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Griaule Fingerprint SDK is designed for applications on stand-alone PCs, networked PCs and client-server based web applications.

Griaule Fingerprint SDK


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  • Fingerprint SDK supports multiple programming languages.
  • Rated one of the fastest algorithms for fingerprint matching.
  • Wide range of supported fingerprint readers.
  • Windows, Linux, MAC OS, and Android support.

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Griaule SDK Description

GrFinger is Griaule Biometrics’ fingerprint recognition software development kit(SDK). With fingerprint recognition becoming the norm across a wide variety of platforms, Griaule’s SDK is emerging as one of the popular options for adding fingerprinting feature to applications. Not only does GrFinger SDK support over fifty different types of fingerprint readers, in addition it supports multiple types of fingerprinting features which cover areas of scanning, authentication, recognition and verification.

One of the major advantages of using the GrFinger SDK is that existing application teams just need to understand the features in the SDK and they can then program their specific fingerprinting requirements into their own applications. This results in significant cost savings as current infrastructure doesn’t need any upgradation as well there are no additional software purchase costs involved.

Another important feature of Griaule’s fingerprinting SDK is that it has separate releases for Microsoft and Java based libraries, thus supporting integration with both categories of applications at a binary level. While the Microsoft library is accessible through DLL and COM Components (Active X), the Java library is the standardized one which can be added as a dependency in any existing Java code. Java-based SDK has the added advantage of being Operating System neutral, as for any other Java application, and hence can be run on any Java supported operating systems such as Windows, Linux (including Gnu), MAC OS X as well as Android. In addition, the SDK comes with full-fledged documentation for bringing the developers up-to-speed with its SDK at a rapid pace, coupled with source code samples to show the SDK’s usage in code and topping it off with a demo application showcasing an across-the-layers usage of the SDK.

Griaule SDK Features

Biometrics anywhere

Windows and Linux.

Independence of sensor

Supports 50 different fingerprint readers.  Most fingerprint libraries provided by manufacturers only support their own devices.  Fingerprint SDK supports many fingerprint readers, allowing the developer, or End User, the ability to choose the reader most suitable for their needs.  Even after the application has been developed and/or deployed, Griaule Fingerprint SDK will let you change the fingerprint reader’s hardware without modifying your code.

Easy and intuitive

Fingerprint recognition libraries from other fingerprint SDKs only offer an interface in a hard to use dynamic link library (DLL).  For example, you have to create an import file for the specific language you are using.  Griaule Fingerprint SDK offers multiple interfaces in ActiveX, DLL, Java and .NET elements.

Use your preferred programming language

Fingerprint Software Development Kit also supports many programming languages such as Java, Delphi Visual Basic, FoxPro, C++, .NET,  Perl, PHP, ASP and many others.

The way you need it

Most solutions only offer a one-to-one match which can only be used for fingerprint verification purposes.  With Fingerprint recognition SDK you have unlimited one-to-many fingerprint matches, making it one of the very best biometric SDKs for fingerprint authentication.

Biometric data interchange and interoperability standards

Biometric SDK is compliant with ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378-2004.

Quality worldwide

Biometric API is the most powerful technology behind thousands of biometric transactions performed daily.  It is used in government and civil programs in over 80 countries worldwide.

Easy licensing

In order to use Fingerprint matching SDK, you must use a product key to activate the licensed copy for every computer the software is installed on.  This can be easily done through an online activation procedure or by using a USB key and the Griaule License Manager.

30-Day Free Trial

You can download your free trial of Fingerprint SDK to create your applications and use it non-commercially for 30 days.  You will need to request a trial license online.  Once you decide to purchase SDK, you do not have to re-install the software.

Biometrics for all

Web and business growth for applications on stand-alone PCs, networking PCs, client-server based web applications or any other computer design.

ARM Processor Support

Fingerprint SDK can work on mobile devices & operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile and Linux.  Please contact us for a quote.

Easy to learn

Fingerprint SDK supports multiple programming languages, and offers source code examples in programming languages that use the ActiveX component, Dynamic Link Library (DLL), Java packages, and .NET library.

Fingerprint template consolidation

Fingerprint API is designed to improve the recognition rate, the more often someone uses it and is recognized by the system; the more precise the registered biometric information becomes by improving the quality of the fingerprint template, thus reducing the database size and the identification time.

Outstanding fingerprint matching speed

Fingerprint authentication SDK has been rated as one of the fastest algorithms for fingerprint matching speed within the industry.  Biometric SDK is more than capable for the most demanding applications and saves you valuable time.

Griaule Tools

This is a support tool that runs as an icon in the system tray.  It shows useful information for technical support while providing online activation.

International merit

In 2003, Griaule Fingerprint SDK was tested by one of the world’s leading fingerprint recognition systems, NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and successfully passed.

In 2006, GrFinger SDK was rated the best recognition algorithm across all fingerprint databases in the Fingerprint Verification Contest (FVC2006).

Ph.D. research team

The Griaule Biometrics team continually strives to improve the quality of the algorithms used with Fingerprint SDK. The team works continuously to increase the recognition rates and ensures that SDK is working with the latest versions of Windows & Linux operating systems.  The key members of this team have extensive knowledge and publications on image processing, computer vision and other related fields.

Driver-less Microsoft Fingerprint reader and Digital Persona support

Our SDK comes with its own driver for these readers and therefore you do not need the manufacturer’s drivers or SDK (API).

Griaule SDK Specifications

Platform Fingerprint SDK for Windows: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
System requirements (minimal) Pentium class (i386) processor (200 MHz or above) with 64Mb or higher, 20Mb disk space
Identification (1:N) matching speed Fingerprint Identification SDK: up to 35,000 fingerprints per second
Verification (1:1) matching speed 10 milliseconds
Template extraction speed 100 milliseconds
Template size 900 bytes (average)
Database Fingerprint SDK does not use any database. Templates are given to the integrator’s application that should store them in the way decided by the developer
Image resolution recommended: 500 DPI
minimum: 125 DPI
maximum: 1000 DPI
Image size minimum: 50×50 pixels
maximum: 500×500 pixels

Supported Programming Languages
Java / J2EE / JSP
Foxpro 8
Foxpro 9
MS Access
Software Requirements Pentium Processor(i386) (200 MHz or later recommended);
64Mb or more;
20Mb of free space in the hard disk.
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2 or later recommended)

The perfect Fingerprint SDK for YOU!

A Software Development Kit that provides a flexible platform for the development & programming of biometric fingerprint recognition.


Complies with ISO and ANSI standards.

No vendor lock-in

You are free to choose any fingerprint reader supplier you wish. You can have an heterogeneous  park, totally integrated with different fingerprint readers for different purposes.  Griaule’s Fingerprint SDK supports every single fingerprint reader despite the enormous range of technologies.  These technologies include optical, swipe, electroluminescent, capacitive and many others.  Using our SDK, fingerprints can be enrolled in any reader and can be matched in any other.

Even after operational development or deployment, you are able to change the fingerprint reader you are currently using without modifying your application.  Should you have a fingerprint reader we do not support, send it to us and we will support it!


Replace traditional processes such as user names, passwords, cards, keys, etc and recognize faster, conveniently and securely.  This will also result in a much higher and valuable time effectiveness.  Simply touch the fingerprint reader and get your desired results quickly!

Full customization

Applications can be developed in stand-alone computers and networked computers.  It also allows for the development of client-server or web applications.  Your developer has complete control of the user’s interface and full control of database integration.


In many cases, you will only be offered a few demo applications before deciding whether to purchase their technology or not.  Not us, we fully understand that you need to evaluate our Fingerprint SDK before making a decision.  Griaule provides all of their customers a full-featured trial version for a 30-day free trial.

Best in class technology

Winning the Fingerprint Verification Competition in 2006, gave Griaule the recognition as the best algorithm throughout the world. Ranked as Number One, Griaule SDK offers the lowest EER among all of our competitors.  Not only excellent accuracy, but fast matching speed puts GrFinger SDK ahead of everyone else within the industry.  Our advanced technology offers the very best recognition rates, overcoming the real-life challenges such as rotation, scratches, low-contrast, distortion, dirt, different resolutions, different image sizes and ink-and-paper digitized fingerprints.  Excellent technology leads to excellent results!


We support Windows and Linux.  If you have another environment, it can be supported through our customized services.

Easy to use

Even if you are not an expert in technology, you can develop your own biometric application using fingerprint technology.  Along with our comprehensive online content and our extensive qualified development support, you will be able to integrate and develop your application in a very short time.  We supply extensive support for most programming languages and development environments along with sample applications with source-code detailed manuals and user guides.  Our forum and free support are only a few of the services we provide in order to ensure your integration is successful.


You can perform all needed functions without paying additional money for specialized software components.  We have the largest market share in device-independent fingerprint recognition technology which allows us to provide you with a full-featured product at a very affordable price.  It’s quite common among the software components industry to charge for a development license.  With Griaule’s Fingerprint SDK licensing model, you only pay for a deployment license.  Also, we do not charge for the database size.

Easy licensing

We have several licensing options to choose from and none of them require expensive and/or clumsy hardware devices.  Also, our licenses do not expire at any time.

Griaule SDK Applications

  • Standalone personal computers
  • Personal computers which are part of a network
  • Via web interfaces in a Client-Server type of web application
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    Hello, how can I download the SDK after having made the purchase? I got mail confirming my order but I did not get the url to download the SDK. It is also not found in my account.

  3. Danny Thakkar (verified owner):

    Hi Francisco, Thanks for reaching out. For product related queries please contact at

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