Attendance of Government Employees

Bor Country State government employees are using this system for attendance and also while collecting their paychecks.


The client, Government of Bor Country, Jonglei State, Central Sudan faced a peculiar problem – some employees were logging-in their attendance multiple times into the system and deceiving the system into paying more than what was due to them. The task of manually entering employee attendance records was time consuming and prone to errors resulting in a loss to the treasury. By using Bayometric’s award winning products, the client was able to switch over to biometric attendance system and realize considerable savings.

“The new system is very fast”, says a government spokesperson. “It is extremely stable and we have not had to have a single support call. Under the old system, records were entered manually, leading to instances of over utilization of time and resources.”

The Business Need

Faced with mounting man hour losses and staggering wage bills, the Government of Bor Country, in its capacity as an employer, felt the need to do something about its outdated employee attendance system.

“The need to upgrade the attendance process was felt when the government realized that some employees were registered multiple times and managing proper employee records for Payroll and other purposes was extremely essential.”

Another problem was duplication of entries found in the old manual system of records maintained by the government. It was found that some employees were manipulating the system by fudging attendance records for the purpose of collecting multiple payments from government exchequer. The manual system had an uncomfortably large margin for error and needed a change.

The government looked at a number of solutions to ensure no employee got paid more than once.

“With more than 10,000 users, the government wanted a system that was fast, effective and could be linked to their central payroll accounting system without any hassles.”

What our clients say

“Bayometric’s system is aimed at cutting costs, reducing instances of fraud, identifying employees correctly and keeping accurate record. This ensures that the right amount is paid to the right employee and making sure that no employee gets paid more than once.”- Government Spokesperson

The Solution

Bayometric’s fingerprint identification solution is perfect, says a spokesperson. “The government of Bor Country has more than 10,000 employees on its payrolls, so without a biometric attendance system like the one provided by Bayometric it would be difficult for us to monitor the attendance status of our employees. At the same time, the government has a centralized database where all records are kept doing away with duplication of entries.”

Bayometric’s sophisticated fingerprint login system and high quality optical scanner allows both the government and employees to measure their productivity. “Either party can see, for example, how many hours of work have really been during in a timeframe, such as a month.”

Our biometric attendance system prevents tampering of employee attendance records as it uses state-of-the-art fingerprint identification system that uses the latest biometric fingerprint technology to provide accurate identification of every employee logging into the system.

Because the system has been linked with the payroll accounting system, employees are using this system for collecting their paychecks. “In order to collect paychecks at the end of the month, employees need to put their fingerprint in the scanner to be identified, ensuring only the right amount is paid to the right employee and making sure no employee gets paid more than once.”

At the center of this state of the art attendance recording system is Bayometric’s fingerprint identification software (Touch N Go) which matches captured fingerprint data against all captured employee fingerprint data and displays the result of the match along with the facial image and personal identification of the employee (if there is a successful match).

Besides great functionality, what is really impressive about the software is its “user friendliness”. No reading lengthy manuals, no getting up to speed in areas that aren’t your specialty, no time wastages or cost overruns – Bayometric’s fingerprint based time and attendance software helps you concentrate on things you do best.

Using the employee clock-in / clock-out system, employers can check what time employees login and what time they log out. It also helps in understanding the workflows by providing information on who is in the system and where they are.

Business Benefits Achieved

More than 10,000 people have been properly integrated into the system with excellent results. The new system is both fast and effective and the client has had an extremely seamless experience. Employees records are kept in a secure encrypted database which is used for providing real time identification (1: N) of every individual belonging to the group.

There is a perceptible shifting of focus towards new technologies to usher in better governance. In this scenario the role of biometric technologies becomes very important because it offers a lot for governments looking for change. Fingerprint based biometric technology is ideal for applications in the government/military vertical for better governance.

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