Biometric Industry Overview

Bayometric’s technology is deployed by many government and leading commercial entities. A wide variety of vertical markets such as: Airport and Border Security, Banks & Financial Institutes, Healthcare Organizations, Hotels and Casinos, Law Enforcement Agencies are using our fingerprint readers and innovative biometric identification software “Touch N Go”  to prevent identity fraud, secure data and provide a more convenient end user experience.

Biometrics is one of the fastest growing chunk within the information technology and security industry. The global biometrics market is forecasted to exceed $30 billion by 2021, which is a 118% increase from 2015. (Source: ABI Research)

Bayometric has gained the trust of a significant number of entities, both government and enterprise, through providing a wide range of biometric fingerprint readers and innovative biometric software solutions.

Biometrics in Airport and Border Security

Airport and Border Security

Security is one of the primary concerns of the nations around the world, especially when it comes to airport and border security. With millions of people flying and crossing borders everyday it becomes a daunting task for border officials to keep a check on cross border activities.

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Biometrics in Banks and Financial Institutes

Finance & Banking

In today’s world, the customer chooses his bank based on the quality of services provided. Today’s customer is not shy to switch to another bank if his bank does not fulfill his needs. Therefore, it is very important for the bank to go that extra mile in order to retain its customers.

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“Consumers are increasingly putting their trust behind biometric-based authentication and searching for security, convenience, and personalization in multiple layers,”
Dimitrios Pavlakis
Biometrics in Healthcare Organizations


Biometric solutions help healthcare organizations to secure patients’ data, provide authorized personnel with fast and easy access to the patients’ medical record, and assist unconscious patients.

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biometrics in education


Biometric identity management solutios, when implemented in a school, dramatically improves daily functioning, and there would be instances that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t we have it earlier?”

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Biometrics in Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement

Biometric products are very useful for law enforcement agencies. They can be used to catch wanted criminals, track movement of absconding criminals and dismantle terrorist attacks.

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biometrics in public safety

Public Safety

Jails and prisons are no ordinary institutions, their needs of safety; security and surveillance are different and complex. In many fronts biometrics can make a difference in prison security and daily operations.

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biometrics in membership management

Membership Management

A business thrives on the fact that how happy customers are with its products or services, and gyms or fitness centers are no exception. Happy members further spread the word and help with bringing in more members.

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Biometrics in Hotels and Casinos


Biometric recognition systems (fingerprint, iris, face etc.) provide smart surveillance capabilities, customer verification and access control features which help retain customers and provide added security.

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