Mobile Live Scan Solution for Field Level Use

Bayometric’s highly portable and efficient mobile live scan software and fingerprint equipment.

Mobile Live Scan Solution

  • Bayometric’s mobile live scan machine offers unparalleled performance and portability in mobile live scan fingerprinting.
  • Let your customers perform live scan conveniently at the time and location of their choice.
  • Top notch mobile live scan equipment is accompanied by industry’s leading live scan software.
  • Remote Installation and training with a year’s support.

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Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting From Bayometric

Bayometric’s mobile fingerprint scanner and live scan solution enables you to perform live scan for different applications such as background check, identity verification, etc. on the go.

Fingerprint Live Scan on the Go

Take your live scan fingerprinting services to the next level with Bayometric’s mobile live scan fingerprinting equipment. Highly portable and easy to use solution enables you to offer utmost convenience to your customers.

Feature Filled Portable Equipment

Bayometric’s mobile live scan machine cuts corner in terms of bulkiness and heaviness, while keeping all the features of a regular live scanning systems intact. Once done with mobile live scan fingerprinting, you can submit fingerprints electronically or print them on card.

Mobile Scanner for Law Enforcement

Easy to use and mobility focused law enforcement digital fingerprint scanner for identity verification on the go. Our mobile scanner for law enforcement offers unmatched performance and durability for field use.

Expand the Scope of Your Services

Are you an existing live scan service provider looking to expand your services or want to start mobile live scan fingerprinting services afresh? Our mobile live scan fingerprinting allows you to quickly expend your services or start afresh as a mobile live scan fingerprinting service provider.


Convenient Mobile Fingerprinting

Take client convenience to next level by offering on-site live scan fingerprinting with our mobile live scan fingerprinting equipment.

Highly portable mobile live scan equipment

Our mobile live scan fingerprinting solution is designed keeping convenience and efficiency as the top priorities.

Mobile fingerprint scanner for law enforcement

Law enforcement digital fingerprint scanner for filed level use.

Supported USB Fingerprint Scanners

Applications and Features

Live Scan Applications

  • Capture and submit to the agency of your choice.
  • Live scan for FINRA, ATF, FBI, FDLE, CCDF, DoJ and more.
  • Live scan solution for field level use.
  • On-site KYC and identity verification.
  • Mobile scanner for law enforcement.
  • Law enforcement agencies


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Live Scan System Features

  • On the go mobile live scan fingerprinting.
  • Demographic data capture.
  • EFTS file creation for Scanned photo and signature.
  • Type 4 (standard) and type 14 (enhanced) capture.
  • Rolled (single) as well as flat (4-4-2) fingerprint capture.
  • Segmentation and quality checks on individual fingers.


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Efficiency and Convenience Come Together

  • Easy to use and intuitive mobile live scan fingerprinting solution.
  • Market leading technology for high-end performance.
  • Capture and submit electronically at client convenience.
  • Secure mobile live scan equipment, encrypts the user data to ensure privacy.
  • Avoid pitfalls of ink based fingerprinting.
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Product Description (Software)

Live scan is an electronic method of capturing a digital image of user fingerprints. Unlike traditional ink-fingerprinting, it does not require people to make manual ink impressions. An electronic fingerprint imaging equipment captures the digital image of the user fingerprint and processes it electronically. These prints can also be printed on a paper with a compatible hardware.

Live scan is generally followed by a background check request sent to an agency depending on the application type. For example, brokers and financial institution can have their personnel live scanned to submit background check application to financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA), which is a regulatory requirement introduced by the agency.

Live scan background check can be a mandatory regulatory requirement in some occupations, services, licensing, transactions, etc. The infrastructure for live scan services is maintained by law enforcement and regulatory agencies, which accept applications to provide different services. However, instead of contacting the agencies directly, you have to get in touch of a third party service provider to have your live scan done.

Live scan service providers make use of a live scan equipment to take you through the live scan process, which is generally provided at the service provider’s location.

However, owing to the shortage of time in today’s fast paced life, many people wish to get live scan done at their own location and preferred time. Bayometric’s mobile live scan equipment can help you expand portfolio of services and establish as a mobile live scan fingerprinting service provider.

Our live scan fingerprinting software includes all the tools and modules that you may require during the on-site mobile fingerprinting. Our mobile live scan fingerprinting system supports both flat and rolled prints. The software performs stringent quality checks throughout the process and only high quality prints are retained and processed.

Bayometric’s on-site mobile live scan fingerprinting solution includes highly intuitive demographic data entry module. This easy to use data entry module can control data type errors as it has field-level validation wherever required.  Pre-filled data in drop-down menu further helps control errors wherever feasible.

Our mobile live scan fingerprinting software performs segmentation of each fingerprint image to separate the background area from foreground image (i.e. the fingerprint pattern). Quality checks are also performed to ensure segmentation’s execution, which is an FBI requirement for enhanced (type 14) fingerprint images. Bayometric’s mobile live scan fingerprinting software also supports type 4 (enhanced) fingerprint images along with enhanced (type 14) images.

Law enforcement digital fingerprint scanner

Law enforcement officers often face the problem of verifying identity claims of suspects during their field duty. To overcome this, police cars are equipped with many IT and communication equipment and field officers are provided with mobile scanner for law enforcement. Some police departments also use police scanner app that can be installed on the smartphones. This police scanner app is accompanied by a mobile scanner for law enforcement.

Law enforcement digital fingerprint scanner and police scanner app can be crucial for identification of suspects and other individuals who are making an identity claim. Our mobile fingerprint scanner for law enforcement can be a real time saver for field officers as they do not have to perform time consuming formalities to get identity verification done. The law enforcement digital fingerprint scanner or the police scanner app can connect to a remote biometric database via the mobile internet or Wi-Fi and quickly verify the identity information provided by the individuals.

Product Description (Hardware)

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema RealScan G10

Suprema is a world renowned brand in the field of biometric systems and solutions. RealScan G10 from Suprema is one of the market leading live scanners in FBI Appendix F certified 10-print scanner segment. Suprema has equipped RealScan G10 with its legacy, innovate and patented technologies to make this mobile fingerprint scanner stand apart.

G10 can scan 4 finger slaps (flat), 2 thumbs (flat) and single rolls. The rolled fingerprint scans are backed by Suprema’s highly advanced Rolled Image Construction Technology. This technology makes use of an advance algorithm that keeps an eye on any incidents of finger slips during the finger rolls that could potentially spoil the image quality.

RealScan G10 is efficient inside and durable outside, thanks to its IP54 rated sealed housing, which does not let dirt, dust, and moisture creep in, which may damage its delicate electronics. RealScan G10 can also endure challenging operating conditions such as extreme temperature, shocks, accidental liquid spills, etc. Backed by Suprema’s machine learning based LFD (Live Fingerprint Detection) technology, RealScan G10 can easily neutralize fake fingerprint attacks.

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak is another star performer in our live scanner portfolio. Kojak is an exceptionally compact FBI Appendix F certified 10-print live scanner. Owing to its incredibly compact footprint, IB Kojak is a perfect mobile fingerprint scanner for carrying around. Its compact size makes it a perfect companion for mobile live scan fingerprinting.

Kojak has the ability to exceed your expectations in almost all the areas be it accuracy, performance or speed. This innovative mobile live scan machine comes equipped with LES film based sensor technology. LES film based sensors are not only compacter than traditional prism based sensors but also offer better performance and security. LES film sensors works on the basis of physical contact made by friction ridges, unlike traditional optical sensors, which takes a digital photograph of friction ridges. Even if finger skin is visibly imperfect or contaminated with moisture, dirt, oil, etc., LES film sensor can capture impeccable fingerprint images. Since skin conductivity is required for LES film to capture fingerprint pattern, these sensors automatically turn down spoofing attacks as fake fingerprints do not offer skin’s liveness features.

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting

Rejuvenate your mobile live scan fingerprinting services and easily meet the customer expectation of comfort and convenience with Bayometric’s highly portable and efficient mobile live scan solution.


Our mobile fingerprint scanner adheres to the stringent image quality standards laid by the FBI and also fulfils the requirements prescribed by different regulatory and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Highly portable

Our live scan solution is easy to carry around. All you need is a laptop to install our easy to use mobile live scan software and our portable fingerprint live scanners will not take much space to in your bag. Surprise your clients with the agility of your services provided using Bayometric’s mobile live scan fingerprinting solution.

Value for money

Despite offering high-end features, our mobile live scan fingerprinting solution does not burn a hole in your pocket. With our cost effective price tag, you can be sure of getting return on investment faster than the competition.


People choose on-site mobile fingerprinting for convenience, comfort and time saving. Further delight your customers with Bayometric’s highly intuitive live scan software, which is free from unnecessary formalities and procedures and can quickly get them through the live scan.

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Bayometric’s tried and trusted fingerprint identification technology has been seamlessly incorporated into various existing security environments, providing unmatched security solutions to customers in different verticals world-over.

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Scaled Composites LLC adopted Bayometric’s Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system for employees’ security clearance.

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