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Cash at My Fingertips: Bayometric Helps Calypso Adopt an Innovative Payment Solution


Calypso, Canada’s largest theme water park is a 100-acre facility, capable of accommodating over 2,000 guests. The officials at Calypso adopted Bayometric’s biometric-based Fingerprint Recognition Solution to provide guests with a convenient payment mode and enhance their overall experience.

Need for an Alternative Payment System

The need for an effective payment solution was felt when the owners identified that their guests, in bathing suits, did not have many options to carry money with them. The fear of losing money when on a ride, forced them to deposit their wallet in a locker at the park. Thus, each payment meant a long walk to the locker.

This time-consuming process was enough to put a dampener to the spirits of the visitors. Hence, an innovative payment solution was sought to overcome thistedious process.

What our clients say

I found you guys to be very professional and responsive to what our Company was needing. All our point of contacts at your company were a pleasure to work with and represented your Company, Bayometric, in a very positive manner. I only wish that most of the individuals from other Companies were like you and responded as promptly. I look forward to doing future business with Bayometric and my interaction with you.- Anthony Anguiano, National Security Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Bayometric’s fingerprint scanner and identification software proved to be the perfect solution to overcome all the above challenges. The system uses an FBI FIPS 201/PVI-certified fingerprint scanner along with fingerprint registration and matching software. The former scans the fingerprint of the participants, converts it into a binary code and stores it in the center’s computer database. This ensures that the process is secure and that no one can regenerate the fingerprint from the code. The fingerprint matching software matches a candidate’s fingerprint against the one in the database for identification.


Since the payment system was to be placed in an outdoor water park, it was essential that the solution worked effectively in an outdoor and wet environment. Besides, with guests ranging from toddlers to senior citizens, the solution sought had to work effectively with all age groups. Additionally,the solution had to be free of cost to the customer and easy for Calypso to integrate with its existing system.

Bayometric’s Biometric Fingerprint Solution appeared to be the ideal solution for Calypso to overcome all the challenges it faced. The system uses FBI FIPS 201/PVI-certified fingerprint scanner, fingerprint registration and matching software.

After the system’s implementation, Calypso’s guests could opt to register their fingerprint and upload money against it at the time of purchasing a ticket at the park entrance. This simple process can be completed in a matter of seconds. Once registered, guests can literallypay with their fingertips to make a purchase at any POS terminal. Calypso installed these solutions at all 55 point-of-sale terminals of the water park including park’s restaurants, bars, boutiques and other stores.

The Process

The Biometric FingerprintSystem associates the fingerprint of each guest against the money they deposit at the time of registration.

Guests who arrive at the water park create an account using credit card, debit card or cash deposit and register their fingerprint. This fingerprint is then converted into a binary code and linked to the money deposited in the account, which is then stored in Calypso’s computer database. This process makes it impossible for anyone to regenerate the fingerprint from the code, thereby making it extremely secure.

In order to make a purchase at a merchandise outlet, the guest simply needs to placetheirfinger on the fingerprint scanner. Besides, different family members canregister their fingerprints to the same account at the time of registration.Since more than one fingerprint canbe associated with one account, the entire family canuse the same deposit.


This innovative biometric fingerprint solution provides Calypso with a clear edge over other water parks. Apart from being simple and non-intrusive, it relieves guests from the hassle of walking to the locker every time a payment needs to be made. It also allows them to keep track of the money spent as they are able to verify the account balance at any time.

Compatible with all age groups, therobust fingerprint scanneralso works with dry, wet ordirty fingers. Being scratch-resistant and water-resistant, this biometric fingerprint scanner is ideal for a water park environment. Besides, the fingerprints are not linked to any name or database, making the solution extremely safe, secure and non-intrusive.

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