Biometric Kiosk

Biometric Probationer Reporting Kiosk


Biometric technology is at the forefront of governmental initiatives to make administration smoother and more efficient. This move towards automation and biometric technology is expected to yield considerable benefits over a period of time.

A large Probation Department is using Bayometric’s technology to automate the reporting of low risk probationers. Probation Reporting Kiosk (PRK) is expected to add teeth to beleaguered legal enforcement agencies by automating the reporting routine of low value probationers. This automated system will allow Probation Officers to concentrate on high risk probationers, making the legal system more effective and boosting the efficiency of probationer reporting routines.

The Kiosk follows the reporting procedures set in a face to face meeting. However, it does so in a way designed to make the entire system more efficient and streamlined with particular emphasis laid on convenience; for both the Probationer and the Probation Officer.


With the automation of most of the routine reporting procedures the Probation Officer can concentrate on high risk probationers, helping increase the efficiency of reporting procedurals and administration of probationers. The system is reliable and foolproof as it is based on a biometric platform. The flexibility and the durability of the system allows it handle any deviations from the norm with absolute ease.

Design Goal of the Probation Reporting Kiosk

The PRK creates an environment that allows for better reporting, administration and notification of probationers, and this is done by leveraging the latest in state of art technology and with an emphasis on convenience.

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The PRK can be incorporated into the pre-existing LAN network and has the PRK Server at the heart of the system, connected to the PRK Kiosks and the PRK Probation Officer Interface. To facilitate interaction each kiosks would be manned with a computer, a biometric fingerprint reader, touch-screen monitor, and printer to record the transaction. The Probation Officer Interface is a software program that provides access to Probationer Reporting Information.

The PRK Server

The PRK Server is the heart of the system and serves as the one point storage for all types of Probationer data and reporting information. The infrastructure does not allow information to be stored at the PRK Kiosks and the Probation Officers Computers. This infrastructure helps in maintaining the integrity of the information and the systems.

The centralized database maintains information imported from the Probation system, it can also be used to store personal details like phone and address details. The database also contains configuration related information, messages for the probationers and login related information. The database has been designed in a manner that allows for additional functionalities as and when needed.

The Kiosk Module

The Kiosk module offers an interface to implement a step based reporting process which is based on a series of question and answer sessions. The Probationer can input data with the help of onscreen buttons or an onscreen keyboard. This information is saved in the central server and is accessible to the Probation Officers through the Probation Officer Interface. The Kiosk Module has the following internal functions-

Login – The probationer has to validate his details in order to connect to the database. If the connection is broken the probationer will have to login again.

Timeout – The probationer loses connection with the database if the system does not detect any activity for a period of time. The logout time is based on the complexity of the page and can be modified according to the requirements.

Get Probationer – The centralized database is a one-point source for Probationer data. The Probationer interface is a software program that helps in the extraction of data from the centralized server.

Alerts – The Probation Officer is alerted once the Probationer logs into the system and finishes reporting or answers positive to the law enforcement contact.

Probation Officer Interface Module

The Probation Officer Interface Module is a software program that helps the Probation Officer to edit the Probationer information; suspending or removing them as needed. The interface can be used to view a scrolling list of probationers under the Probation officer. The Probation Officers Interface Module has the following functions-

Login – This is used to validated the credentials of the Probation Officer or the Attendant

Filter Display – The flexibility of the system can be leveraged to search Probationers using carefully selected parameters.

View Probationer Details – This interface can be used by the Probation Officer to view information all probationer information and reports that have been completed by them.

Submit Report – This function validates the changes that have made and files it to the centralized database.


In order to maintain the integrity of the system the login validates the user with the help of biometric fingerprinting technology. Once this is done the Probationer follows the instruction as it comes up on the screen to complete the reporting procedures. A receipt is provided at the end of the reporting routine, providing proof that the formalities were completed.

The Probation Officer Interface can be used by the Probation Officer to edit probationer related information, offering various functionalities that facilitate probationer reporting, administration and monitoring activities. The integrity of the system is such that only the Probation Officers can view only the probationers assigned to him.

The Attendants use the same interface as the Probation officer. They can see all the probationers in the system; however they lack the power to change Probationer configurations or submit reports to the system.

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