Fingerprint sensors are the window through which USB fingerprint scanners read your print, so it is basically a data input device. Being able to capture good quality data i.e. fingerprint, will provide accurate output. Understanding different types of fingerprint sensors, and their pros and cons can be a crucial factor in choosing the right fingerprint device.

Technologies used in USB fingerprint scanners:


The oldest yet still relevant and widely used method of sensing fingerprints is commonly found in most USB fingerprint scanners available in the marketplaces. Based on visible light photography and assisted by a prism that enables total internal reflection captured by a built-in digital camera. Optical fingerprint scanners are inexpensive, but their performance may suffer from dirty, wet, or dry fingers. Easy to circumvent if no anti-spoofing mechanism is used.


Capacitive sensors use an array of tiny capacitors (called pixels) to capture the image of a fingerprint pattern. A slight difference in electric charge generates in pixels that are just below the friction ridges, while a finger is placed on the scanning surface. This difference is sensed by an op-amp integrated circuit and a pattern map is generated. USB fingerprint scanners with capacitive fingerprint sensors are compact, securer than optical sensors and harder to spoof but wet fingers might affect the performance. They are more expensive than optical sensors.


Based on the sensing and mapping of slight temperature differences between friction ridges and valleys with the help of FingerChip, a specially designed integrated circuit for the purpose is equipped with a layer of pyroelectric material, which lies just beneath the scanning surface. Thermal fingerprint scanners are immune to finger contamination but currently, they are not popular and available in the marketplace.


Ultrasonic sensing of fingerprints is achieved by analyzing ultrasonic pulse reflected by the friction ridges. An ultrasonic pulse is first emitted by the transmitter and a change in the reflected pulse is captured by a sensor. Minute differences between emitted and received pulse (due to friction ridges and valleys) are mapped and a fingerprint pattern is created. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are compact, accurate, and immune to finger contamination but expensive.

Do you need a fingerprint recognition software for storing, matching or for electronic fingerprint submission to SWFT and FBI? Please check out our other biometric solutions:

Fingerprint SDK

Simple and Intuitive API, NO biometrics programming experience required. Get sample code in C++, C#, VB, Java etc.

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Log on to Windows, Domain, Websites, and Applications using fingerprints & create a ”password-free” environment.

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Submit FBI Fingerprint Cards with confidence and minimize the chance of rejection with live scan and electronic submission.

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SWFT Applicant allows you to capture fingerprint images electronically, upload them to SWFT server and send them to OPM/FBI.

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Live Scan Software for high-quality electronic fingerprint capture and easy e-fingerprint submission to the FBI.

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Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanners/Readers

Sale! Hamster Pro Fingerprint Reader

SecuGen Hamster Pro

Item Model: HUPx; Item Code: EA4-0091A. Hamster Pro is built with rugged and advanced optical sensor, it's an ultra-compact and high image quality USB fingerprint reader. Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible. Used for authentication, identification and verification functions, low price makes it suitable for large deployments. Supports Windows Hello for quick and secure fingerprint login to Windows 10 without a password.
0 out of 5
Sale! digital persona u are u 4500 fingerprint reader

Digital Persona U.are.U 4500

USB fingerprint reader with superior ESD resistance. Utilizes optical fingerprint scanning technology. Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints. STQC and FIPS 201 PIV certified.
5 out of 5
Sale! Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen Hamster Plus (HSDU03P)

SecuGen Hamster Plus is a versatile, compact and highly efficient USB fingerprint reader that comes equipped with a sensor immune to scratches, impacts and vibrations. Smart Capture™ can read difficult-to-scan fingers while Auto-On™ enables it to detect the finger presence to power-on the device. High quality fingerprint recognition at an affordable price. Do away with PINs and passwords and let your finger take control of your digital security. [minti_table style="2"]…
5 out of 5
Sale! Hamster I DX Fingerprint Reader

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX

Item Code: HFDU06 Accurate, compact and durable design resistant to scratches, chemical corrosion or physical impacts. Awarded fingerprint matching engine, first in the FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition). Optimally designed with SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection), provides strong performance for wet / dry finger. Fingkey Hamster IDX supports various Operating Systems and USB interfaces, it is suitable for application of PC-infra security solutions.
0 out of 5
Sale! nitgen fingerprint scanner fingkey hamster ii

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster II

Item Code: HFDU14; FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) and FBI Mobile ID (FAP10) certified. Robust fingerprint scanner with high durability sensor - resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock. Auto-On, multi device functions and live finger detection rejects spoof fingers. USB 2.0 connection suitable for client / server and internet environments as well as for computer security.
0 out of 5
Sale! Integrated Biometrics Curve

Integrated Biometrics Curve

Integrated Biometrics Curve is a highly accurate mobile fingerprint scanner. Curve’s accuracy stems from its hybrid sensor technology. IB Curve fingerprint scanner is equipped with LES (Light Emitting Sensor), which brings unparalleled performance and security.
0 out of 5
Fingkey Hamster III Fingerprint Scanner

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster III

Compact, lightweight and portable design, comes with world’s best performing fingerprint algorithm ranked top in the FVC. Cutting-edge fingerprint sensor is resistant to scratches, impact and vibration. Offers superior performance, accuracy & durability. Latent print image removal and encryption of fingerprint templates, safe and convenient fingerprint scanner for security.
0 out of 5
Sale! Suprema BioMini Fingerprint Reader

Suprema BioMini Plus 2

BioMini Plus 2 is an FIPS-201 (PIV), FBI Mobile ID FAP 10, ANSI- 378 and UIDAI STQC compliant single fingerprint reader with IP65 water resistant scratch-free sensor surface. Superior fingerprint scanning with multi-dynamic range tech and next level of security that stems from machine learning powered advance live fingerprint detection technology, it leaves the competition miles behind.
0 out of 5

Verifi P5100

Verifi’s P5100 is an FBI FIPS-201 (PIV) and RoHS compliant state of the art fingerprint scanner. Its silicon touch sensor (TouchChip® by HID Global) and the scratch resistant all-metal housing offer all the premium features that you would need. Superior fingerprint technology equipped with multiple ESD technologies to maximize and extend reliability.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M311 Fingerprint Scanner

Lumidigm M311 (M31x)

Multispectral fingerprint scanner produces 20% more reliable images, reduces problems with user enrollment and matching. Simultaneously reads the surface and subsurface to capture clear & clean images, maintains performance even in rain, cold, dry and hot environments. Strong liveness detection protects against fake and spoof fingerprints, top-ranked MINEX III algorithm delivers accurate 1:1 matching and 1:N searches up to 5,000 users.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M301 Fingerprint Scanner

Lumidigm M301 (M30x)

Lumidigm M-Series biometric sensor comes with multispectral imaging technology, looks at and beneath the skin surface. Convenient and lightning-fast fingerprint sensor, captures clear and clean images every time. Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible.
5 out of 5
Lumidigm V311 Fingerprint Scanner

Lumidigm V311 (V31x)

Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible. Multispectral fingerprint scanner for superb image quality. Equipped with multiple communication interfaces. Captures detailed surface and deep tissue data, protects against fake and spoof fingerprints.
0 out of 5
lumidigm fingerprint scanner v302

Lumidigm V302 (V30x)

Item Code: V302-20-S-USB01 (old); V302-40-01 (new). Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible. Rugged multispectral fingerprint scanner with IP65 rating, protects against fake and spoof fingerprints. Maintains performance in rain, cold, dry and hot environments, requires minimal maintenance.
0 out of 5
FBI Certified Fingerprint Readers
ib columbo

Integrated Biometrics Columbo

Integrated Biometrics Columbo is an FBI Appendix F, FIPS 201 (PIV) certified and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 30) certified single fingerprint scanner. It comes equipped with IB’s LES technology to offer unparalleled accuracy and security. Our Price: Contact Us FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
0 out of 5
secugen hamster pro 10

SecuGen Hamster Pro 10

Item Model: HU10 Hamster Pro 10 is an ultra-slim USB fingerprint reader equipped with SecuGen’s newest U10 fingerprint sensor. FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 10) certified, IP54 rated dust and water-proof glass platen. SecuGen’s patented advanced optical sensor captures high quality fingerprints from difficult-to-scan fingers (e.g. dry, moist, aged and scarred). Compatible with Windows Hello for quick and secure login to Windows 10 without a password.
0 out of 5
Sale! Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Reader

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 (HU20)

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is a highly accurate, ultra-compact FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) and Mobile ID FAP 20 compliant USB fingerprint scanner. Its IP54 rated water-resistant construction houses an advanced high-performance optical sensor resistant to dust, scratch, and corrosion. This is a special order item. [minti_table style="2"] Qty. 1 – 24 25 + Price $71.40 Request a Quote [/minti_table] FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
0 out of 5
Sale! secugen hamster iv fingerprint scanner

SecuGen Hamster IV (HSDU04P)

SecuGen Hamster IV is a compact, lightweight, FBI (PIV) FIPS 201, Mobile ID (FAP 10) and STQC certified USB fingerprint reader comes equipped with a sensor immune to scratches, impacts and vibrations. This ergonomically designed fingerprint reader is also equipped with Smart Capture™ and Auto-On™. [minti_table style="2"] Qty. 1 – 4 5 – 9 10 – 24 25 + Price $85.99 $83.75 $82.00 Request a Quote [/minti_table] FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
5 out of 5
Sale! secugen unity 20 bluetooth

Unity 20 Bluetooth

Item Model: HU20-ASF-BT. FBI (PIV) FIPS 201 and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 20) compliant bluetooth fingerprint reader comes with a sleek elegant yet affordable design. Unity 20 is equipped with a premium optical fingerprint sensor and can securely transfer fingerprint data wirelessly to mobile devices. Supports automatic finger detection technology, easily capture rough fingers (i.e. dry, wet, scarred) in any environmental condition.
0 out of 5
suprema biomini slim 2s

Suprema BioMini Slim 2S

BioMini Slim 2S is a FBI PIV (FIPS-201) and Mobile ID FAP20 compliant optical fingerprint scanner. It's powerful 1.0GHz CPU provides high-speed fingerprint extraction and matching of fingerprints onboard. Equipped with latest 500dpi slim optical sensor and Suprema’s advanced LFD technology to prevent spoofing. Rugged IP65-rated dust and waterproof structure enables users to capture fingerprints under harsh environmental conditions as well as direct sunlight.
0 out of 5
suprema biomini slim 2

Suprema BioMini Slim 2

Ultra slim (72.8 x 40.7 x 18.5 mm) FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP20 certified fingerprint scanner. Equipped with Intel Core2Duo features fast fingerprint matching on-board: 100,000 match / second. Advanced live finger detection (LFD) technology can easily detect fake fingerprints made from various materials including clay, rubber, silicon, glue, paper, film and more. BioMini SDK for easy application development.
0 out of 5
suprema realscan-g1

Suprema RealScan-G1

Compact single-finger live scanner with LFD, designed for using in high traffic enrollment and identification applications. Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible, FBI PIV-IQS and FBI Mobile ID FAP30 certification for civil ID and AFIS. IP54 rated dust and waterproof design, easy-to-mount design for desktops and kiosks.
0 out of 5
Dual Finger Scanners
Sherlock Dual Fingerprint Scanner

Integrated Biometrics Sherlock

Integrated Biometrics Sherlock is the world’s smallest and lightest Appendix F and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 45) certified dual finger reader. Equipped with IB’s patented LES sensor, it can perform 1, 2, and 10-finger enrollment, dual flat print and single finger roll scan. Sorry, this product is no longer available. Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287.
0 out of 5
integrated biometrics watson mini

Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini

Integrated Biometrics’ Watson Mini is an Appendix F and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 45) certified two-finger roll scanner equipped with IB’s patented LES sensor technology. It is highly compact, accurate and easy to use fingerprint recognition device, thanks to its ergonomics and small footprint. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287. Need over 25 units? Request a Quote
0 out of 5
suprema realscan-d

Suprema RealScan-D

Portable dual finger live scanner, captures two flat fingerprints simultaneously or one rolled fingerprint. FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F certified and Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible. Largest platen size in its class, offers massive 900 x 900 pixels resolution and provides up to 35% more sensing area. Precise image capturing for wet and dry fingers & maximum performance under harsh environments.
0 out of 5
eNBioScan-D Plus Dual Fingerprint Scanner

Nitgen eNBioScan-D Plus

Advanced dual fingerprint scanner with large input window, captures dual or single flat fingerprints, as well as single rolled fingerprints. Delivers fast, accurate and reliable results for identification, verification and enrollment programs. FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix-F and FBI Mobile ID FAP 45 certified.
0 out of 5
Ten Print Scanners
integrated biometrics five-0

Integrated Biometrics FIVE-0

Integrated Biometrics FIVE-0 is an extremely compact, mobility-focused FBI Appendix F certified FAP 50 ten-print scanner. Equipped with Integrated Biometrics’ LES film-based sensing technology, IB FIVE-0 can scan single flats/rolls as well as four-print slaps. Our Price: Contact Us FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
0 out of 5
suprema fingerprint reader realscan g10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10 is an FBI Appendix F certified ten-print live scanner that supports 4-4-2 fingerprint scans. Equipped with Suprema’s superior biometric technologies, RealScan G10 is suitable for Civil ID and IAFIS/NGI applications and also compatible with SWFT+ Enrollment. Our Price: Contact Us FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
0 out of 5
Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak is an FBI Appendix F and Mobile ID (FAP 60) certified ten-print live scan fingerprint scanner. Equipped with IB’s LES film technology, Kojak can scan four-print slaps, dual thumbs, and single flats/rolls. Our Price: Contact Us FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $250 Questions? Ask our experts:  877-917-3287
0 out of 5
Palm Print Scanners
suprema realscan-f

Suprema RealScan-F

Portable single-platen palm-print live scanner features Advanced Rolled Image Construction (ARIC) technology, perfect live scanning solution for various applications. Suprema’s unique slip detection algorithm is capable of capturing single rolls, single flats, dual finger flats, four finger slaps, upper and lower palm-prints, writer’s palm-prints. FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F and Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible and embedded DSP for high-speed image processing.
0 out of 5
OEM Fingerprint Modules
Sale! futronic-fs81-fingerprint-scanner-module

Futronic FS81H

Advanced CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system. Has built-in Live Finger Detection (LFD) capablity. Image resolution is 480x320 pixel, 500 DPI. USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device.
0 out of 5

SecuGen SDU03P

High image quality fingerprint optic module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Supports Plug & Play architecture. FCC, CE, RoHS complient.
0 out of 5
SecuGen SDU04P Fingerprint Sensor

SecuGen SDU04P

FBI FIPS 201/PIV certified fingerprint module. Works with any application based on SecuGen algorithms. Features Auto-On™ and Smart Capture™. Supports Plug & Play architecture.
0 out of 5
SecuGen SDA03P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA03P

Complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system. Features next-generation fingerprint technology. High image quality fingerprint optic module. Fast 1:1 and 1:N search capabilities.
0 out of 5
SecuGen SDA04P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDA04P

Ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module. Interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers. Captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. Advanced, optical fingerprint technology for embedded systems.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M310 (M31x)

Smaller and more flexible fingerprint module. Award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Not dependent on the quality of the fingerprint ridges. Supports multiple modes of operation.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm M300 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M300 (M30x)

Secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint sensor modules. Award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Live finger detection to reject fake or spoof fingers. Captures dirty, aged, dry, wet, moist or incorrectly placed fingers.
0 out of 5
Lumidigm V310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm V310 (V31x)

Secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint module. Enroll and verify everyone, in any environmental condition. Patent-protected liveness detection capability. Small and lightweight and easily integrated with existing systems.
0 out of 5
Sale! lumidigm v300 multispectral biometric sensor

Lumidigm V300 (V30x)

Item Code: V300-20-S-OEM01 (old); V300-40-01 (new) Self-contained intelligent fingerprint module. Multiple integration options to enable rapid integration. High-contrast 500 dpi images. ANSI 378 / MINEX-certified biometric templates.
0 out of 5
Fingerprint + Smartcard Readers
Sale! SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

Item Model: XU20SCI; Item Code: EA4-0520SCI. FCC, RoHS, FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) certified and FBI Mobile ID (FAP 20) compliant fingerprint and contact smart card reader. Featuring SecuGen’s rugged and advanced U20 optical sensor and ISO 7816 smart card reader in one device. This ultra-compact sensor comes with automatic finger detection and quality scanning of dry, moist, aged, scarred, and difficult-to-scan fingers.
0 out of 5
Sale! SecuGen iD-USB SC Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader


Item Model: XSDU03PSC; Item Code: EA4-0515P. A combination fingerprint scanner and Smart Card reader. High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor and PC/SC compliant USB Smart Card reader. Plug ‘n Play, hot-swappable device captures high quality fingerprint images even from difficult to read fingers (e.g. dry, wet, scarred or aged skin).
0 out of 5
Sale! SecuGen iD-SERIAL Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader

SecuGen iD-Serial

Item Model: XSDA04P; Item Code: EA4-0506P; fingerprint authentication system with integrated smart card reader. Comes with SecuGen’s stand-alone optic module (SDA04P), PC/SC compliant smart card reader, on-board processor, serial cable, external power supply and surface mountable case with integrated screw mounts. Available on-board 1:1 and 1:N matching algorithms, designed for ready access by any finger in any orientation. This is a Special Order Item.
0 out of 5
Sale! secugen hamster pro duo cl

Hamster Pro Duo CL

Item Model: XU20CL; Item Code: EA4-0518CL. Featuring SecuGen’s ultra-compact U20 optical fingerprint sensor and an advanced NFC / contactless smart card reader. Two factor authentication (Fingerprint + Smart Card) ensures higher security (e.g. physical access control, personal identity verification, and national ID programs). Fake finger rejection and latent print (2D) image removal, encrypted templates cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint images.
0 out of 5
Sale! iD-USB SC/PIV Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader


Item Model: XSDU04PSC; Item Code: EA4-0516P; USB 2.0 optical fingerprint scanner with an embedded contact smart card reader. FBI FIPS 201 (PIV) certified and Mobile ID (FAP 10) compliant. Comes with a high-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor (same as Hamster IV, HSDU04P) and PC/SC compliant USB Smart Card reader. Plug ‘n Play, hot-swappable, includes a surface mountable case with integrated screw mounts.
0 out of 5
suprema biomini combo

Suprema BioMini Combo

Optical fingerprint scanner and embedded smart card reader with optional SAM slot. FBI PIV/FIPS 201 and FBI Mobile ID FAP20 certified fingerprint sensor and ISO/IEC 7816 and EMV 2000 compliant smart card reader. Advanced Live Finger Detection technology analyzes and categorizes image patterns according to optical characteristics. Two factor authentication for versatile security solutions.
0 out of 5

Our fingerprint devices have you covered, regardless of your need

Millions of businesses across the world from a diverse industry portfolio put their trust in Bayometric’s identity solutions and biometric devices to safeguard customers, employees, resources and more. From the cheapest USB fingerprint scanners for your personal computer to the fingerprint sensor for your home door and retail POS terminals to bank ATMs, our biometric scanners, FBI certified fingerprint readers, smart card readers, OEM modules and other biometric security devices enable industries to save time, money and manpower.

Today, millions of businesses around the world rely on fingerprint authentication devices to carry out their business operations. In many industry types, capturing fingerprints is a part of regulatory compliance. Even in unregulated business outfits, fingerprints recognition devices are used for employee time and attendance, access control, login method for workstations / IT systems and more.

You are your identity

Biometrics has made it possible to identify people with the patterns that are found in their biology or behavior. Biometric identity in a way set people free from dependence of other alternatives like IDs, tokens, documents, passwords, which they either have to carry or remember.

Mobile biometrics also became a driving force for biometrics authentication to gain this level of ubiquity. Fingerprint is one of the most common biometric modality used for authentication on mobile devices. Ability to authenticate payments and other financial transactions using biometrics identifiers like face, fingerprints, etc. paved the way to adoption of biometrics by many other industry types.

Smart card reader combined with fingerprint sensor

Put simply, smart cards are the RF cards with a tiny micro-controller to process data, RF to exchange data, and storage to hold the personal data (e.g. biographic data, fingerprints, etc.). Unlike RF cards, which are mainly used for access control, smart cards can do much more. They can do biometric authentication without the need of back-end database, perform financial transaction, can be used to prove your identity and much more.

Use of smart card reader equipped with fingerprint sensor ability is an increasing trend among businesses as it provides them more flexibility and freedom to use card, biometrics or both. Smart card readers can also help implement high security authentication using two factor authentications.

Why Bayometric?

We have more than a decade’s experience with fingerprint biometrics and are a leading player in the field of fingerprint devices, fingerprint software solutions and consulting. Our products and services are used from small scale outfits to Fortune 500 firms. No matter what your use case is, we most likely have handled it before if it is about fingerprint biometrics.

Our partnership with top-notch biometric scanner manufactures enables us to bring you high-end FBI PIV certified fingerprint readers, two-print / ten-print live scanners and embedded sensor modules at unbelievable prices. Our ‘lowest price guarantee’ makes sure that choosing high quality product does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Customized fingerprint SDK for your Application

Today, integrating fingerprint recognition ability in any desktop, web or mobile application is easier than ever, thanks to fingerprint Software Development Kits (SDKs). With fingerprint SDKs, you can make your application biometric ready in a matter of hours. Bayometric’s Touch and Go SDK is one of the fastest, cost effective, and easiest ways to bring fingerprint recognition ability to your custom solution. This easy to use developer kit lets you integrate biometric fingerprint recognition to your custom application even if you have no experience of programming.

Great Warranty

All our products come with one year warranty. For items within the warranty period, our policy is simple and uncomplicated.

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Our prices are unbeatable. Our ‘lowest price guarantee’ ensures that our customers get the lowest competitive price in the market.

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