Biometric Membership Management

Biometric Membership Management Solution for Belgian Sports Club (Fitness, Martial Art and Wellness Gym)


Bayometric’s innovative biometric fingerprint identification solution, Touch N Go, has helped Ringside Belgium, a Belgian fitness, martial art and wellness gym, to improve their membership management system (i.e. registration, attendance and payment).

Ringside Belgium, established in 2007, is a fight sports and fitness gym located in Brussels, capital of Belgium.


Ringside Belgium was looking for a smart solution to help them register their members, keep track of training sessions and uniquely identify members for payment processing.

What our clients say

I started with another SDK and it was very complex to use and integrate. But Touch N Go was actually pretty straightforward and easy to integrate into our product I could integrate fingerprint recognition in my application without any knowledge of the fingerprint technology, We did not have to bother to know how fingerprint technology works and how to combine all the complex components for the development. It also has a simple to use SOAP interface. Touch N Go is just so simple. Plus, your service and support has been great and I am very satisfied.- Johan Bruninx, Software Product Developer


Ringside Belgium was using a manual process (ID cards and spreadsheets) for registering members & keeping track of their training and payment records which was proving to be very time consuming. As the facility is used by people of different age groups, children were misplacing their cards and often forgetting them at home. Hence, they wanted a membership management solution with fingerprint identification that could store their member’s fingerprints in the application database and uniquely identify their members.


They had tested another fingerprint SDK (Software Development Kit) but found it very complex to use and integrate. When they approached us for a solution, we recommended Touch N Go. Even though they did not have any prior experience with working with fingerprint technology, they were able to  easily integrate fingerprint recognition within their application in no time.


Bayometric’s Touch N Go proved to be a perfect solution to handle their requirements. Touch N Go is a biometric framework that enables any application to integrate fingerprint matching with just four lines of code.
This programmer friendly biometric platform is aimed at providing reliable, high performance biometric services to new and existing applications with no learning curve for developers. This enabled the sports club to integrate fingerprint identification into their customer registration and payment system.

Their developers were using C# .NET, Winforms & MYSQL for software development. Touch N Go comes with sample applications and source code written in multiple languages, including C#. This allowed them to get up and running with a highly accurate and reliable fingerprint recognition solution right away.

About Bayometric

Bayometric is one of the market leaders in the development and implementation of non intrusive biometric technology using fingerprint, face, iris, voice and signature verification. It also provides customized software solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing security environment, providing unmatched security solutions. Bayometric’s FBI certified and award winning products are ruggedly built-ideal for capturing data in all types of environments.

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