Custom Live Scan Software for Your Business

Fingerprinting business start-up? Get Bayometric’s highly cost effective custom live scan fingerprinting software.

Custom Live Scan Software

  • Bayometric’s easy to use live scan fingerprinting equipment offers unmatched return on investment with unrivalled performance.
  • Fulfil your live scan identification requirements with our live scan fingerprinting equipment and grab the fast growing live scan business opportunity.
  • One of the market leading live scan fingerprinting equipment for sale.
  • Remote Installation and training with a year’s support.

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Seize the Growing Live Scan Business Opportunity

Confused over how to start a fingerprinting business? Start with Bayometric’s highly efficient and value for money live scan fingerprinting software and live scan fingerprinting equipment. Easiest and quickest route to live scan fingerprinting business.

Customizable Live Scan Software

Our custom live scan fingerprinting software is so easy to use that you can start right away. All you need is to click that install button and it is ready to use (if you have the regulatory approval). There is no special training required to use it. The software itself guides you through the live scan process and tells you what to do next.

Fingerprint Card Printing Software

Our live scan fingerprinting software can be customized to offer fingerprint card printing functionality which allows you to live scan fingerprints and print them on the respective agency’s fingerprint card. So that you can be prepared for the customers who would rather like to submit their fingerprints with printed cards.

Market Leading Live Scan Equipment

Our live scan fingerprinting machines are sourced from world renowned manufacturing brands that offer top-notch performance without burning a hole in your pocket. Investing on the world’s best live scan fingerprinting equipment saves your business from incidents such as downtime or performance issues.

Easy Demographic Data Entry

Accuracy of demographic data can be a make or break factor in the live scan applications. Bayometric’s live scan fingerprinting software gives due importance to data entry and takes every entry through stringent validation checks, so that there are lesser typing errors leading to lesser numbers of rejections.


Live Scan Fingerprinting Equipment for Sale

Bayometric’s live scan fingerprinting equipment allows you to kick-start your live scan fingerprinting business in quickest possible time.

One solution, many applications

Our customizable live scan fingerprinting software and equipment is certified by the FBI and approved by most other agencies, so that you can offer live scanning services for a variety of organizations.

Submit electronically or print on cards

One software for dual functionality – electronic live scan submissions as well as printing on fingerprint cards.

Supported USB Fingerprint Scanners

Applications and Features

Live Scan Applications

  • Immigration and border control.
  • Background screening for different purposes.
  • Passenger processing at airports.
  • Schools and Healthcare outfits.
  • Regulated organization.
  • Law enforcement agencies.


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Live Scan System Features

  • Customizable to meet your business needs.
  • Can submit fingerprints electronically or print on card.
  • Standard (Type 4) as well as enhanced (type 14) capture.
  • Can perform rolled and flat scans.
  • Stringent quality checks in place.
  • Segmentation of individual fingerprint image.


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User Friendly and Intuitive Live Scan Fingerprinting

  • Customize the software as per to your use case.
  • Allows your customers to get rid of ink and roll led rejections.
  • Market leading live scan fingerprinting equipment.
  • Data encryption for enhanced security and privacy of personal data.
  • One solution to fulfil all your live scan identification requirements.
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Product Description (Software)

A live scan fingerprinting software is a computer application that allows you to access and use the functionality of a live scan fingerprinting equipment (scanner). This software plays an important role as it is responsible for importing fingerprints from your device, processing them, performing quality checks and printing or submitting them electronically. Bayometric’s live scan fingerprinting software is developed keeping all these functionalities in mind.

Our live scan fingerprinting software mainly focuses on quality and user convenience. Its intuitive and friendly user interface will take you through the live scan process without any hiccups. The demographic data entry form includes all the necessary validation wherever required. Field level validations save you from common data entry errors, resulting in reduced chances of application rejection due to demographic data errors.

Bayometric’s live scan fingerprinting software allows you to submit live scan requests to different agencies. It comes equipped with on-screen options to submit your fingerprints to the agency of your choice. It can live scan and submit fingerprints for agencies such as FBI, FINRA, ATF, FDLE, CCDF, DoJ and more. Our software performs segmentation on individual fingerprint and stringent quality checks before creating the ETFS file to submit.

In Bayometric’s live scan systems, stringent quality checks are built in, which means that your fingerprint images are thoroughly checked for quality before they are processed further. This makes sure that only the images that fulfil stringent quality criteria are sent to the agency of your choice. Ensuring quality beforehand helps our live scan systems and the users to avoid any quality related issues that may arise after submitting the live scan application.

Product Description (Hardware)

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10 is a 10-print optical live scanner, which adheres to stringent image quality requirements prescribed by FBI’s Appendix F. This live scan fingerprinting equipment is also approved by other regulatory and law enforcement agencies to submit fingerprints.

RealScan G10 is a perfect blend of Suprema’s excellence in fingerprint biometrics and innovative technologies that make it stand apart. RealScan G10 can perform flat (4-finger slaps and 2 thumbs) as well as rolled (single finger/thumb) scans, which is a common requirement across different agencies. RealScan G10 makes no compromise when it comes to security, thanks to its machine learning powered liveness detection mechanism that can detect spoofs made of rubber, glue, film, silicone, paper, etc.

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Kojak is a highly compact FBI Appendix F certified 10-print live scanner from Integrated Biometrics. Kojak’s compactness stems from its LES film based sensor technology, which is way compacter than traditional prism based sensors.

Kojak comes equipped with some of the innovative technologies that are hard to find in 10-print live scanners from other brands. LES sensor allows this live scan fingerprinting equipment to offer immunity against fake fingerprint attacks. Since the LES film sensor only activates when it comes in contact with living human skin’s conductivity, it rules out any possibility of performance issues due to latent prints left by previous users. Kojak can endure harsh operating conditions and scan fingerprints even if finger skin in visibly imperfect.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Software: Everything You Need To Know

What is a custom live scan fingerprinting software?

A custom live scan fingerprint software is a live scan software that is designed and developed to meet your specific live scan business requirements. Contrary to an off-the-shelf software solution, in which you have to adjust your requirements or workflow as per the features provided in the software, custom software is developed and designed keeping existing workflow and user requirements in mind, so that it does not affect the existing workflow. Custom live scan software aims to meet particular user preferences and expectations about the software.

What is live scan identification requirements?

You need to have the required equipment and approval to become a live scan service provider. A live scan fingerprinting software and a certified fingerprinting equipment are the basic building blocks for to starting a fingerprinting business. You also need to have a computer, on which you can install the live scan fingerprinting software. A digital signature pad is also used to capture customer signature electronically. Other than that, internet connectivity is required for data transfer.

It is always advisable to have a physical location to start a fingerprinting business, however, if you have all required equipment and connectivity on the go, you can also start as a mobile live scan fingerprinting service provider.

How to become a live scan provider?

Once you all the bits and pieces for starting your fingerprinting business, the next step is to complete the formalities with the law enforcement and regulatory agencies to grab your live scan business opportunity.

In some jurisdictions, such as California Department of Justice, you may need to go through the DoJ’s Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program (FRCP) before you can process the fingerprinting requests from the applicants. If your Application for Certification form (BCIA 8372) review is successful DoJ will send you the certificate along with an approval letter.

Different agencies may have slightly different requirements to check your eligibility before they allow you to start as a fingerprinting provider. It is done to grant your fingerprint systems a secure access to the agency’s systems and to check your eligibility to securely handle personal information of applicants.

Custom Live Scan Software for Your Business

Turn your live scan fingerprinting business idea to reality with our custom live scan fingerprinting software tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Finest live scan equipment

Our custom live scan fingerprinting software comes with the market leading fingerprinting hardware to offer unrivalled efficiency and accuracy. That’s not all, you are free to upgrade your live scan fingerprinting equipment as and when you want.

Reliable Performance

We at Bayometric understand that how important the performance of a live scan fingerprinting software can be during the demanding situations. We have developed our software keeping such challenging situations in mind. Our custom live scan software can keep up with high volume back to back live scan scenarios without breaking a sweat.

Choose the features you want

Being a custom solution, our live scan software is designed as per your requirements. We can add new features and functionalities in our custom live scan fingerprinting software to have it well adjusted to your specific business requirements.

Bayometric assurance

Bayometric is one of the leading custom live scan fingerprinting software and hardware providers with global footprint. Our software and FBI certified live scan hardware meet all regulatory requirements for live scan applications across different agencies in the United States and beyond.

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Success Stories

Bayometric’s tried and trusted fingerprint identification technology has been seamlessly incorporated into various existing security environments, providing unmatched security solutions to customers in different verticals world-over.

Ultimate Defense choose Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan

Ultimate Defense chooses Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software for ATF eForm 4 processing for the transfer of firearms and other NFA items.

Buffalo Valley Arms Picks Bayometric’s Fingerprint Scanner

Buffalo Valley Arms an FFL dealer based in Moran WY, picks Bayometric’s NFA-approved fingerprint scanner.

Scaled Composites Adopt Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission

Scaled Composites LLC adopted Bayometric’s Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system for employees’ security clearance.

Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Inkless Fingerprinting

Otter Tail County sheriff’s office adopts Bayometric’s live scan software for inkless fingerprint processing.

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