Suprema RealScan-D Dual Finger Scanner (Supports SWFT+)

RealScan-D: Highly accurate, FBI Appendix F certified dual-finger scanner. One scanner for all your IAFIS and civil ID applications.

Suprema RealScan-D


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  • Portable dual finger live scanner, captures two flat fingerprints simultaneously or one rolled fingerprint.
  • FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F certified and Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible.
  • Largest platen size in its class, offers massive 900 x 900 pixels resolution and provides up to 35% more sensing area.
  • Precise image capturing for wet and dry fingers & maximum performance under harsh environments.

Supported Software

A scalable, reliable and high performing biometric identification solution for seamless integration.

Fingerprint SDK

Zero learning curve for developers. No biometric programming experience required. Get access to sample codes in multiple languages including C/C++, C#.NET, Java etc.


Computer Logon

Logon to Windows, Domain, Websites and Applications using fingerprints & create a ”password free” environment. Enterprise Password Management with Seamless Interface to Active Directory.


Product Description

RealScan-D is a highly portable; FBI IAFIS Appendix F certified dual fingerprint scanner built to take up modern day challenges in high security applications. This scanner conveys Suprema’s legacy in fingerprint recognition as well as latest innovations in highly portable, nicely designed single package.

Suprema pioneers in fingerprint optics and has infused its excellence while creating RealScan-D. This technical prowess, however, is not very apparent in the sleek and ergonomic design of the scanner. It is very lightweight and perfectly sized to ensure easy portability. At 1.9” x 1.9” (with sensing area 1.8” x 1.8”) the platen area is more than adequate to accommodate all finger types, big or small.

Though RealScan-D is a dual fingerprint scanner, it also comes with the option to scan single fingerprint. Since platen size it quite adequate, you can even scan rolled fingerprint (with single finger).

Special Features

  • 1.8” x 1.8” (45.72 x 45.72 mm) sensing area, which is more than adequate to easily accommodate two fingers
  • Wet or dry fingers do not impact performance, resulting in high quality images in all conditions
  • On-device operation with built-in buttons
  • Easy to mount in desktop as well as kiosk applications
  • Equipped with advanced optical technology to make sure wet fingers do not affect performance
  • FBI IAFIS Appendix F certification: perfect for civil ID and AFIS application, FIPS 201 certification
  • No external moving parts
  • USB 2.0 for high speed data and power

RealScan-D Specifications

Fingerprint Type Single Rolls / Single Flats / Dual Finger Flats
Frame Rate 20 frames per second
Resolution 500 dpi, 256 gray
Platen Size (W x L) 48 x 48 mm (1.9” x 1.9”)
Sensing Area (W x L) 45.72 x 45.72 mm
Image Size (W x L) 900 x 900 pixels
Image Quality Standards FBI IAFIS Appendix F

USB 2.0 High-speed (Data & Power)
IP Rating Splash proof
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90%, non-condensing
Dimension (W x L x H) 84 x 171 x 63 mm (3.3” x 6.7” x 2.5”)
Weight 0.54kgs (1.19lbs)
Certification WHQL, CE, FCC, UL, KC
Operating System Windows, Linux

The perfect fingerprint device for you!

Suprema RealScan-D is suitable for civil, criminal and AFIS applications.

FBI IAFIS Appendix F Certification

RealScan-D is FBI IAFIS Appendix F certified, which means that it is one of the few two-finger scanners that either meet or exceed image interoperability standards prescribed the FBI. Adherence to FBI IAFIS Appendix F interoperability standards makes it a suitable candidate for all government, high security, civil and criminal identification applications.

FBI IAFIS Appendix F is one of the most stringent set of standards around, adherence to which results in spectacular image quality and support for all phases of identification with IAFIS.

Advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology

Equipped with Advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology, RealScan-D can capture and construct extraordinary rolled fingerprint images. ARIC tech does it by capturing over 20 frames per second and constructing them to create a single flawless fingerprint image, thanks to the slip detection algorithm used in it. ARIC technology makes sure that constructed rolled fingerprint image retains the highest level of image quality and low error rate.

Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology based on Machine Learning

Equipped with Suprema’s excellence in fake fingerprint detection, RealScan-D makes use of company’s proprietary Live Fingerprint Detection (LFD) technology to scrutinize fake fingerprint attacks. LFD technology used in RealScan-D is based on machine learning and it can detect fake fingerprints made by different material like silicone, latex, clay, film, glue, paper and more.

Comfortable Image Capture with Extra Wide Platen

RealScan-D outshines the competition by offering the largest platen size (1.9” x 1.9”) in its class. Large platen ensures all rolled single finger as well as flat dual finger scans are done comfortably. Its large platen area can easily accommodate even large human fingers. RealScan-D captures more than impressive fingerprint images with 900 x 900 pixel resolution.

Capturing dual fingerprints requires platen to be adequately sized for proper placement without any portion getting out of the sensing area.

RealScan-D’s sensing area measures 45.72 x 45.72 mm, which is up to 35% more than the products available in the market in the similar category. Large sensing area ensures that there is no partial loss while capturing fingerprints. Platen construction is solid and scratch resistant, which makes sure that performance is not impacted due to harsh environmental conditions or user behaviour.

Fast Start-up Time

With start-up time of mere 0.37 second, RealScan-D is one of the fastest to boot fingerprint scanner around. So, while others may be waiting their scanners to boot, you can already start capturing fingerprints.

RealScan-D Applications

Airport & Border Check

  • IDENT (USA, Japan)
  • Enrollment & matching for foreign travelers

National ID Cards

  • Smart ID cards
  • Enrollment 1:1, 1:N matching

Civil Identification

  • Driver’s license, voter registration
  • Social welfare, banking
  • National population register (NPR)

Background Check

  • Employment background checks
  • Pre-employment screening

e-Passport & Visa

  • e-Passport issuance
  • e-Visa program

Criminal Identification

  • Law enforcement, national police agencies
  • Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS)

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