International Background Check for Employment

A large numbers of students and job seekers head to international destinations to grab better opportunities in education and employment. Thus, however, without international background check employing candidates can be a risky affair.

International Background Check for Job

As the world turns to be a global village, a large number of people move to other countries to pursue education, employment and better life. This benefits both, the job seekers as well as the businesses as they get more diverse workforce. However, it raises the question of background check for job.

International background check for employment may seem intimidating at first glance. Verifying educational records, criminal history of a candidate from another country may not be an easy task, especially when the target country has more protective employment background check laws.

F1 Student Background Check

F1 student visa is a type of student visa for pursuing an academic program or a language course in an educational institute approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program, Immigration & Customs Enforcement in the United States. F1 is a non-immigrant student visa, which means it is not for meant for permanent migration. However, F1 student background check is performed before issuing this visa.

F1 student background check not only includes background check for international students but also more details profiling that includes online activities and personal interview to determine the student’s eligibility for the visa. F1 background check for international students is a common process for checking visa eligibility of overseas students.

Background Check on a Foreigner

The process of international background check for employment start with standard background checks as stated in your background check policy designed in compliance with local employment background check laws.

Standard background checks for employment generally include criminal background checks, verification of educational qualification / other credentials, verification of past employments, etc.

Some job types, such as commercial driver, delivery drivers, etc. in which driving a commercial vehicle is the job profile, may also require additional Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) review.

If a candidate fails the standard background checks, the story ends here. However, if he/she passes the, international background check for employment is the next step to take.

If the candidate has shown education or work experience of another country, performing international criminal record check along with education and other credentials becomes essential.

There are organizations specialized in international criminal background check and they can do the job for a fee. These agencies can perform international criminal record check, verification of identity claims, and verification of educational records as well as the credentials.

International background check agencies have professionals and contacts with different countries around the world. They also have access to international databases where they can verify the information claimed by the candidates.

Duration of the Process

Owing to the easy availability of live scan centers and online submissions facility, turnaround time for domestic background checks has reduced dramatically. International criminal background check, however, can be an entirely different story. The countries with better infrastructure and cooperative stance in this regard, the turnaround time for international criminal record check may take less than a week.

However, countries with more protective employment background check laws and/or poor infrastructure can take several weeks. Underdeveloped countries in which criminal and other records are still not very organized / digitized can even take longer.

Live Scan System Features and Supported Printers

System Features

  • Fingerprint image capture
  • Demographic data entry
  • 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions
  • Type 4 and type 14 images
  • Segmentation and quality check
  • Photograph and signature


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Supported Printers

  • Hewlett-Packard M551
  • Lexmark T640/T642/T644/T650
  • Lexmark C534/C544/C746/C736
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550
  • Dell B5460dn


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International Background Check for Employment

When it comes to international background check for employment, you need to go extra mile beyond your standard background checks. Service providers specialized in international background check for employment can ensure that you are not defrauded in the name of international experience.
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Background Check for International Students

Background check for international students can be complex. Verifying the validity educational certificates and educational claims of students arriving from a foreign land is a complex but important task. F1 student background check makes this complex task possible.
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International Criminal Record Check

Criminal background screening in domestic scenario takes live scan fingerprinting and submission to the FBI or your local law enforcement agency. However, in case of international criminal record checks, it is not that straightforward. Professionals in this field have contacts as well as access to the law enforcement agencies in the other countries to perform international criminal record check.
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Technology Powered Background Verification

Owing to the information and communication technology, it has become possible to conduct background check for international students as well as international background check for employment just by sitting on your desk.
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Protects Interests of Organizations and Employees

International background check for employment protects interests of the eligible candidates as well as the organizations hiring the candidates with international experience. International background check enables organizations to put their trust on the international workforce.
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Protects Interests of Students

Top educational institutes have limited seats and it can be highly competitive to get enrolled. Background check for international students ensures the enrolment only of the students, who are eligible for it. That is not all; background check for international students also paves the way for future employees with verified educational credentials.
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International Background Check Is the Way Forward

Now it is possible to make sure that your potential employees with international experiences possess all the skills, education, experience and credentials mentioned in their resume. Do away with guesswork and call up the international background check for employment agencies now.

International background check for employment may not be as fast as domestic background screening, but it is now faster than ever.


By conducting International background checks on candidates lived and worked overseas, you also ensure security of your resources.


Agencies providing international background check services have expertise in this area and offer reliable screening of candidates.


It does not take much to manipulate degrees certificates, credentials and experience certificates. International background check makes the agency conducting it accountable.


Not complying with local background screening regulations may attract regulatory action. International background checks help you stay complaint.


International background check allows you to make informed decisions about an important position being filled by a candidate with overseas experience/education.

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