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SecuGen SDA03P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA03P

Complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system. Features next-generation fingerprint technology. High image quality fingerprint optic module. Fast 1:1 and 1:N search capabilities.
0 out of 5
SecuGen SDA04P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA04P

Ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module. Interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers. Captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. Advanced, optical fingerprint technology for embedded systems.
0 out of 5

SecuGen SDU03P

High image quality fingerprint optic module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Supports Plug & Play architecture. FCC, CE, RoHS complient.
0 out of 5
SecuGen SDU04P Fingerprint Sensor

SecuGen SDU04P

FBI FIPS 201/PIV certified fingerprint module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Features Auto-On™ and Smart Capture™. Supports Plug & Play architecture.
0 out of 5
Sale! futronic-fs81-fingerprint-scanner-module

Futronic FS81H

Advanced CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system. Has built-in Live Finger Detection (LFD) capablity. Image resolution is 480x320 pixel, 500 DPI. USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M310 (M31x)

Smaller and more flexible fingerprint module. Award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Not dependent on the quality of the fingerprint ridges. Supports multiple modes of operation.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M300 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M300 (M30x)

Secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint sensor modules. Award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Live finger detection to reject fake or spoof fingers. Captures dirty, aged, dry, wet, moist or incorrectly placed fingers.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm V310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm V310 (V31x)

Secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint module. Enroll and verify everyone, in any environmental condition. Patent-protected liveness detection capability. Small and lightweight and easily integrated with existing systems.
0 out of 5
Sale! lumidigm v300 multispectral biometric sensor

Lumidigm V300 (V30x)

Item Code: V300-20-S-OEM01 (old); V300-40-01 (new) Self-contained intelligent fingerprint module. Multiple integration options to enable rapid integration. High-contrast 500 dpi images. ANSI 378 / MINEX-certified biometric templates.
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Fingerprint-ready products (embedded fingerprint modules/OEM modules) in a snap of the fingers

Whenever there is a need to incorporate fingerprint recognition ability into a product or application, embedded fingerprint modules serve a great value. They allow developers, system integrators, and manufacturers to introduce fingerprint recognition ability to their products, without actually putting any effort into developing or designing it. An embedded fingerprint reader comes with all the required hardware, software, functionality, and communication ports to seamlessly connect to your product or application.

With the use of embedded fingerprint modules, fingerprint recognition ability can be incorporated into a multitude of applications: employee time and attendance systems, point of sale terminals, self-service kiosks, ATMs, card readers, safes, weapons, mobile phones, and more. All you need to do is follow the required design and compatibility standards while designing your product.

Embedded fingerprint readers come with all the required functionality that you may need while integrating them into your product. They come equipped with a sensor to capture fingerprints, microcontroller processing power to process captured data, embedded algorithm to perform biometric feature extraction and matching, and storage to store data.

OEM modules are used in almost all manufacturing processes as not all the aspects and components of a product can practically be designed and developed from scratch.

Product development process

  • After finalizing the right fingerprint OEM module for your product or application, purchase an adequate quantity of it for prototyping/initial development.
  • Design the microcontroller board of your product that will execute necessary commands for your system. For example, for an access control system, this control board would send instructions to unlock the door on a MATCH signal or deny access on a NO-MATCH signal from the fingerprint OEM module.
  • Your OEM fingerprint module will connect to your product control board via a communication interface. It will provide to and fro communication, power supply, and support product/application features.
  • Next stage is to program your system to do what it is supposed to.
  • Once internals are all connected and all the functionality is in place, product housing is designed and developed.
  • The final product is assembled making sure that it serves its purpose. If it is a prototype, it has to be taken through thorough testing before mass production.

How to choose right OEM module for your application?

There are a number of manufacturers that offer embeddable fingerprint OEM modules for a variety of sizes, shapes, use cases, specifications, certifications, etc. Since there are so many products in the market, finalizing the best one for your application can be challenging.

Here is a generic list of aspects that can be considered before finalizing an embedded fingerprint module for your product or application:

Use case

Keeping your use case in mind is the first consideration while choosing the right embedded fingerprint reader for your application. For example, if you are choosing an OEM module for a compact mobile device, you will have to skip on a large-size optical sensor and choose from compact capacitive, under-display optical, or ultrasonic fingerprint OEM modules.

Compatible platform

What platform your product or application is based on? You will have to make sure that the OEM module you choose supports your platform.


Is your product or application going to be deployed in a high-security environment and the fingerprint scan is going to secure a sensitive facility or information? Then you should go for an embedded fingerprint module that provides a high level of immunity against spoofing and presentation attacks and firmly adheres to international standards for such applications. If your product is going to be used in harsh environmental conditions, having an OME module with an IP rating and high resistance against harsh environmental conditions would be a good idea.

Standards, specifications and certifications

If your product or application is going to be deployed in an environment, in which minimum specifications or standards are required to be maintained, you will have to choose an embedded fingerprint module that adheres to these standards and specifications. Compliance with the international standards ensures biometric data interoperability with other systems.

Do have a look at the specification sheet of the embedded fingerprint module paying special attention to its dimensions, power requirements, resolution of the captured fingerprint image, memory, OS compatibility, certifications, etc.

For example, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI prescribe minimum specifications to be maintained for fingerprint scanners to make sure that image quality is at par and interoperability with their internal system is possible.


Budget is an important aspect while choosing an embedded fingerprint module. If done right, budgeting can provide a great value and save a lot while manufacturing your product.

Benefits of using OEM modules

Embedded fingerprint OEM modules are a great way to quickly incorporate fingerprint recognition ability to your product. They save manufactures and developers from developing the functionality from scratch. Use of fingerprint OEM modules saves a lot of time, investment and efforts, allowing manufactures to concentrate on their products instead of fingerprint recognition functionality.

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