Fingerprint Powered Employee Attendance

HIPR picks Bayometric’s Touch N Go fingerprint SDK for employee time and attendance management.


Founded in 2013, HIPR is a US based IT and BPO services firm with presence in multiple cities in the United States and Taiwan. Having multi-location presence in the U.S. and office in Taiwan, HIPR is on its way to become a global technology company. Being a young technology firm, it looks to implement innovative solutions to solve problems.

This case study takes a deeper look on how HIPR transformed its employee check in and out process using Bayometric’s highly efficient fingerprint identification software.

The Business Need

With IT Consultancy, Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing as its core services, HIPR manages a diverse, seasoned workforce of professionals to meet the ever-growing business demands. Workforce time and attendance management at HIPR was done using an in-house employee check in / check out software.

HIPR’s employee check in / check out software is a browser-based web application. In order, for an employee to check in and out, one has to login to the application by providing a valid user ID / password and the software records the time stamps. Functionality-wise, employee check in / check out software was quite capable and did its job perfectly. Despite that HIPR management was experiencing some anomalies in the process, largely due to the user ID / password based authentication system that they used for their employee time and attendance management software.

  • Process of turning on workstations until they are ready to run the attendance application, can take several minutes. Employees had to wait until the computers were ready for launching the web browser and running employee time and attendance software. It was not justified to not to count employee time due to system related wait.
  • User ID / password could also be shared with others, resulting in payroll inefficiencies and costing company money for the time not worked.
  • These were some of the apparent issues along with underlying inefficiencies in password-based authentication approach. Password-based authentication is already infamous for providing mediocre information security. Passwords can be shared, guessed, even cracked, being a weak link in account security.

What our clients say

“Our company started off with only a basic idea of implementing a fingerprint check-in system for our employees. We found the Touch N Go blog posts an excellent primer for understanding the basics of biometric identification on both the hardware and software side. We signed up for the Touch N Go demo while continuing to survey other fingerprint SDKs. We looked into other low level SDK but the Touch N Go demo looked like a smoother implementation and their site highlighted the simplicity of their system.The process of purchasing our fingerprint scanner and getting setup on the trial software was made infinitely easier by some of the best customer service I have ever received. The sample applications served as a great reference for implementing the framework in our own design. Interfacing with the framework was easy and worked as intended without customization. Nearly all my time developing our application was unrelated to biometrics, since Touch N Go simply worked right out of the box. Touch N Go has unequivocally earned our business in the future.”- Grady Congdon, IT Specialist

The Solution

Though HIPR’s web based employee time and attendance software was working fine, it was the vulnerabilities of authentication process that were open for exploitation. The company started brainstorming if they could fix it without changing the core functionality of the employee check in and out process. IT Specialists at HIPR started testing different implementation approaches and tried out many low-level fingerprint SDKs to integrate fingerprint-based authentication systems, through which employees could scan their fingerprints at a single place and their attendance gets marked.

After trying out different implementation approaches using different SDKs, HIPR finally selected Bayometric’s highly efficient Touch N Go fingerprint SDK. Since IT specialists at HIPR had tried out many other SDKs available in the market, they particularly liked Touch N Go for its efficiency and ease of integrating fingerprint authentication functionality with their existing system.

Business Benefits Achieved

Being in information technology business, decision makers at HIPR knew exactly what they wanted when it came to overhaul the authentication process of their employee web-based check in / check out software. They did their best research on available fingerprint SDKs in the market before finalizing one.

When all integration and testing was done, it did not take long for benefits of new fingerprint implementation to emerge. The most apparent ones are listed below:

  • Attendance became easy and instant, just the touch of a finger and done. No more waiting for workstations to boot up and logging in to the software application with time consuming password entry. Employee check-in and out process became as efficient as it should have been in the first place.
  • No more unauthorized access to the employee check in / check out software with shared credentials.
  • Improved overall security of the system.
  • Saved time due to quick attendance processes and logging of accurate time for employees check in and out.
  • Reduced cost due to elimination of password policy, password reset calls and related procedures.
  • Improved payroll efficacy owing to precise attendance data, elimination of fake clock in / clock out attempts.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction due to instant and precise capture of employee clock in and clock out timings.

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