Live Scan Fingerprinting Software for Employment Background Check

Live scan fingerprinting allows you capture and submit highly precise digital fingerprint images to meet your employee background check needs. Live scan is not only easier and efficient but also results in faster turnaround time.

What is Criminal Background Check for Employment?

A pre-employment background check includes but not limited to the comprehensive review of the financial records, education records, employment history, criminal record or any other past component of an individual that can potentially pose a risk to the employer, other employees or the organizational assets and resources.

The activity of background check is not specific to jobs or employments only but can be performed in many circumstances. For example, to buy a new house, cross an international border, for approvals in some financial services, to buy a firearm, etc., you may have to go through a background check process.

Employee background check is crucial to safeguard the organization, resources and people from potential threats that may be posed by people with criminal background. Performing the background check before assigning duties or granting access to resources can save you from many unforeseen and undesirable incidents that may arise later.

Employment Background checks generally involve verification of personal  details, education, employment history, motor vehicle report, credit history, arrests and prosecutions, medical history, drug screening, etc.

Some employers may even go deeper and consider checking what you post on social media, your social and professional network on websites and your online activity on public platforms.

Criminal background check for employment can be performed with live scan fingerprinting, in which your fingerprint images are captured and processed using a live scan equipment.

These images are then sent to the concerned law enforcement or regulatory agency to look up any past criminal records associated with the captured fingerprints.

Some law enforcement and regulatory agencies also accept ink based fingerprint impressions made on fingerprint cards. Ink based fingerprint impressions are easy to capture, however, they are not free from pitfalls.

Unlike live scan fingerprinting, ink fingerprinting does not and cannot involve automated quality checks, so there is no way to make sure that ink impressions are good enough to be submitted. They may seem visibly good, but may still get rejected.

Live Scan System Features and Supported Printers

System Features

  • Fingerprint image capture
  • Demographic data entry
  • 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions
  • Type 4 and type 14 images
  • Segmentation and quality check
  • Photograph and signature


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Supported Printers

  • Hewlett-Packard M551
  • Lexmark T640/T642/T644/T650
  • Lexmark C534/C544/C746/C736
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550
  • Dell B5460dn


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live scan fingerprint image capture

Error Free and Speedy Capture

When criminal background check for employment is done with live scan, it dramatically expedites the process and you get the results faster. It also improves the chances of your application getting accepted by the agency. Ink based fingerprint capture can be prone to errors and have higher probability of your application getting rejected due to unusable fingerprint impressions.
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Avoid Pitfalls of Ink Fingerprinting

A lot can go wrong when you make ink impressions on fingerprint cards. Even if your impressions are visibly good, there can be missing details, which can be important for fingerprint analysis. Ink based impressions made on fingerprint cards elevate the chances of rejection of your background check application due to quality issues.
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pitfalls of ink fingerprinting
accurate background check


Law enforcement agencies use automated systems for fingerprint matching, if there are any missing details, background check request will be automatically rejected by the system. Background check for job with live scan fingerprinting is not only highly accurate but can also keep the user fingerprints secure throughout the process, something that is not possible in manual capture.
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Highly Precise

Live scan fingerprinting uses advanced digital image capture and processing mechanism, which results in highly precise fingerprint images. The digital images of user fingerprints are captured with superior high resolution sensors, which is not possible in traditional ink based fingerprinting.
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precise background check
fast background check

Fast and Effortless

Live scan fingerprinting is not only fast but also effortless. All it needs is placing a finger on the sensor surface of the live scan equipment and fingerprints are scanned automatically. Generally, it takes a single attempt to scan rolled or flat prints, unlike ink and roll, which may take multiple attempts to get a good quality fingerprint impression.
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Comply With Background Check Laws

Employment background check laws can be confusing. Employment background check usually takes place before hiring a candidate, however, it may also take place during the employment or periodically. For example, some employment types may require you to go through drug screening periodically. Live scan fingerprinting allows employers to easily comply with employment background check laws be it any employment type.
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Easy and Reliable Criminal Background Check for Employment

Easily comply with employment background check laws applicable in your jurisdiction and safeguard your workplace, people and resources from undesirable events with employee background check in advance.

Pre-employment background checks performed using live scan follows a highly precise mechanism to maintain accuracy throughout the process. Higher accuracy results in higher possibility of your application’s acceptance by the agency.

Easy to Use

Pre-employment background check is easy to perform with live scan and returns faster results than ink based fingerprint submissions. It is not only easy for the user to provide fingerprints but also for the operator to capture prints.

Built in Quality Check

Before finalizing a fingerprint image to submit for criminal background check for employment, Bayometric’s live scan system performs thorough quality checks to make sure that only the highest quality images are submitted for the purpose.

Highly Secure

When background check for job is performed using live scan fingerprinting, it ensures high level of data security throughout the process. From image capture to transmission to the agency, data stays in the encrypted form. Data encryption makes sure that user privacy can be protected in any undesirable event.

Fingerprint Image Segmentation

Fingerprint images for employment background check are captured through an important process called image segmentation, which separates fingerprint image’s foreground from its background. Since image foreground is the fingerprint pattern itself, efficiency of segmentation can be crucial for any live scan system.

Demographic Data Entry

Criminal background check for employment is not just about fingerprint submission. Applicant has to provide accurate demographic data for the process to work. Bayometric’s live scan software solution comes equipped with a demographic data entry module to acquire and submit demographic data.

Just some of our happy clients

``The Bayometric Software is a nice piece of software... but the people behind this software really made the difference for me. I was totally blown away by the level of communication and the amount of time your team worked with me personally on this project. You were more concerned with fitting a solution that would work for me than making a sale. I give you guys 5 stars and a two thumbs up!``- Tommy Trucks; Sign Master