Live Scan Fingerprinting for Criminal Background Check

Criminal background check is a crucial prerequisite in many employment, licensure, border control, etc. activities. Our live scan software offers best criminal background check performance and accuracy no matter what your purpose is.

What is Criminal Background check?

Criminal background check, as the name implies, is the process of checking past records of an individual for any criminal or unlawful activity. Criminal history background check can be crucial to scrutinize potential incidents that may pose risk to people, assets or resources.

For example, in many jobs, criminal background check for employment in a mandatory process before an individual can be hired on a certain position. Employment types that include custody of financial assets, selling insurance, old age homes, child care, healthcare, etc. that give an individual access to vulnerable population or resources, requires a criminal history background check.

Law enforcement is the first and the oldest application of fingerprint biometrics and its history dates back to 19th century. Fingerprint biometrics in law enforcement applications has been used for the identification of criminals, crime scene investigations, forensics, criminal history background check, criminal background check for employment, etc. Background check with fingerprints is considered superior than background checks with dimorphic details.

Local, state as well as national level law enforcement agencies maintain criminal history records of their jurisdiction. These criminal history records or “rap sheet”, as it is generally referred to, include all incidents of arrests and prosecutions. Law enforcement agencies have been using fingerprint biometrics to maintain criminal history records.

Using dimorphic information such as name, date of birth, address, etc. have proved to be inefficient as it may lead to errors and redundancy. Criminal history records associated with fingerprints work like a single key to confirm positive identity of an individual.

Since the law enforcement agencies are the custodian of criminal history records, they offer criminal background check services for civil purposes such as employment, licensure, etc. People can submit their fingerprints to the law enforcement agency concerned and the agency will return your rap sheet as per their service delivery schedule.

Requirement of criminal history background check is usually generated from the organization or company that needs it. For example, your employer may require you to go through criminal history background check before hiring you, which is provided to a third party criminal history background check service provider. These third party service providers have all necessary equipment to live scan your fingerprints and to submit your application for criminal background check online.

The process of criminal background check may search national, federal, and/or state databases to report information about a candidate’s criminal history, such as violent crimes, criminal convictions, sex crimes, felony convictions and any pending criminal cases.

Live Scan System Features and Supported Printers

System Features

  • Fingerprint image capture
  • Demographic data entry
  • 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions
  • Type 4 and type 14 images
  • Segmentation and quality check
  • Photograph and signature


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Supported Printers

  • Hewlett-Packard M551
  • Lexmark T640/T642/T644/T650
  • Lexmark C534/C544/C746/C736
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550
  • Dell B5460dn


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live scan fingerprint image capture

Flawless Fingerprint Capture

Fingerprints captured with live scan fingerprinting produces impeccable quality images that meets the image quality requirements as prescribed by the law enforcement agencies. Live scan fingerprinting is the best criminal background check method to submit your fingerprints.
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All-In-One Solution

Live scan systems offer flexibility to submit your fingerprints to the agency of your choice. Be it a local, state or national criminal background check, live scan fingerprinting systems can live scan and submit for the agency chosen by you.
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background check complete solution
rolled and flat fingerprint image

Rolled and Flat Fingerprint Capture

Most criminal history background check applications require rolled as well as flat fingerprint images of all fingers and thumbs. Live scan fingerprinting enables you to capture both the types of fingerprint images without compromising on the quality or efficiency.
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Intuitive and Incredibly Easy to Use

Background check is a common requirement in different applications and criminal background check for employment is one of the most common applications of it. Sometimes, live scan operators have to witness high volume back to back scans. Intuitiveness and user friendliness of a live scan system becomes important in such scenarios.
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easy background check
built in quality control

Inbuilt Quality Control Mechanism

Criminal history background check requires fingerprint images to be interoperable with law enforcement systems. They also need to fulfil minimum quality threshold, be it local or national criminal background check. Live scan systems can perform these checks at their end to make sure that only the best quality images are submitted to your agency.
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Multi-Agency Criminal Background Check

Live scan fingerprinting allows you to perform local, state as well as national criminal background check. Live scan systems come with on-screen options for criminal background check where you can selected the agency to submit your application for criminal background check online. For example, for criminal background check Florida, you need to submit your application to FDLE.
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multi agency background check
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Incredibly Efficient Criminal Background Check within Minutes

Criminal background check has become a commonplace in many important applications like employment, licensure, approvals and many more. Make sure your criminal history background check application passes through the stringent quality requirements of law enforcement agencies with live scan fingerprinting.

Live scan and criminal background check online submissions can only be made using certified live scan equipment; certification ensures high quality image capture and processing.

Flawless Data Entry

Providing error free demographic data can be as crucial as scanning impeccable fingerprint images. An efficient live scan should be able to facilitate easy and flawless data entry.


Segmentation can be crucial as it separates fingerprint image foreground from its background. Most live scan systems can perform segmentation with a varied level of efficiency.

Print/Submit Electronically

You can submit your criminal background check electronically or print fingerprint images on a fingerprint card with our live scan system.

Easily Upgradable

Our live scan system for criminal history background check allows you to use the hardware of your choice without any compatibility issues.

All Inclusive

Live scan fingerprinting system includes all the bits and pieces for criminal background check and you won’t need anything to make it work.

Just some of our happy clients

``The Bayometric Software is a nice piece of software... but the people behind this software really made the difference for me. I was totally blown away by the level of communication and the amount of time your team worked with me personally on this project. You were more concerned with fitting a solution that would work for me than making a sale. I give you guys 5 stars and a two thumbs up!``- Tommy Trucks; Sign Master