check (such as criminal, employment background check, etc.) accomplished using fingerprints instead of other type of data (such as demographic data).

Fingerprint based background check is a common process in law enforcement applications. Fingerprint background check is not specific to criminal background check and can also be done for civil applications such as employment background check. It is also called live scan background check as it is commonly done with live scan fingerprinting.

Today, fingerprint based background checks are generally emphasized as background check with demographic details may lead to errors in identification. There can be chances of human errors while looking up past records. Using fingerprints for background checks eliminate all these shortcomings and improves confidence in background check applications. Learn more…

Universal Background Checks

Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 requires licensed firearm dealers to run a background check before selling firearms.

This act however, is not applicable on private sellers, who sell guns occasionally using classified ads, gun shows, etc. Universal background check advocates that private sellers also need to conduct a background checks before selling guns to buyers. As much as 22 U.S. states and Washington DC have pushed universal background checks to all firearm sales and transfers. It means that these states require background checks at the point of sale for all sales and transfers of firearms for licensed as well as unlicensed (private) sellers.

The National Instant Background Check System (NICS) enables firearm dealers to perform instant background checks on buyers to determine their eligibility. Learn more…

E-Verify Background Checks

E-verify is an online system that can help employers verify the identity claims made by the potential employees. New employees in the United States are required to fill the form I-9 to update their employment eligibility records with Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Employers can use e-verify online systems to compare the information provided by the employees with the information provided in the Form I-9, which is maintained in the government database. Filling I-9 form is and performing e-verify background checks is a mandatory process for some federal government contractors, however, for most employers it is voluntary to verify these details. Learn more…

Reliable, Industry Leading Fingerprint Machine

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10 is a leading 10-print fingerprint scanner, which makes a perfect companion for our live scan fingerprinting software. It integrates seamlessly with the live scan fingerprinting software to offer a highly intuitive live scan experience. RealScan G10 can scan flat (2×4 finger slap + 2 thumb scan) and rolled prints of individual fingers and thumbs.

Suprema RealScan G10 makes use of Suprema’s fingerprinting technologies to offer unparalleled performance. Equipped with Advanced Rolled Image Construction technology, G10 can scan flawless rolled fingerprints without missing a bit of details. A highly efficient slip detection algorithm monitors the rolled print for any accidental finger slips that can hamper the image quality. Suprema’s superior machine learning powered liveness detection plays a key role in ensuring security of the device from the fake fingerprint attacks.

RealScan G10 is a highly durable scanner, thanks to its IP54 rated sealed construction which can withstand accidental liquid spills and dust.

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak offers market leading performance with its innovative technologies to scan fingerprints. In terms of design and aesthetics, compactness is Kojak’s most striking feature. IB Kojak is unbelievably compact despite being a 10-print scanner. Compactness, however, does not hold back Kojak to offer technologies and features that stays unrivalled in the market. Integrated Biometrics has equipped Kojak with its superior LES film technology, which offers improved performance and security over traditional optical scanners.

With LES film based sensor, Kojak can scan dirty, dry and visibly imperfect fingerprint scanners. Its performance does not deviate with environmental conditions either, be it extreme temperature, humidity or unfavorable operating conditions. LES film based sensors offer inherent immunity against spoofs and fake fingerprint attacks, rendering Kojak a highly secure 10-finger scanner.

Live Scan Fingerprinting System

Live scanning becomes incredibly straight forward with Bayometric’s live scan fingerprinting system. We have already cut the unnecessary steps and formalities to maintain a seamless live scan fingerprinting experience.

Capture and Print

Our live scan system allows you to capture fingerprints electronically and then convert them to EFT file or print them on the fingerprint card if the agency accepts fingerprint submissions in that mode.

Multi-agency submissions

Our live scan fingerprinting system is not specific to any agency or application. You can live scan and submit your background check request to any agency, be it a state or a national level agency. Our live scan fingerprint system can be used for placing background requests for FBI, FINRA, FDLE, ATF and more. It is also a SWFT+ compatible system for DoD fingerprinting.

Dependable performance

You can expect dependable performance throughout the tenure of our live scan system, regardless of the environmental or operating conditions. Be it a scorching hot or biting cold day, our live scan fingerprinting system will never hesitate to work.

Finest software and hardware

Unlike most other live scan fingerprinting solutions, Bayometric’s live scan system makes use of industry’s best practices, be it its software, hardware or the integration of both. This allows our live scan fingerprint system to offer unrivalled performance in your background check applications.

Avoid pitfalls of ink fingerprinting

Creating fingerprints with ink stained fingers looks incredibly easy, and it indeed is. However, the problem is that you can never be sure that they are good enough to be entertained by your background check agency. Law enforcement and regulatory agencies process all the background check requests electronically and they need precise fingerprints for it.

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Ultimate Defense choose Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan

Ultimate Defense chooses Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software for ATF eForm 4 processing for the transfer of firearms and other NFA items.

Buffalo Valley Arms Picks Bayometric’s Fingerprint Scanner

Buffalo Valley Arms an FFL dealer based in Moran WY, picks Bayometric’s NFA-approved fingerprint scanner.

Scaled Composites Adopt Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission

Scaled Composites LLC adopted Bayometric’s Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system for employees’ security clearance.

Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Inkless Fingerprinting

Otter Tail County sheriff’s office adopts Bayometric’s live scan software for inkless fingerprint processing.

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