Fingerprint Scanner for your PC / Laptop / MAC / Windows 10

Bayometric offers a wide variety of FBI PIV certified biometric fingerprint scanner, fingerprint card reader, and fingerprint sensor module (OEM) that can be used for enrollment, identification, and verification in varied government and non-government projects where the identity of people is required.

FBI PIV Certified

Bayometric offers a variety of FBI-certified fingerprint reader, smart card reader, and embedded module.

SWFT Compatible

Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+) compatible with ten print live scanner.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello compatible fingerprint scanner for quick and secure login to Windows 10 without a password.

SecuGen Hamster Pro (HUPx)

The ultra-compact Hamster Pro fingerprint scanner brings SecuGen’s cutting-edge biometric fingerprint technology. This fingerprint device has a highly durable and ergonomically designed form factor. Auto-On™ technology keeps Hamster Pro on standby for quick finger scanning. Smart Capture™, another SecuGen technology, does not let it compromise on performance even in difficult environmental conditions. When it comes to challenging usage scenarios, Hamster Pro lives up to its name and performs like a pro.

Rugged sensor surface

IP54 rated ingress protection pairs with the industry’s most rugged optical sensor. Ready to take up any challenge.

Fingerprint login

Installs within minutes. Bid farewell to insecure and complex passwords with highly cost-effective biometric security.

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SecuGen Hamster Pro USB Fingerprint Reader
Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

SecuGen Hamster Plus (HSDU03P)

SecuGen Hamster Plus is a perfect blend of performance and versatility. This compact and ergonomically designed USB fingerprint reader can quickly adapt to your use case, be it a sophisticated workstation or a construction site with a rough usage scenario. SecuGen’s patented SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) optic technology helps Hamster Plus produce the highest quality fingerprint images with the lowest distortion. Being a Hamster, Smart Capture™, and Auto-On™ comes as a plus!

Windows hello login

Seamlessly integrates with your Windows PC and virtually plug and play with Windows 10. Say hello to biometric security.

Durable fingerprint device

Your passwords may expire but Hamster Plus will not! Hamster Plus’s durability stems from its unbreakable sensor prism.

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Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX

Nitgen’s Hamster I DX is among the few USB fingerprint scanners that have managed to get top rank in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition), thanks to Nitgen’s sophisticated fingerprint matching engine. Hamster I DX comes equipped with Auto-on™ function, which enables it to save power when idle and turn on automatically as soon as it detects a finger. Hamster I DX’s fingerprint sensor is designed with SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection), an innovative approach that helps produce high-quality fingerprint images.

Rugged fingerprint device

High endurance against scratches, chemical corrosion, ESD, and physical impacts enhances Hamster I DX’s durability.

Advanced optical technology

Nitgen Hamster I DX can work in challenging conditions and difficult-to-scan scenarios without compromising quality.

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Hamster I DX Fingerprint Reader
nitgen fingerprint scanner fingkey hamster ii

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster II

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster II is a highly efficient USB fingerprint scanner designed with top-notch biometric security in mind. It comes equipped with Nitgen’s industry-leading anti-spoofing and liveness detection mechanism. Fingkey Hamster II can easily weed out any spoof or presentation attacks while quickly processing live finger scanning. Its fingerprint sensor is manufactured using advanced optical technology, which allows it to withstand a rough environment and user behavior. It can survive day-to-day scratches, vibrations, impacts, and electrostatic shock.

Top-notch fingerprint technology

Being a Nitgen fingerprint scanner, Fingkey Hamster II comes equipped with the world’s best-performing fingerprint algorithm.

Cost effective fingerprint device

Despite offering premium features, Fingkey Hamster II is not expensive at all and comes with an affordable price tag.

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Integrated Biometrics Curve

The curve is a single fingerprint capture device from the lab of Integrated Biometrics. It is one of the few scanners that come equipped with hybrid fingerprint sensors. It ensures a high level of precision in fingerprint capture and decision-making. IB Curve’s hybrid fingerprint sensor makes use of both capacitive and optical fingerprint sensing technologies to capture a print. It results in higher quality fingerprint images and extraordinary matching performance.

Dual sensing mechanism

A dual-sensing mechanism with capacitive + optical sensors gives IB Curve an edge over competition in fingerprint scanning.

Curved fingerprint sensing area

Unlike flat fingerprint sensors, IB Curve’s curved sensing surface covers a larger skin area for undistorted finger scan.

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Integrated Biometrics Curve
Fingkey Hamster III Fingerprint Scanner

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster III

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster III is a highly efficient USB fingerprint scanner, primarily designed for performing authentication on PCs and IT systems. It carries Nitgen’s legacy as well as innovative technologies to provide best in class fingerprint authentication experience. One of the prominent features of Nitgen Hamster III is its superior matching engine (ranked 1st in Fingerprint Verification Competition), which is powered by Nitgen’s proprietary and highly efficient matching algorithm.

Immune to spoofing

Fingkey Hamster III incorporates Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology, rendering it immune to spoofing.

Durable biometric device

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster III comes with a highly durable scratch-free sensor surface, which ensures device longevity.

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Suprema BioMini Plus 2

Suprema BioMini Plus 2 is a compact and ergonomically designed fingerprint scanner equipped with the world’s best-performing fingerprint algorithm. Suprema’s fingerprinting algorithm offers the lowest error rate and best verification speed in the industry. Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) technology allows this little master to capture spectacular fingerprint images. Image quality stays unrivaled in the industry in terms of quality. Its Live Finger Detection (LFD) mechanism is based on machine learning and gets better with usage.

FBI certified scanner

BioMini Plus 2 image quality complies with FIPS-201 (PIV), FBI Mobile ID FAP 10, ANSI- 378, and UIDAI STQC requirements.

Rugged fingerprint reader

IP65 rated ingress protection makes BioMini Plus 2 immune to liquid damages and dust, rendering it a highly durable device.

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Biomini Plus Fingerprint Scanner

Verifi P5100

Constructed with solid aluminum housing, Verifi P5100 is a premium USB desktop fingerprint reader. With aluminum construction and a commercial-grade powder-coated exterior to provide protection against scratches and mishandling, it is one of the toughest fingerprint scanners around. Verifi fingerprint reader P5100 uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor. AuthenTec’s TCS1 is the world’s only silicon fingerprint sensor to meet the FBI’s strict image quality requirements for Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201) required for personal identity verification.

Better than swipe fingerprints

Verifi P5100 offers better performance over swipe fingerprint scanners, which are commonly found in laptops and PCs.

Superior fingerprint image quality

P5100’s Enhanced Image Mode captures extraordinary fingerprint images at 508 dpi with 8-bit (256 levels) greyscale.

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Lumidigm M311 (M31x)

Lumidigm M311 is a high-performing stand-alone biometric fingerprint scanner that can be used for a variety of applications for biometric fingerprint identification and authentication. It can scan consistently high-quality fingerprint images regardless of a finger or environmental conditions. M311 makes use of Lumidigm’s innovative multispectral imaging approach that can scan and analyze sub-surface finger skin information to weed out imposter attacks. This results in industry-leading liveness detection and a high level of security against presentation attacks.

Enhance coverage

Lumidigm M311 can dramatically scan even out of coverage fingerprints that are deemed unreadable by other scanners.

Multispectral fingerprint imaging

Lumidigm M311 comes equipped with multispectral imaging technology, which enhances security and coverage.

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Lumidigm M311 Fingerprint Scanner
Lumidigm M301 Fingerprint Scanner

Lumidigm M301 (M30x)

Lumidigm M301 is a USB fingerprint scanner that features Lumidigm’s innovative multispectral imaging technology packed in a compact housing. multispectral imaging is a Lumidigm fingerprint technology that not only scans the skin surface of the finger but also analyses the layer underneath the skin to make sure that the scan comes from a live finger. Lumidigm Mercury M301 is configured to support several modes of operation. It scans high-quality images every time at 500 dpi and rules out any fake fingerprint attacks, thanks to its world-class multispectral imaging technology.

Cost effective biometric device

Despite the industry-leading fingerprint imaging and liveness detection, Lumidigm M301 is priced reasonably.

Durable fingerprint reader

It is rated IP65 for ingress protection at platen, which ensures that it can withstand liquid spills and dust.

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Lumidigm V311 (V31x)

V311 carries Lumidigm’s technological legacy in a compact form factor. V311 can perform where many other fingerprint scanners fail to capture fingerprint images due to finger contaminants, age, or environmental factors. V311’s performance stems from Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology. Equipped with multispectral technology, V311 not only scans the skin surface but also analyses the sub-surface layer of the skin to rule out any fake fingerprint attack with replicas, spoofs, or any other means.

Deep fingerprint imaging

Lumidigm’s fingerprints sensors capture high-quality images reading the surface and sub-surface fingerprints at the same time.

Consistent fingerprinting performance

No matter how challenging environmental conditions are, V311 can scan accurate fingerprint images consistently.

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Lumidigm V311 Fingerprint Scanner
lumidigm fingerprint scanner v302

Lumidigm V302 (V30x)

Lumidigm V302 is Lumidigm’s highly accurate and lightweight USB fingerprint scanner that offers innovative technology is a nicely designed housing. The Lumidigm sensor used in V302 is capable of capturing light reflected by the skin surface, which also includes sub-surface information of the skin. This Lumidigm fingerprint device can capture fingerprints at 500 dpi and offers an extended operating range in both wet and dry conditions.

SWFT+ compatible scanner

Lumidigm Venus Series V302 scanner can be used for Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus (SWFT+) enrollments.

Wide operating range

Lumidigm V302 can operate from very low to high temperature, varying humidity levels, and lighting conditions.

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SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 (HU20)

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 is an FBI-certified USB fingerprint reader, which complies with FIPS 201 (PIV) and FAP 20 Mobile ID requirements. Hamster Pro 20’s ultra-compact design, high image quality, and IP65 rated sealed construction make it one of the hottest USB fingerprint scanners in its segment. Equipped with Auto-On technology, it can automatically detect a finger when placed on the reader, while Smart Capture allows it to scan difficult-to-scan fingers.

Highly durable biometric device

Hamster Pro 20 comes equipped with scratch, impact, corrosion, and electrostatic shock-resistant glass platen.

Highly accurate fingerprinting

Hamster Pro 20 is extremely accurate due to its patented optic design that results in fingerprint images free from distortion.

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Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Reader
hamster pro 10

SecuGen Hamster Pro 10 (HU10)

Hamster Pro 10 is SecuGen’s smallest and the most affordable FBI-certified USB fingerprint scanner. It features SecuGen’s patented optic design to produce high-quality fingerprint images. Being a SecuGen scanner, Hamster Pro 10 offers a host of features. At the core of its scanning prowess is SecuGen’s latest and ultra-slim U10 fingerprint sensor, which can scan images with 252 x 330 pixels resolution at 500 DPI.

FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP 10

Hamster Pro 10 is an FBI-certified USB scanner conforming to PIV and Mobile ID FAP 10 image quality requirements.

Consistent performance

Hamster Pro 10 stays unaffected by environmental factors such as extreme temperature, humidity, impacts, etc.

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SecuGen Hamster IV (HSDU04P)

SecuGen Hamster IV is a compact and lightweight USB fingerprint scanner, which comes equipped with an advanced optical sensor. It is constructed with solid scratch and corrosion-resistant optical glass platen, which enables it to endure rough usage. SecuGen Hamster IV uses SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) fingerprint capture technology, enabling it to scan high-quality fingerprint images. A perfect fingerprint reader to replace complex and insecure passwords with biometric authentication.

Auto-On technology

SecuGen Hamster IV is powered by Auto-On™ technology. It automatically turns on when a finger is placed.

Smart capture

Smart Capture™ allows Hamster IV to capture high-quality fingerprint images from dry, moist, aged, and scarred fingers.

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secugen hamster iv fingerprint scanner
suprema biomini slim 2

Suprema BioMini Slim 2

Suprema BioMini Slim 2 comes equipped with the world’s thinnest FBI PIV and Mobile ID certified FAP20 optical fingerprint sensor, which offers a host of features and Suprema’s innovative biometric technology. Its optical sensor measures just 13.5mm, yet it has more than adequate platen size. Suprema BioMini Slim 2 can be deployed in a variety of applications like PC/network security, banking, finance, healthcare, enterprise, ATMs, Kiosks, PoS systems, etc.

FBI certified

Suprema BioMini Slim 2 is an FBI certified USB fingerprint scanner, certified by FBI PIV and FBI Mobile ID FAP 20 IQR.

Superior anti-spoofing

Suprema BioMini Slim 2 comes loaded with superior protection against fake fingerprint attacks with spoofs and replicas.

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Integrated Biometrics Columbo

Integrated Biometrics Columbo is a small, lightweight, and highly accurate fingerprint scanner. It is suitable for mobile applications where compactness is a primary requirement. IB Columbo features a wide sensing area, which makes it convenient to use. IB Columbo is an FBI PIV, FIPS 201 and FAP 30 (Mobile ID) certified single finger reader. It is highly resistant to environmental challenges thanks to the IP54 rated dust and water protection.

Compact fingerprint scanner

IB Columbo is the world’s smallest and lightest FBI-certified scanner that produces the highest quality fingerprint images.

Low maintenance scanner

IB Columbo can withstand the toughest operating environments with minimal maintenance.

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columbo fbi certified fingerprint scanner
secugen unity 20 bluetooth

SecuGen Unity 20 Bluetooth (HU20-ASF-BT)

SecuGen Unity 20 Bluetooth is a fully programmable, high-performance Bluetooth fingerprint scanner. It features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to connect wirelessly. Despite being a Bluetooth fingerprint device, Unity 20 comes with a reasonable price tag. SecuGen Unity 20 is an FBI-certified fingerprint reader and complies with FIPS 201, Mobile ID FAP 20 image quality requirements. It is one of the few Bluetooth biometric devices that offer such high-end specifications.

Wireless fingerprint device

SecuGen Unity portable Bluetooth scanner uses Bluetooth to send and receive data. It can be used with Apple (IOS), Android, and Windows devices.

Highly durable fingerprint reader

SecuGen Unity can withstand dusty environments and accidental liquid spills due to IP65 rated sealed housing.

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Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini

Watson Mini is a small, light, and fast dual fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics. IB Watson Mini is FBI Appendix F certified fingerprint reader, which is also compatible with Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+). Watson Mini comes in a nicely designed sealed construction that fits easily in any standalone application. It is powered by Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES film technology, which ensures high quality and detailed scans even from dry, wet, and dirty fingers.

Compact fingerprint reader

IB Watson mini is an ergonomically designed compact fingerprint scanner, which can fit in any application.

Tamper-proof fingerprint security

IB Watson Mini is featured in a tamper-proof design and renders unusable if someone tries to temper it.

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integrated biometrics watson mini
suprema realscan-g1

Suprema RealScan-G1

RealScan G1 is a compact FAP30 fingerprint scanner from Suprema, which boasts FBI PIV Certification for civil and AFIS applications. Suprema RealScan G1 packs Suprema’s proprietary Hybrid Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology, which makes it highly immune to fake fingerprint attacks with spoofs and presentations. LFD technology can distinguish dynamic image characteristics of fake fingers from those of live fingers. Suprema RealScan G1 can survive environmental challenges without taking any impact on its performance.

IP54 ingress protection

Suprema RealScan G1comes with IP54 rated dust and waterproof sealed construction and can survive dust and liquid spills.

SWFT+ compatible

RealScan G1 is also compatible with SWFT+ (Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus) DoD enrollments.

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Integrated Biometrics Sherlock

Integrated Biometrics Sherlock boasts to be the world’s smallest, lightest, and fastest two fingerprints live scanner. Sherlock produces highly reliable results in biometric fingerprint identification and authentication applications. IB Sherlock is loaded with Integrated Biometric technologies like LES film, hardware-based automatic spoof rejection, and software-based auto-detect, etc. Sherlock is compatible with Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+). It is an FBI Appendix F Certified live fingerprint scanner.

Versatile fingerprint reader

Sherlock enables 1-, 2-, and 10-finger enrollment and verification in a variety of mobile applications.

Easy to integrate

IB Sherlock offers extraordinary flexibility to integration with third-party products and applications.

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suprema biomini slim 2s

Suprema BioMini Slim 2S

BioMini Slim 2S claims to be the world’s slimmest FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 certified fingerprint scanner. It comes equipped with Suprema’s innovative technologies and hardware. BioMini Slim 2S sports Suprema’s patented and innovative technologies such as LFD (Live Finger Detection) and MDR (Multi Dynamic Range). BioMini Slim 2S boasts to be the world’s slimmest FAP 20 optical sensor. Despite the small form factor, it comes with powerful specifications.

High-end fingerprint hardware

BioMini Slim 2S is equipped with a powerful 1.0 GHz CPU to perform on-device fingerprint extraction and matching.

Multi Dynamic Range technology

Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) tech helps capture high quality fingerprints even in harsh ambient lighting.

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Nitgen eNBioScan-D Plus

Nitgen eNBioScan-D Plus is a dual fingerprint scanner that packs Nitgen’s excellence in fingerprint biometric technology in a nicely designed form factor. Being a dual/two fingerprint scanner, it offers superior security, reliability, and accuracy over single fingerprint readers. It is an FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix-F and FBI Mobile ID FAP 45 certified scanner, which makes it a perfect candidate for high-security FBI IAFIS applications.

Versatile fingerprint device

eNBioScan-D Plus can capture dual flat fingerprints as well as single flat and rolled prints, expanding its usability and scope.

Auto-On functionality

eNBioScan-D’s Auto-on functionality can automatically detect a finger as soon as placed on the sensor.

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suprema realscan-d

Suprema RealScan-D

Suprema RealScan-D is a highly accurate FBI Appendix F certified dual-finger scanner. It can be used in government, high security, civil and criminal identification applications, where a high level of accuracy and reliability is a must. RealScan-D conforms to FBI IAFIS Appendix F specifications, which is one of the most stringent sets of standards law enforcement applications. Adherence to these standards enables RealScan-D to offer spectacular image quality and interoperability.

Advanced rolled image construction technology

It comes equipped with Advanced Rolled Image Construction technology that produces flawless rolled fingerprint images.

Extra wide fingerprint scanning area

RealScan-D features an extra-wide platen, which is the largest platen size (48×48 mm/1.9”x1.9”) in its class.

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Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak is a highly versatile, portable, and lightweight ten-finger scanner. Kojak conforms to FBI Appendix F IQS and is also compatible with Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrollment (SWFT+). IB Kojak is incredibly small for a ten-print scanner thanks to its highly compact construction and design, making it the smallest ten-finger scanner in the market. Kojak’s sealed construction conforms to US military standards for surface durability, which makes it extremely rugged and durable.

Ideal for background check

Light Emitting Sensor (LES) film technology allows Kojak to capture fingerprints from dry, moist, and dirty fingers making it an ideal scanner for FBI Background check applications for gun stores, etc.

Immune to spoofs and latent prints

Integrated Biometrics Kojak’s LES film-based sensor does not respond to spoofs. It also rules out residual latent prints.

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Integrated Biometrics Kojak
suprema fingerprint reader realscan g10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10 is an FBI IAFIS Appendix F Certified ten print live scanner that supports Type-4 fingerprint images. This high-end offering from Suprema is suitable for Civil ID and AFIS applications as well as compatible with Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission Plus Enrolment. RealScan G10 brings offers the ability to capture 10 fingerprints, i.e. 4+4+2 rolled prints, as well as single fingerprints. IP54 rated ingress protection makes sure that it can withstand liquid and dust.

Live Scan fingerprinting

RealScan-G10 features Suprema’s proprietary technology to capture flawless flat and rolled fingerprint images making it an ideal choice for live scan applications like FBI Background checks.

Fast fingerprint processing

It comes equipped with a modern CPU that offers processing power up to 400 MHz, ensuring faster processing.

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SecuGen iD USB SC/PIV is an FBI-certified fingerprint scanner + card reader, which can be used in a multitude of identification applications. Since it offers dual authentication modes (card + fingerprint) it can be used to set up multi-factor authentication for enhanced security and reliability. SecuGen iD USB SC/PIV makes use of SecuGen’s high image quality and ruggedized SDU04P fingerprint sensor, which is one of SecuGen’s flagship optic modules along with PC/SC smart card reader.

FBI certified reader

SecuGen iD USB SC/PIV is an FBI Certified (PIV, FIPS 201, Mobile ID FAP 10 Compliant) fingerprint reader.

Smart capture

Smart Capture enables iD USB SC/PIV’s to capture fingerprints from imperfect and difficult to scan finger surfaces.

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iD-USB SC/PIV Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader
SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV

SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV is a FIPS 201 and PIV compliant multi-factor authentication Device. It comes equipped with SecuGen’s newest U20 fingerprint sensor. It is a fingerprint + smart card reader device, which can be used individually or in combination to set up multifactor authentication. Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV uses a contactless smart card reader and a biometric fingerprint sensor for user identification and authentication purposes.

Maintenance free biometric device

Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV’s optical fingerprint sensor is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration, and electrostatic shock.

Smart capture

It is also equipped with Smart Capture technology for high-quality fingerprint scanning of difficult fingers.

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SecuGen ID USB SC is a USB fingerprint scanner + card reader device, which can be used in dual-factor authentication applications. SecuGen ID USB SC makes use of SecuGen’s highly efficient and rugged fingerprint sensor module SDU03P, which delivers spectacular fingerprint image capture quality. SecuGen ID USB SC’s high-quality fingerprint sensor makes no compromise in durability, and is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration, and electrostatic shock, making USB SC a durable device.

Auto-On™ technology

ID USB SC’s Auto-On™ keeps the device stand-by and instantly turns it on when a finger is placed on the sensor.

Smart Capture™

Smart capture, enables ID USB SC to capture fingerprints from hard-to-scan (such as dry, wet, scarred, etc.) fingers.

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secugen id usb sc
Secugen Hamster Pro Duo CL

SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL

SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL is a Multi-factor Authentication Device, which is equipped with an NFC/contactless smart card reader and SecuGen’s newest U20 fingerprint sensor. This fingerprint + smart card reader device can be used individually or in combination to set up two-factor authentication. It packs SecuGen’s innovative Auto-On and Smart Capture technology. Auto-On turns on the devices as soon as a finger is placed while Smart Capture can even scan difficult fingers.

USB fingerprint scanner

Hamster Pro Duo CL can be connected via its USB connector and does not need an additional power supply.

Sleek and ergonomic design

Hamster Pro Duo CL’s sleek and ergonomic design makes placing and scanning any finger incredibly easy.

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SecuGen iD-Serial

iD-Serial is a SecuGen biometric fingerprint reader that also features a built-in card reader, making it a perfect choice for applications like point of sale (POS), time & attendance, etc. It uses a serial RS-232 interface with an RJ-22 modular jack to provide you maximum flexibility during cable configurations. SecuGen iD-Serial offers a host of features including SecuGen’s legacy and latent technologies. This fingerprint-cum-card reader device can be useful in any application that requires a serial interface.

Serial cable connectivity

SecuGen iD-Serial can connect to your application using a serial cable to use it as a serial card reader.

Patented fingerprint technologies

iD-Serial uses SecuGen’s highly efficient patented technologies that enable the scanner to offer superior performance.

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SecuGen iD-SERIAL Fingerprint Scanner with Card Reader
suprema biomini combo

Suprema BioMini Combo

Suprema BioMini Combo is a fingerprint reader with an integrated smart card reader that can be used in a variety of identification and authentication applications. Its fingerprint sensor conforms to FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 Certified Image Quality specifications. Suprema BioMini Combo brings the power of a smart card reader and biometric fingerprint scanning to one device. It supports both contactless and contact-type smartcards to offer greater flexibility. Deploy as you like: Card, fingerprint, or both for greater security.

Multifactor authentication

It can be equally deployed in general identification/authentication as well as high security federal and FBI applications.

Advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology

LFD Technology allows BioMini Combo to weed out the possibility of fake fingerprint and presentation attacks.

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HID Lumidigm M211

Lumidigm M211 is a high-performance fingerprint scanner that can scan precise fingerprint images with unrivaled accuracy. Equipped with HID Lumidigm’s patented Multispectral Imaging Technology, allows you to scan the finger skin surface and also collect subsurface information underneath it. Lumidigm M211 does not compromise on performance even in extremely challenging scenarios.

Multispectral imaging: scan underneath the skin

Multispectral imaging is HID Lumidigm’s patented technology that makes use of multiple wavelengths of light to capture surface and sub-surface images of a fingerprint.

Immune to environmental challenges

HID Lumidigm M211’s superior fingerprint scanning capabilities can not only address finger skin conditions but also extend to environmental conditions.

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lumidigm m211
SecuGen SDU03P Fingerprint Module

SecuGen SDU03P

SecuGen SDU03P is a fingerprint scanner embedded module (OEM) that offers a host of features and innovative SecuGen technologies. SDU03P offers plug-and-play connectivity via the USB interface and is hot-swappable. It comes with the ability to make a multi-device connection, making it a highly versatile device. SecuGen SDU03P fingerprint sensor module has the platen size of 14.6 mm x 17.9 mm with sensing area expending to 13.2 mm x 15.2 mm.

Easy to integrate

SecuGen SDU03P OEM module can be easily integrated with a variety of applications using SecuGen SDKs.

Highly efficient fingerprint module

SDU03P uses SecuGen’s highly efficient fingerprint optic module, built on time-tested, patented fingerprint technology.

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SecuGen SDU04P

SDU04P is an advanced optical fingerprint sensor module from SecuGen, which uses patented SEIR fingerprint biometric technology. It is considered the most rugged fingerprint sensor in the industry and is used in many fingerprint products of SecuGen including Hamster IV. The use of SecuGen SDU04P dramatically improves the performance of any of their party applications or products. It can scan high-quality fingerprint images at 258 x 336 pixels resolution and 508 DPI pixel density.

Portable and compact fingerprint sensor

SecuGen SDU04P weighs only 32 grams, making it a suitable choice for portability and compactness-oriented applications.

SecuGen technologies

SDU04Pcomes equipped with SecuGen’s homegrown proprietary technologies that are found in its flagship products.

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SecuGen SDU04P Fingerprint Sensor
Lumidigm M310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M310 (M31x)

M310 fingerprint sensor module from Lumidigm is designed to bring the prowess of Lumidigm’s biometric fingerprint technology to 3rd party products and applications. Lumidigm M310 offers a small footprint and is a highly flexible fingerprint scanner embedded module (OEM). It uses Lumidigm’s patented multispectral imaging technology. M310 sports M31x Lumidigm Sensor, which is one of the highly efficient sensors from Lumidigm. This sensor can work in all weather and skin conditions without compromising performance.

Immune to fingerprint spoofing

Liveness detection is extremely crucial for security and Lumidigm M310 makes no compromises at that front.

All-weather performance

Weather and skin conditions do not affect the performance of Lumidigm M310, thanks to the multispectral tech.

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Lumidigm M300 (M30x)

Lumidigm M300 is a fingerprint sensor module that comes loaded with Lumidigm’s patented and award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Multispectral imaging gives the M300 the inherent ability to weed out fake fingerprint attacks and ensure robust liveness detection in any application. The Lumidigm sensor used in M300 is superior in many ways. It can not only capture the friction ridges at surface level but can also capture subsurface information of fingerprints to enhance performance and security.

Enhances fingerprint coverage

Lumidigm M300 can capture fingerprints from dirty, aged, dry, wet, moist, or incorrectly placed fingers.

Next level spoof detection

Spoofs cannot respond to multispectral imaging the way a live finger does, so M300 can quickly spot spoofs.

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Lumidigm M300 Fingerprint Module
Lumidigm V310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm V310 (V31x)

Lumidigm V310 fingerprint sensor module is a highly secure and efficient fingerprint scanner embedded module equipped with Lumidigm’s V31x Sensor. V310 module can be integrated with any system to introduce biometric fingerprint identification and authentication ability. Compact design is one of its highlights. Lumidigm Voyager V310 uses multiple wavelengths of light to collect a fingerprint image. It helps the sensor capture surface fingerprint as well as below the surface fingerprint image. It helps V310 offer the industry’s best liveness detection ability.

All-rounder fingerprinting device

Lumidigm V310 can capture fingerprint images from hard-to-scan fingers and requires minimal maintenance.

Deep skin scanning

Lumidigm V310 can scan fingerprints even if surface features (friction ridges) are worn off, damaged or absent.

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Lumidigm V300 (V30x)

Lumidigm V300 is a fingerprint scanner embedded module that enables developers and manufacturers to introduce fingerprint scanning ability to their products. It offers seamless integration and high-quality fingerprint image capture. It is rated IP65 for ingress protection at platen. Lumidigm V300 greatly reduces integration time and results in high returns on investment. Lumidigm biometric fingerprint sensor modules are known for their high performance and require very low maintenance.

Flexible output options

Lumidigm V300 can be configured to provide different outputs (Match score, fingerprint image, or template).

High performance image capture

Multispectral tech eliminates failure to enroll (FTE) and failure to acquire (FTA) scenarios dramatically.

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lumidigm v300 multispectral biometric sensor

Frequently asked questions about biometric fingerprint scanners

Fingerprint scanning is a common phenomenon. Fingerprint technology is now on your personal computers/laptops, phones, tablets, door locks, and even on cars. Regardless of the widespread deployment of fingerprint biometrics, the underlying technology is still confusing for a layman. Despite the extensive use of fingerprint recognition technology in all different kinds of applications, most people do not quite understand how they work, even those who use them on a daily basis.

There are many misconceptions, curiosity, and doubts about biometric fingerprint technology. And that is in the times when most people cannot spend the day without using the technology (Yes, we are talking about unlocking your phone with a fingerprint).

The way information and communication technology is growing and affecting every facet of life is about to take over your daily routine and accomplish tasks for you.

These futuristic approaches will require a robust and integrated authentication strategy, which should offer the perfect balance of security and convenience. Fingerprint technology has been able to offer that balance in a highly cost-effective way. No wonder, biometric fingerprint is going to play a major role in the future of authentication in information and communication technology.

In this section, we have listed frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by recent adopters as well as existing users of fingerprint technology. It includes operational aspects of the biometric fingerprint scanners as well as technical terms that you may come across while selecting or using a fingerprint solution.

Once you understand how fingerprint technology on your phone, computer, or office scanners works, it will not only change your perspective but also improve your confidence in the technology.

How does a fingerprint scanner work?

All types of biometric fingerprint scanners, regardless of the type and technology used, work by capturing a fingerprint image, extracting unique features, and comparing them with an already registered template. Fingerprint biometric devices may leverage different sensing technologies to capture the image. For example, optical fingerprint scanners make use of visible light to capture fingerprint images with a digital camera. Capacitive fingerprint scanners, on the other hand, use a grid of tiny capacitors to capture the ridge pattern image.

More security-oriented implementations may use ultrasonic sound waves as a sensing mechanism in which, sound waves are projected on the finger skin and the reflected waves are detected to create a fingerprint image. Reflected ultrasonic waves from ridges have a slight difference from reflected waves from valleys. Despite the fundamental differences in the sensing approaches, the main objective of a fingerprint scanner is to acquire a fingerprint image and provide it for enrollment or matching, as the case is.

How fingerprints are stored and compared?

Different fingerprint solutions may leverage different approaches to store fingerprints. However, regardless of the approach, fingerprints are stored in a secure encrypted format, which is virtually impossible to reverse engineer, i.e. to create the original pattern of the fingerprints used for establishing the identity and generating the template.

Standalone biometric fingerprint solutions serving a specific purpose (fingerprint scanner embedded such as fingerprint-based employee time & attendance systems, access control systems, fingerprint locks, etc.) generally come with inbuilt storage capacity. This storage capacity generally ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand fingerprints. Large-scale identification systems such as AFIS can store billions of fingerprints in storage servers.

When a matching request is generated, the system acquires a fresh sample from the user and sends it to the matching algorithm to compare if the sample matches with what is on record. If the sample matches the stored template, access is granted otherwise it is denied.

What are enrollment and verification?

Before making any biometric fingerprint solutions work for you, you need to enroll the target users on the systems so that it recognizes their fingerprints whenever they need to perform identification/authentication. In the process of enrollment, user fingerprints are scanned to create a template, which is stored in the system.

This stored template is invoked and compared whenever the user performs verification. Verification is the process of comparing the newly acquired sample with the stored one to verify an identity claim from the user.

Though our fingerprints are unique, they do not carry any demographic information such as name, age, employee ID, social security number, etc. So during the enrollment process, the user fingerprint captured is linked with the user demographics. For example, your employer enrolling you on an employee time  & attendance system may associate your fingerprints with your employee ID.

Which is more accurate DNA or fingerprints?

DNA and fingerprints are entirely different biometric identification approaches. One requires imaging, which can be done with a simple digital camera-based scanner, the other requires physical samples to be taken through DNA analysis techniques to match with other DNA profiles. Both the modalities are used in many applications, however, forensic investigation is a common application in which both the modalities are extensively used.

DNA is considered to be a highly accurate biometric modality as each individual’s DNA profile is different, which can be used to uniquely identify him/her. Though DNA is extremely accurate, its samples are more prone to contamination, especially in forensic applications, where they can mix with another person’s sample or other material.

While DNA profiling is extremely accurate to tell people apart, fingerprint recognition offers a more practical approach in day-to-day biometric applications such as time & attendance, access control, authentication, etc.

What is latent fingerprint?

Latent fingerprints, as the name suggests, are the fingerprints that can be present (on a surface), but not yet very noticeable. When you touch a surface with bare hands, the natural oil and sweat present on the skin surface leave an impression of friction ridges on the surface touched and that is how latent prints are created.

During a crime scene investigation, forensic experts look for latent prints on different surfaces where suspects might have touched.

Some latent print may become visible by applying simple methods such as casting light on the surface from different angles. Latent prints found on shiny surfaces such as glass, metals, etc. can be made visible using this method. Some latent fingerprints may require specific latent fingerprint development techniques to make them visible. Latent fingerprints present on the porous surface may require more sophisticated techniques to make them visible.

What are the types of fingerprint patterns?

Fingerprints may seem extremely complex to a layman, however, the reality is that there are only a few fingerprint pattern types.  They are categorized into three basic categories: arches, loops, and whorls.

Loops are the most common fingerprint pattern. This fingerprint pattern can be found in almost 60 to 70% of the sampled fingerprints. In this pattern, friction ridges make a backward turn in loops but they do not twist.

Whorls are less common than Loops and are found in approximately 25  to 35% of cases. Some of the ridges in a whorl make a turn through at least one circuit. Therefore any pattern that contains two or more deltas will be a whorl.

Arches are the least common fingerprint pattern and can be found in approximately 5% of cases. In this pattern, friction ridges run continuously from one side of the finger to the other without making any backward turn.

What is FAR and FRR?

Growing numbers of biometric deployment in different applications make it extremely crucial that these systems are able to uphold performance and user expectations.

Before hitting the market, fingerprint solutions as well as other biometric systems go through rigorous testing and performance evaluation. This performance evaluation is done to ascertain that any performance deviations can be found and fixed.

To measure the performance of a biometric system, solution, or application; performance metrics are commonly used by manufacturers and equipment testers. Different metrics can be used for this purpose. The most common performance metrics are the FAR (false acceptance rate) and the FRR (false rejection rate).

FAR is the number of incidents (generally expressed in percentage) in which a biometric system will fallaciously grant access to an unauthorized individual. On the other hand, FRR is the number of incidents in which a biometric system will fallaciously deny access to an authorized person.

How much does a biometric fingerprint scanner cost?

Modality-wise, biometric fingerprint solutions unarguably offer the widest range of devices and stand-alone systems. There are plug-and-play USB fingerprint scanners to highly sophisticated (and expensive) 10-print scanners. The size of fingerprint readers also ranges from tiny mobile and payment card readers to large ten fingerprint scanners. However, it is not just the size of the fingerprint devices that offer this kind of range.

The price of fingerprint scanners also varies greatly as per scanner type, application and specifications. You can grab a basic USB fingerprint scanner to enable biometric login for your computer for as low as $20. On the higher side price can go up to $2000 or more. At the higher end of the price range, there are usually certified 10-print scanners and scanners for specific applications.

What are minutiae?

There are three types of fingerprint patterns: Loops, Whorls, and Arches. This basic level of categorization was done by Edward Henry in the early days of fingerprinting. Today, however, these three basic fingerprint patterns have been further divided into sub-types such as Plain Arch, Tented Arch, Radial Loops, Ulnar Loops, Double Loop, Plain Whorl, Central Pocket Loop Whorl, and Accidental Whorl. While fingerprint patterns are important for identification, there are also more detailed features called minutiae points.

A fingerprint pattern contains minutiae points, core points, ridges, valleys, local features, and global features. Ridges are represented by black lines while valleys are seen as white lines in a typical fingerprint image. The core point is the central area of a fingerprint image, while minutiae points are seen as small lines.

There are mainly eight types of minutiae points in a fingerprint image which are:

  1. Ridge ending
  2. Bridge
  3. Crossover
  4. Dot
  5. Bifurcation
  6. Hook
  7. Delta

Which features of a fingerprint can be used in an identification?

Different features of a fingerprint can be used while establishing the identity of an individual and performing identification/authentication. A biometric fingerprint solution may use an algorithm that makes use of the particular fingerprint features.

Transform-based algorithms typically use two-dimensional Fourier Transforms and Howe Transforms applied to the pixel array representing the fingerprint. The idea is to mathematically transform the image in some way and then compare the coefficients of the transformed images.

Correlation-based methods take into account that fingerprints and their representative matrices obtained from a fingerprint device cannot simply be superimposed due to all the differences.

The matching of two fingerprint images based on numbering, based on the numbering of minutiae and bifurcation points.  Minutia-based methods tend to emulate what forensic experts do.

Are fingerprint scanners reliable?

Today, fingerprint technology-based identification and authentication are used in a variety of applications across different industry types, businesses, government outfits, and institutions. From low-security applications to high-security applications such as financial services, banking, and government security, biometric fingerprint solutions have been accepted as reliable methods of personal identification, authentication, and access control.

In law enforcement applications, fingerprint-based identification of criminals and suspects has been accepted as reliable proof for more than a century. Now when the process of fingerprint identification has been automated with fingerprint solutions, there is no room for human errors. It has resulted in more reliability in biometric fingerprint scanners.

Is fingerprint safer than password?

Password or similar user authentication methods such as PINs, security questions, codes, etc. are based on secret information that is only known to the authorized user. In most cases, users are allowed to create their own passwords, for example, while creating online accounts. However, if passwords, PINs, etc. are simple enough, they can be prone to unauthorized access and hacking attempts with simple guesswork.

Today, most systems require minimum password complexity with numbers and special characters. This enhances security but renders passwords hard to remember. Fingerprint-based user authentication eliminates these issues. The fingerprint is like a complex secret code engraved on your finger and is extremely hard to replicate by others. So yes, the fingerprint is safer than a password.

Which fingerprint scanner is the best?

When you choose to deploy biometric security for your use case, there are several modalities to choose from. If you choose a fingerprint scanner to be your preferred modality, then comes the question: which fingerprint scanner is the best. The answer to this question, however, can be subjective.

The suitability of a fingerprint scanner depends entirely on your use case. For example, if you want to set up a small business with FBI background verification services, it would require an FBI-certified scanner and no ordinary scanner will work in this case. If you just want to secure your home PC, a USB fingerprint scanner would be enough.

Once you have identified the category of the fingerprint scanner (e.g. USB fingerprint scanner, dual finger scanner, ten-print scanner, etc.), it would be wise to go for well-known brands, which offer competitive products and technologies. The best fingerprint scanner for your use case would offer the perfect balance of features, specifications, and your budget.

Why can't my fingerprints be read?

There can be several reasons why your fingerprints can’t be read by a fingerprint device. The scanner platen (sensor surface) or your finger may be dirty. In that case, cleaning the sensor surface and/or your finger will make it work. If the scanner is not able to read the fingerprints of any user, there might be a problem with the scanner. If cleaning does not work, try switching it off and on. If it still does not work, it may be time to call your vendor.

If this problem occurs during the enrollment and the scanner is able to read other users’ fingerprints, but not yours, there are chances that your fingerprint may be in unusable condition. Try removing any dirt, access oil, dampness from finger skin, and try again. If your friction ridges are worn off beyond a level, your fingerprint scanner may not be able to read them.

Does sanitizer affect fingerprints?

Using sanitizer is a good idea before and after using a fingerprint scanner from a hygiene point of view. After the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more crucial to sanitize hands while using a fingerprinting device, if it is shared by many users. Using sanitizer to disinfect your scanner does not affect its performance, however, you have to make sure that you only use a recommended sanitizer.

Alcohol-based sanitizers might affect the moisture level of your finger skin, which in turn may have a slight impact on the performance of your recognition system. However, there is not going to be any dramatic difference in performance as finger skin re-moisturizes itself fairly quickly. It also depends on the type of sensing technology used in your scanner.

If you see noticeable performance hiccups after using alcohol-based sanitizers, you may switch to non-alcohol-based sanitizers.

Can you cheat a fingerprint scanner?

Can fingerprint scanners be fooled? This question does not have an answer in clear yes or no. However, it is extremely hard to cheat a fingerprint scanner, especially when it makes use of modern liveness detection and anti-spoofing techniques.

Experts and ethical hackers have demonstrated fooling fingerprint scanners, face recognition systems, etc. on phones and computers. However, as the technology advances, manufacturers have started leveraging advanced anti-spoofing methods, which are extremely hard to circumvent. A cheap entry-level fingerprint might be vulnerable to spoofing, however, most fingerprint scanners with anti-spoofing will make spoofing attempts futile.

Do twins have the same fingerprints?

In the recorded history of fingerprint matching, no two fingerprints have been found to be the same and the same is also true for twins. Each finger of the human hand carries a different fingerprint pattern. Even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.

Does fingerprint change with age?

Fingerprints are formed during the embryonic development of human beings and they are believed to be fully developed during the sixth month. Friction ridges are developed due to the pressure and friction on the baby’s fingers when the embryo develops in the womb.

Fingerprints, once formed, are permanent and do not change with age. After the birth, the size of the palms and fingers grows bigger as the baby grows, however, the fingerprint pattern remains the same. Fingerprints may wear off due to age, disease, or friction, however, they never change for a person throughout life.

Do police keep fingerprints on record?

Retention of biometric information including fingerprints by police depends on the reason for recording and what the law says about it. In civil applications such as background checks for employment, licensing, etc., there are defined laws on how the agencies should handle fingerprints and other biometric information provided to them.

In the Request for Live Scan Service form, the FBI clearly states: “The FBI may retain your fingerprints and associated information/biometrics in NGI after the completion of this application and, while retained, your fingerprints may continue to be compared against other fingerprints submitted to or retained by NGI.”

It means police may (or may not) keep your fingerprints on record for non-criminal applications. However, if you have been convicted of an offense, police can keep your fingerprints on record indefinitely or as prescribed by local/national law.

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