Fingerprint for DMIT Test Software

Fingerprint scanner integration with DMIT test software for dermatoglyphics analysis at ThumbRule.


DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) is a technology that records and studies fingerprint data to draw a psychometric profile of an individual. The information drawn from this test can be used to guide the individual to a path that will lead to self-actualization. Unlike palmistry, which is largely speculative, the science behind DMIT is backed with research findings and observations gleaned from more than seven million case studies.

Our client ThumbRule has pioneered the concept of Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence (DMI) Testing in Indian education field, is in the forefront of the mission to help every individual and child discover his true inborn potential, and help him achieve success and happiness in life. They use dermatoglyphics (science of analyzing finger prints) to study inborn intelligence of an individual.

This case study corresponds to ThumbRule’s specific requirements about integration of fingerprint scanner for DMIT test software and Bayometric’s endeavour to achieve this.

The Business Need

The success of DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) depends upon the quality of the fingerprints recorded. For many years, paper and ink have been used for this process. However, this method falls short when it came to quality and details. Despite being very careful, there is a lot can go wrong with making fingerprint impressions using ink. Details that are important for Dermatoglyphics analysis may be missed out owing to many behavioral and out of control factors that can take place while capturing fingerprints using ink.

To capture a usable fingerprint impression, which carries enough details for dermatoglyphics analysis software is highly challenging when done with ink and paper. A lot of care has to be taken to make it right. Layer of ink stain has to be just perfect so that when the impression is made, it does not overlap details nor miss out any. Sometimes, even if ink based fingerprint impressions look perfect, they may still get rejected as there can be uncultured minute details that could be important in terms of DMIT.

Client inconvenience associated with the ink based manual fingerprint impressions can be an important factor for business growth. Unless the person going through DMI test feels comfortable and assured throughout the process, he/she can be hesitant to recommend the test for others, affecting the business growth.

Moreover, capturing fingerprint with ink was quite messy, cumbersome and time consuming. The client wanted a data capturing method that would be quick and efficient.

Recording accurate fingerprints is fundamental to the science of studying of fingerprints. The fingerprint data captured must be clear, distinct and accurate. The data should also be storable for a long period of time. Before the advent of the fingerprint scanners, all recordings were cumbersome because of their manual and dated nature.

Our client wanted the best system of recording fingerprints as it wanted to leverage its expertise in its chosen field. The fingerprint samples collected using the ink and paper technology led to a bad quality prints. Here, it is important to understand the importance of collecting 100% accurate fingerprint data in order to make accurate inferences. Inaccurate data leads to false results and time consumed in getting the fingerprint data recorded again.

What our clients say

“I would recommend Bayometric scanners as a reliable and efficient device for any business”- ThumbRule Spokesperson

The Solution

ThumbRule wanted a solution that could seamlessly integrate and work with their existing DMIT test software. After careful study of the specific requirement of the process workflow, and ruling out any side effects on their process, Bayometric suggested the use of a biometric fingerprint scanner for DMIT test and image capture API.

The solution was successfully integrated using a highly efficient and rugged fingerprint scanner for DMIT test and image capture API in their business model and have been working perfectly for them. It has been more than five years and the same solution have been working well despite varying requirements, new updates and upgrades in the system as well as the process workflow.

All the issues and loopholes associated with their previous system of fingerprint image capture are now gone. The ruggedness of the device and the ability to capture clear images even from difficult-to-read fingerprints have made the solution integral part of their process. The management as well as dermatoglyphics experts are impressed with the performance and ease of use of the system.

Business Benefits Achieved

Management as well as the workforce are highly satisfied with the quality of the data captured and the functionality of the device used for capturing data. The client is extremely pleased with the data capturing format as it has allowed them to concentrate on their core expertise which is DMIT rather than entangling and wasting time in just fingerprint capture.

Following are the key business benefits achieved with the Bayometric supplied solution for DMIT test software:
  • High quality data captured every time
  • Scanner captures data even from wet, rough hands
  • Lower rejection of scans due to clear images, which saves time and effort
  • Does not get affected due to environmental factors and the performance does not fluctuate
  • Data compressed into digital format, making it possible for producing multiple copies
  • Digital data can be stored for a long time
  • No chemicals used; easy for the subject as well as the operator
  • USB fingerprint scanner for DMIT test is portable; can be carried everywhere
  • No need of special training for capturing data
  • The scanner is rugged and expected to last for a long time

When asked about the advantages of using Bayometric supplied fingerprint scanning solution, we received several admirations from the management and operators with the company. Here are some of the responses:

“Lower rejection of scans due to clear images, which saves time and effort”

“Functions well with our in-house software”

“The system is user friendly and reliable; we can safely say this with our 5 years’ experience”

The Bayometric supplied fingerprinting solution has been successfully integrated using an image capture API in our DMIT test software. The solution has proven to be efficient, accurate and cost effective and they are satisfied with its performance.

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