Fingerprint Background Check and Criminal Screening

Fingerprint background check offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in criminal screening when compared with regular background checks. Today, a number of applications such as employment, immigration, law enforcement, etc. depend on fingerprint background check.

What Does a Fingerprint Background Check Show?

Fingerprint background checks are commonly performed for screening criminal history records. Law enforcement agencies in the United States and many parts of the world use fingerprints as the key to link and maintain criminal records.

For example, Federal Bureau of Investigation has more than 70 million criminal records in its Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). Fingerprint based background checks enable law enforcement agencies to avoid pitfalls of regular background checks performed using demographic details such as name, address, date of birth, social security number, etc.

When it comes to criminal record screening, fingerprint background check is considered being superior to the regular background check due to its immunity against manipulated demographic data. However, both the methods are used widely for performing background checks in different applications.

Fingerprint background checks have been mandated by the government to perform criminal background screening in many applications. However, many organizations rely on demographic data based regular background checks for different background check applications.

Criminal history records maintained by the law enforcement agencies are linked with fingerprints and other biometrics. However, that may not be the case with other types of records such as education, certification, job history, etc. This is where regular background check can help.

For example, certain employment types may be concerned about your public image and may want to know what you post on the social networks. Since this information is not linked with your fingerprint, the only way to perform this kind of background screening is name based search on public domains.

Fingerprinting Vs. Background Check

There is important to understand that fingerprinting does not always mean that a background check is underway. Term “fingerprinting” and “background check” are sometimes used interchangeably to refer background check.

However, fingerprinting may or may not be a part of the background check process. For example, in name-based regular background checks, no fingerprinting is required.

How Far Back Does a Fingerprint Background Check Go?

Fingerprint background check can go pretty far back. Law enforcement agencies in the United States keep records of all arrests and prosecutions, which contain both misdemeanors and felonies taking place in their respective jurisdiction.

If you have been ever been arrested or convicted, it is almost certain that there will be criminal history records within the law enforcement system.

Law enforcement agencies do not delete the criminal records except in special circumstance (such as a court order, national security issue, etc.).

So if you have committed a crime years ago and if it was recorded by a law enforcement agency, chances are that it will be show up in the fingerprint background checks.

Law enforcement agencies may maintain criminal history of an individual throughout his/her life and beyond. However, there are laws how this information should be shared.

For example, when performing criminal background check for employment purposes, only a certain years’ of information is shared with the employer.

Live Scan System Features and Supported Printers

System Features

  • Fingerprint image capture
  • Demographic data entry
  • 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions
  • Type 4 and type 14 images
  • Segmentation and quality check
  • Photograph and signature


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Supported Printers

  • Hewlett-Packard M551
  • Lexmark T640/T642/T644/T650
  • Lexmark C534/C544/C746/C736
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550
  • Dell B5460dn


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More Accurate Than Ever

Fingerprint identification is more than a century old method and now it has matured into a highly precise technology, thanks to the automated fingerprint biometric systems. Fingerprint background check is performed using the highly precise biometric systems that can automatically search a biometric identity from the millions, even billions of records with minimal possibility of error.
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Ideal for Criminal Background Screening

When it comes to criminal background screening, name based background check may not suffice. Criminal identification with demographic data can be prone to forgery and manipulation. Law enforcement agencies maintain criminal records by linking biometric data with them so fingerprint background check is the best way to perform criminal history screening.
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Seamless Criminal Screening

Fingerprint based criminal identification has been a preferred method of law enforcement agencies around the world. These agencies share fingerprint data with the international agencies that makes criminal screening even more seamless and reliable.
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Non-Criminal Screening

Fingerprint background check is great for criminal screening but it does not mean that regular background checks are not useful. In fact, background check with demographics that can do a better and faster job when it comes to non-criminal background screening with details such as name, address, social security number, etc.
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Regular Background Check

Though fingerprinting is considered the “gold standard” for criminal background screening, there are several other situations in which non-criminal background check with demographic data / personal information will do the job. Not all the past records of an individual may be linked with fingerprints, so regular background check has its own importance.
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Accepted Across Agencies

Fingerprint background check is used in different applications and accepted by several agencies in the United States, such as FBI, FINRA, FDLE, ATF, etc. That is not all; there are regulations that mandate the use of fingerprint based background checks across the agencies.
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Fingerprint Background Check vs. Regular Background Check: It’s A Tie!

While fingerprint background checks enable the law enforcement agencies, employers, immigration department, and many more organizations to perform reliable criminal screening, regular background check is also important in many circumstances. Be it employment eligibility checks, OIG background checks or a simple social media screening, regular background check will always be relevant.

When it comes to reliability, fingerprint background checks offer highest level of it in criminal background screening.


Fingerprints are near impossible to manipulate, while demographic details can be easily forged and manipulated.


Fingerprinting requires live scan while regular background check can be performed using dimorphic details.


Along with fingerprint background check, FBI also facilitates NCCP (National Name Check Program), which allows simple name based background checks.

Turnaround Time

Any background check process based on fingerprint takes longer while in most cases regular background check is either instant or takes lesser turnaround time.


Unlike demographics based background screening, fingerprint background checks require usable fingerprints, leaving some individuals out of coverage.

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