ATF Live Scan for Gun Shops & FFL Dealers (ATF Fingerprinting)

Digital fingerprints for ATF (Live Scan): Gun shop software solution to create fingerprint EFT file and electronic fingerprint submission (ATF Form 4 eFile & ATF Form 1 eFile) through ATF’s brand new eForm system; or print on ATF fingerprint cards (FD-258) for your NFA items.

ATF Live Scan – NFA Fingerprinting, EFT File Creation & ATF Form 4 eFile

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  • Bayometric’s NFA fingerprinting system (live scan) helps your customers with firearms licensing and background checks.
  • Send digital fingerprints for ATF Form 4 and ATF Form 1 electronically (EFT file) or print on FD-258 fingerprint cards for NFA items.
  • Highly efficient ten-print live scanners capture single-finger rolls, flats, and four-finger slaps to ensure compliance with NFA regulations.
  • Remote installation and training along with a year’s support.

ATF eForm: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has announced the imminent introduction of a brand new electronic system to process NFA transfers. The new eForm system will enable gun shop owners and consumers to fill out ATF Forms 1 and 4, electronically which could result in a significant reduction of the time it takes to transfer compared to paper forms.

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Just Some of Our Happy Clients

“We are up and running with the fingerprint Scanner and Bayometric’s software package. It was a smooth and trouble-free experience working with Bayometric, from our initial contact all the way through the installation and training session. I would highly recommend them to anyone else in the NFA firearms business interested in doing electronic fingerprinting.”
Terry Norris, PresidentNorris Arms
“We have just begun using the Bayometric fingerprint scanner and software. It is very user-friendly and straightforward, with no complicated sequences or systems. Fingerprint scans are typically quick and rarely do I have to re-scan a print. I have not experienced any issues as of now and all of my questions have been handily answered by the crew at Bayometric. The addition of this scanner and software to create EFT files has made my job significantly easier and faster for both myself and our customers. We are extremely satisfied thus far! HUGE thank you to Bayometric for their products and excellent customer service!”
AdamXcaliber Gunsmithing Inc
“We have been an NFA dealer for the past 20 years. I am glad we went with Bayometric. Their software is easy to use, meets all of our needs, and integrates with the e-form website seamlessly. I recommend them to anyone in need of gathering and storing digital information. Bayometric team has always been quick to contact, easy to work with.”
Dean WhiteGM Shooters Express

ATF Fingerprinting for Gun Shops and FFL Dealers

Bayometric’s highly efficient ATF fingerprint kit with an NFA-approved fingerprint scanner. Submit ATF forms online (ATF eForm 4 eFile and ATF Form 1 eFile).

Rolls and Flat Fingerprints

Bayometric’s Live Scan software support both rolled as well as flat fingerprints (2 thumbs, 4 finger slaps, and single finger rolls) and create fingerprint EFT file. To submit digital fingerprints for ATF, an applicant must provide flat as well as rolled fingerprints for suppressors or other NFA items. Our NFA-approved fingerprint scanner seamlessly integrates with the gun shop retail software to provide you best-fingerprinting performance.

Easy to Use Data Entry Forms

Bayometric’s gun shop retail software comes with easy to fill data entry form to provide demographic details of the customers. To make sure that data entry errors do not lead to rejection of the applications, common validation checks are in place at individual fields. For examples, a field where only numeric data is required will throw an alert when non-numeric data is entered.

Stringent Quality Checks and Segmentation

Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software comes equipped with the ability to perform segmentation for each finger scan. Fingerprint segmentation is a crucial step to ensure that the fingerprint features are accurately separated from the background. Along with the segmentation, stringent quality checks make sure that only the best quality fingerprint images are submitted to ATF forms online or printed on the ATF fingerprint cards.

NFA Approved Fingerprint Scanner

We currently have various NFA-approved 10-print roll scanners in our inventory to capture digital fingerprints for ATF; Suprema RealScan G10, Integrated Biometrics Five-0, and Integrated Biometrics Kojak. All these fingerprinting equipment complies with the requirements prescribed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).


Capture Digital Fingerprints for ATF

Highly efficient and intuitive ATF Live Scan solution for gun shops and firearm dealers (FFLs) / ATF fingerprint kit.

Submit ATF forms online

ATF fingerprinting software allows you to capture digital fingerprints for ATF and submit fingerprint EFT files to eFile ATF eForm 4 and ATF eForm 1.

Compatible with NFA approved scanners

Our gun shop retail software is compatible with most NFA approved scanners such as Integrated Biometrics Kojak and Suprema RealScan G-10.

Supported 10-Print Scanners
Our Success Story Section Showcases How Clients Have Met the eForms Requirements.

ATF Live Scan System Features

Live Scan System Features

  • Rolled and flat fingerprint capture.
  • Easy demographic data entry.
  • Stringent quality checks before submission.
  • Segmentation of each finger.
  • Photograph and signature scan.


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Supported Printers

  • Works with a printer of your choice. Popular printers –
  • Lexmark MS821 (Recommended)/MS521/MS420/MS421
  • Hewlett-Packard M551/Dell B5460dn
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810/C736 (Color Laser)
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550


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ATF Live Scan Made Easy

  • ATF fingerprint kit to perform live scan for firearm dealers.
  • Capture digital fingerprints (EFT file) for ATF within minutes.
  • eFile ATF eForm 4 or ATF eForm 1 through ATF’s eForm Portal.
  • No more messy ink and roll, print on ATF fingerprint cards.
  • Don’t let your customers leave the store without what they need.
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Product Description (Software)

Gun dealers often face the problem of maintaining a seamless customer experience while also meeting regulatory compliance for selling firearms, suppressors, and other NFA items. This is hardly surprising as these compliances is a serious subject and can divert your customer’s attention from what you are actually offering.

Customers have to mandatorily submit fingerprints for background check and licensing before purchasing firearms. Dealers, who do not have in store facility for submitting fingerprints for firearms, have to ask customers to get it done at a third party service provider who can submit fingerprints for NFA items. While meeting regulatory requirements is important, it is equally important to retain your customer and convert a customer visits into a sale. NFA fingerprinting, however, can be a hindrance to achieve it.

So how can this issue be resolved?

Instead of sending customers to a third-party service provider who can live scan and capture digital fingerprints for ATF’s new eForm system, gun stores can deploy their own live scan ATF fingerprinting software with an ATF fingerprint kit. All you need is an NFA-approved fingerprint scanner, a signature pad, and our live scan software for firearm dealers.

Bayometric’s highly efficient live scan ATF software allows firearm dealers to submit fingerprints (EFT files) for NFA items. With your own live scan ATF software and fingerprint equipment, you can cut your dependence on third-party service providers to live scan your customers. By using Bayometric’s NFA fingerprinting kit, firearm dealers can live scan and submit fingerprints electronically or print them on NFA fingerprint cards / ATF form 1 fingerprint cards.

The live scan software from Bayometric makes use of stringent quality checks before generating EFTS (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification) file. EFTS file is the file which is transferred to ATF while submitting fingerprints electronically. Think of it as a digital version of a NFA fingerprint cards, but a highly secure one. With our live scan ATF software, so you can be sure that your application will not be rejected due to quality issues.

Submitting high quality live scan fingerprints for ATF compliance is only half the story. Bayometric’s live scan ATF software also gives due importance to demographic data entry. Providing accurate demographic details along with precise fingerprints are equally important as errors can lead to rejection. Bayometric’s live scan software includes intuitive and user friendly demographic data entry forms, which enables firearm dealers to quickly fill the customer details. Data entry forms have all the required validations in place so that the common data entry errors can be avoided.

Sending your customers to a third party service provider just because you do not have in-store facility for live scan firearms, can significantly impact your sales volume. Customers leaving your store may change their mind may not return at all or they can just go to your competitor’s store with in-store live scan facility.

Product Description (Hardware)

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10 is one of the market leading and FBI certified 10-printfingerprint equipment. RealScan G10 can capture high quality fingerprint images with minimum distortion, thanks to Suprema’s advanced optics and fingerprint engineering. This NFA fingerprint scanner can perform 4 finger slaps (flat), two thumbs scan (flat) and rolled scans of individual fingers and thumbs.

To ensure highest possible quality of rolled fingerprint images, Suprema has equipped RealScan G10 with its Advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology. This technology can detect accidental slips while capturing rolled fingerprints at 20 frames per second. This NFA fingerprint scanner also makes use of advanced machine learning based liveness detection to ensure security against fake fingerprints.


Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak is another segment leader in our portfolio. This cutting-edge NFA fingerprint scanner makes use of Integrated Biometrics’ advanced technologies to capture highly precise fingerprint images. Live scan and submit online or print them on ATF Form 1 fingerprint cards, IB Kojak has you covered. Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint equipment is known for its patented LES film based sensor technology, which can capture fingerprints from dry, dirty and hard-to-scan fingers.

IB Kojak’s is unimaginably compact despite being a 10-print scanner. Use of LES film based fingerprint sensor makes this NFA fingerprint scanner highly secure against spoofing attacks. Kojak is also immune to latent and leftover prints from previous finger scans, so you do not have to clean the sensor surface after each scan.


ATF Live Scan Fingerprinting

Now you do not have to trade-off between customer experience and meeting regulatory compliances. Provide a one stop solution with Bayometric’s live scan ATF software for all firearms and NFA items.

Live scan within minutes

Once ready, our live scan solution will take your customer through the live scan process without any intermediate formalities. Give your customers the best they deserve and convert their visits into sales quickly!

Print or submit electronically

Bayometric’s live scan solution allows you to live scan and print on ATF fingerprint cards or just submit electronically for faster results. No need to take your customers through messy ink and roll and hamper their store experience. No need to depend on an external service provider either. Take back the control with Bayometric’s live scan solution for firearm dealers.

ATF fingerprint kit

With Bayometric’s live scan solution you can easily submit fingerprints for NFA items. What is more, our live scan solution can work on your existing computer and you don’t have to spend money on new hardware except for a compatible fingerprint scanner.

Seamless integration

You can integrate Bayometric’s live scan solution with your existing application without any problem. Our expert will assist you throughout the process to make sure your application integrates seamlessly with our ATF fingerprint kit.

Best return on investment

If you own a firearm dealership, deploying a live scan solution is the best investment you can make today. Your cost of investment will not only recover by performing in-store live scans, but the value addition in customer experience would be priceless. And don’t forget to add the sales that you could have missed due to customers who had never returned after leaving.

Competitive pricing

Our live scan solution’s highly competitive pricing will make sure that you get the best deal in the market. Our live scan ATF software makes use of industry’s best practices and hardware is manufactured by the globally renowned biometric solution providers.

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More from Our Happy Clients

“I recently purchased a Kojak fingerprint reader from Bayometric for my business and it was one of the decisions I ever made. The representative from Bayometric was extremely knowledgeable, he answered all my questions before I made a final purchase without pressure or obligation. After I received the Kojak scanner, Bayometric’s team walked me through the installation process and made it look easy. Their experience, knowledge, and understanding of USG requirements were outstanding. I highly recommend Bayometric to any business that has a requirement for a digital fingerprint scanner, you will not go wrong.”
Rudolph AtallahBuffalo Valley Arms

Success Stories

Bayometric’s tried and trusted fingerprint identification technology has been seamlessly incorporated into various existing security environments, providing unmatched security solutions to customers in different verticals world-over.

Ultimate Defense choose Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan

Ultimate Defense chooses Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software for ATF eForm 4 processing for the transfer of firearms and other NFA items.

Buffalo Valley Arms Picks Bayometric’s Fingerprint Scanner

Buffalo Valley Arms an FFL dealer based in Moran WY, picks Bayometric’s NFA-approved fingerprint scanner.

Scaled Composites Adopt Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission

Scaled Composites LLC adopted Bayometric’s Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system for employees’ security clearance.

Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Inkless Fingerprinting

Otter Tail County sheriff’s office adopts Bayometric’s live scan software for inkless fingerprint processing.

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