Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Equipment

Start a live scan fingerprinting business – capture, print, and send applicant’s fingerprint to the state and federal agencies including the FBI, CJIS, and DOJ. Supports the latest ANSI/NIST and the FBI EBTS industry standards.

Print on FBI Fingerprint Card

Capture and print fingerprints on FBI cards for a criminal background check.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

Fingerprint submission to FDLE for conducting a criminal background check.

FBI Background Checks

Electronically cature fingerprints and print and send them to the federal government (DOJ).

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Submit fingerprints to FINRA using fingerprint cards.

Fingerprint Image Capture Software

FBI certified live scan fingerprinting software that captures and allows you to send fingerprints and demographic info to FBI.

Flat and Roll Fingerprint Capture

You can capture 10 rolled fingerprints and 4 flat impressions. Supports both type 4 (standard) and type 14 (enhanced) fingerprint images.

Fingerprint Segmentation & Quality Check

Live Scan software performs segmentation and quality checks on all fingers before creating the EFTS file. Notifies user if fingerprints do not meet quality standards.

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Capture and Print Fingerprints on FBI Cards

Intuitive and Easy to use FBI Appendix F compatible solution that prints demographic and fingerprint data on a tenprint card.

Compatible with FBI Certified Fingerprint Scanners

Works seamlessly with various 10 print fingerprint scanners such as  Suprema RealScan G-10.

Supports various Printers

Prints high-quality fingerprint images using various laser printers.

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Submit Fingerprints via SWFT

Collect, save and submit fingerprints in an EFT File format to meet Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT), OPM and FBI standards.

Government Contractors Background Checks

Our Livescan System allows you to capture fingerprint images electronically, upload them to SWFT server and send  them to OPM/FBI.

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Gunshops/Firearms Dealers/NFA

Capture fingerprints of individuals wanting to buy silencers and firearms.

National Firearms Act/Final Rule 41F

Intuitive Solution captures and prints fingerprints, photograph, signature and Demographic information on FD-258 FBI fingerprint cards.

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Departmental Order/FBI Identification Record/US Dept of Justice Order 556-73 often referred to as a criminal history or a “rap sheet”

Background Checks for Employment or Licensing

An FBI approved Channeler can scan fingerprint cards and submit fingerprint data to the FBI CJIS Division for a national criminal history record check, and receive the electronic record check result.

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FINRA Fingerprint Enrollment

Submit fingerprints to FINRA electronically through FINRA’s Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS) Program or by using fingerprint cards.

Ideal for Funding portals/Broker-Dealers

Secure Solution provides faster processing times, higher quality fingerprints, reduced rejection rates.

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State and national criminal history information is provided to governmental agencies for licensing and employment.

Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Check

Private citizens, companies and governmental entities can request a state only criminal history record check.

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