Fingerprint Access Control System

International School Uses Bayometric’s Fingerprint Access Control System to Enhance Security


An International Montessori School in the US implemented Bayometric’s fingerprint based Biometric Access Control System in order to enhance safety measures. With students from age five to twelve, officials at the school identified that a fool-proof security system was essential. With a safe and reliable system in place for children, the school can now focus on growth and development of the students.


The school sought to install a biometric based access control system for its premises to provide access only to authorized personnel during normal working hours of the school. However, during drop-off and pick-up hours there had to be a provision to automatically unlock the doors as teachers supervise the entry and departure of kids, and meet parents. Therefore, the access control system had to be capable of ‘auto-unlock’ during pick-up and drop-off hours. Besides, unlike traditional school timers, the system had to have a ‘disable function’ which ensured that doors did not open automatically on weekends and other public holidays.

The device, meant to be installed at the main gate, was to be used by children, teachers and parents. Hence, it had to be compatible across all age groups.Additionally, as it would be installed outdoors, it needed to be sturdy and weather-resistant.

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Bayometric’s Nitgen Fingkey Access Control was the perfect solution to handle these requirements of the school. This access control device is IP65 rated. The IP65 rating implies that the device is water- and dust-proof, making it suitable for outdoor use. The device is also equipped with Live Finger Detection (LFD) which detects the use of fake fingers made from silicone, rubber, play-doh, etc.

The device comes with Access Manager Software for Access & Attendance management. A salient feature of Access Manager Software is the ‘TimeZone Control’ feature which allows you to deny or grant access to the premises during specific times. Thus, during weekends and public holidays, the school can enable the main door to be locked at all times.


A user’s fingerprint is registered on the central computer using a USB fingerprint scanner (FingKey Hamster II). These fingerprints are stored in the Access Manager Pro time and attendance software. Having defined access privileges for each user, this information is sent to all access controlterminals.

When the user wants to entera particular area, he places his finger on the Nitgen Fingkey Access Control terminal installed at the door. Theterminal, in turn, sends a wiegand signal to the controller which accordingly unlocks the door or keeps it locked. The controller, used as an intermediary device, has the ability to automatically unlock the door in case of any emergencies.

Time Zone Feature

‘Time Zone Control’ feature is one of the most important features of the Access Manager Software. A timezone is a pre-defined period of time (which can be split up into minutes, hours or days) to control or enable access toindividuals. This feature has an ‘opened’ function, which means that the door is always ‘open’ or ‘unlocked’ during a particular time zone. Thus, for the drop-off and pick-up hours, the school can schedule the device to be on the ‘opened’ mode enabling the school doors to be open or unlocked at that time.

The time zone also features an ‘access denied’ function, which, when turned on, denies access to a particular area during the pre-defined time span. This feature also facilitates denial of access during a pre-defined holiday period. This ensures that doors remain closedduring weekends, public holidays and vacations. In case a fire breaks out during the ‘access denied’ period, the fire control system raises an event that kills power to the device and opens the door.


Installed on the main doors of the premises, the system grants access to authorized personnel only. Further, a scheduler ensures that the doors are automatically unlockedduring pick-up and drop-off hours. The Time Zone feature enables the school to restrictaccess during holidays. Further, LFD recognizes fake fingerprints, thereby keeping impostors out. Since fingerprints are stored in an encrypted template, there is no possibility of duplication. Nitgen Fingkey Accessis non-intrusive, simple to use and easy to install device. This sturdy device is suitable for outdoor spaces. Not only can school officials monitor attendance through this device but also create a safe environment for students overall. Finally, the benefits enjoyed from this long-term investment will be higher than the cost of manual access control measures.

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