NFA Fingerprinting with Integrated Biometrics Live Scanner

Bayometric offers highly efficient live scan software for gun shops across the United States. Submit your customers’ fingerprints via ATF eForm 4 and ATF Form 1 for NFA items.

NFA Live Scan Bundle with Integrated Biometrics Tenprint Scanner

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Bundle Includes

  • Our NFA live scan solution will allow you to do background and firearms license checks. Send ATF eForm 4 and ATF Form 1 online.
  • Integrated Biometrics’ FBI Appendix F certified tenprint roll scanners to ensure compliance with NFA Rule 41F.
  • Remote installation and training & one year of support is included.
ATF eForm: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has announced the imminent introduction of a brand new electronic system to process NFA transfers. The new eForm system will enable gun shop owners and consumers to fill out ATF Forms 1 and 4, electronically which could result in a significant reduction of the time it takes to transfer compared to paper Forms.

Gun Shop Fingerprinting Software

Capture and submit fingerprints to enroll your customers for background checks with our live scan solution for firearm dealers.

Fully compliant with ATF Rule 41F

Class 3 firearms and silencer dealers are now permitted to fingerprint their customers to complete NFA applications. Bayometric’s live scan solution makes the entire process simple.

NFA approved 10-print scanners

Our gun shop retail software comes along with Integrated Biometrics’ FBI Appendix F Certified and AFIS compliant scanners.

Integrated Biometrics’ Scanners

NFA Fingerprinting Made Easy

  • Firearms dealers can scan fingerprints of clients who want to purchase firearms or silencers.
  • Submit your customer’s fingerprints to ATF for NFA items (class 3 firearms) within minutes.
  • Keep a secure and encrypted record of applicants.
  • Don’t let your customers leave the store without what they need.
  • No more messy ink and roll; submit ATF eForm 1 & 4 online.
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NFA Live Scan Bundle Features

NFA Live Scan Software Features

  • Rolled and flat fingerprint capture
  • Easy demographic data entry
  • Stringent quality checks before submission
  • Segmentation of each finger
  • Photograph and signature scan


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Integrated Biometrics' Scanner Features

  • Rapid dry finger capture
  • IP 65 Rated – Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • No need to clean latent prints in high-volume situations
  • Rejects common spoofing attacks
  • Easy integration with NFA live scan software


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Bayometric’s Live Scan Software

Bayometric’s extremely efficient NFA live scan software allows class 3 firearms dealers to capture and submit fingerprints electronically for NFA items. By using our live scan software bundle equipped with state-of-the-art 10-print roll scanners from Integrated Biometrics for fingerprinting, it is possible to reduce your dependence on third-party service providers to live scan your customers. With Bayometric’s NFA fingerprinting kit, gun shop owners are able to live-scan and send fingerprints electronically to ATF.

Live scan software from Bayometric uses rigorous quality tests prior to creating EFTS (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification) file. The EFTS file is the one that is sent to ATF when you electronically submit fingerprints. Imagine it as an electronic version of an ATF fingerprint card however, it is a very secure one and reduces the processing time significantly. Our live scanner software guarantees that your application won’t be denied because of quality problems.

Integrated Biometrics’ 10-Print Roll Scanners



Integrated Biometrics’ FIVE-0 measures 4.48″ x 3.27″ 3.27″ x .75″ in dimension (113.8mm x 19mm x 83mm). It weighs just 6.76 grams (191.64 grams). The device ensures full mobile enrollment with 10 fingers as well as verification and booking. It utilizes IB’s patented LES technology to give perfect image quality both in indirect and direct sunlight. Impervious to finger-borne contaminants like oil, grease, dust, and even chemicals. There are no other Appendix F FBI-Certified and AFIS-compliant scanners as mobile and small in size as FIVE-0.





Integrated Biometrics’ Kojak is an amazingly small and extremely accurate 10-print scanner. It comes with an ergonomic and intuitive design. It is lighter than 725 grams (1.6 pounds) and can scan four flat prints as well as single-finger rolls. Kojak is completely insensitive to prints that are not fully developed and works with dry and dirty fingers and does not require applying lotion on your hands. Similar to other industry-leading scanners Kojak operates in bright sunlight and features an easy-to-read LED user interface.



Our Live Scan Fingerprinting Software

You no longer have to compromise between customer service and complying with the regulatory requirements. Give customers a single platform with Bayometric’s live scan solution for all firearms as well as NFA items.

Live scan fingerprinting in just minutes

Our NFA solution will guide your customers and enrollers through the live scan process and make the background check process seamless and user-friendly.

Electronic Fingerprint Submissions

Bayometric’s live scan solution lets you capture and submit fingerprints electronically for quicker background checks. No more messy ink roll or sending clients to third party providers.

FBI Certified Solution

Bayometric’s live scan solution is FBI certified and fully compliant with ATF’s Final Rule 41F. Integrated Biometrics FBI certified fingerprint scanners are IP65 rated and comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Seamless integration

Integrate Bayometric’s solution into your existing workflow. Our engineers will train you through the entire workflow to submit eforms, create EFT files and print to FD258 cards.

Excellent ROI

Our NFA solution provides great ROI for FFL dealers and store owners. Providing in-house fingerprinting capability ensures great user experience and user retention.

Best Price Guarantee

Our Best Price Guarantee  ensures that our clients are getting best prices and services. Integrated Biometrics devices have a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 22.2 years based on 200 full 10-print flats enrollments per day.

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You have been great. We purchased biometric readers from Bayometric based on price. We were contacted by Bayometric to insure the readers would meet our needs. Our order was received promptly without issue. I would purchase from Bayometric again without hesitation.- Ben Wing, Rockiingham County

Success Stories

Bayometric’s tried and trusted fingerprint identification technology has been seamlessly incorporated into various existing security environments, providing unmatched security solutions to customers in different verticals world-over.

Ultimate Defense choose Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan

Ultimate Defense chooses Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software for ATF eForm 4 processing for the transfer of firearms and other NFA items.

Buffalo Valley Arms Picks Bayometric’s Fingerprint Scanner

Buffalo Valley Arms an FFL dealer based in Moran WY, picks Bayometric’s NFA-approved fingerprint scanner.

Scaled Composites Adopt Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission

Scaled Composites LLC adopted Bayometric’s Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system for employees’ security clearance.

Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Inkless Fingerprinting

Otter Tail County sheriff’s office adopts Bayometric’s live scan software for inkless fingerprint processing.

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