HID Lumidigm M211

Lumidigm M211 is a high performance fingerprint scanner that can scan precise fingerprint images with unrivalled accuracy. Equipped with HID Lumidigm’s patented Multispectral Imaging Technology, allows you to scan the finger skin surface and also collect subsurface information underneath it. Lumidigm M211 does not compromise on performance even in extremely challenging scenarios.

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HID Lumidigm M Series fingerprint readers are known for their unparalleled accuracy and performance, and HID Lumidigm M211 is not an exception. This compact fingerprint scanner offers class leading image capture and anti-spoofing abilities that competitors can only dream of.

When it comes to the high quality scanning, any average fingerprint scanner can do it in favorable circumstance, i.e. when fingerprints are in perfect condition and fingers are free from contaminants. But HID Lumidigm M211 performs where others scanners give up. It can even scan fingers with imperfect fingerprints or contaminants, thanks to its patented multispectral imaging technology.

HID Lumidigm M211 packs some of the flagship characteristics of Lumidigm M Series fingerprint readers in a compact form factor and attractive design.

Multispectral imaging: scan underneath the skin

Multispectral imaging is HID Lumidigm’s patented technology that makes use of multiple wavelengths of light to capture surface and sub-surface image of a fingerprint. The sub-surface fingerprint is identical to surface fingerprint and if surface print is damaged or obscured, sub-surface print works as its identical copy.

Multispectral imaging technology allows HID Lumidigm M211 to maintain its performance with fingers contaminated with dirt, grease, oil, lotion, etc. Multispectral imaging also stands up to dusty and dry conditions with superior performance in the real world conditions. It makes it suitable for challenging environments such as factories, automobile workshop and workplaces where fingers may usually have contaminants due to work conditions. HID Lumidigm M211 dramatically eliminates failure to enroll (FTE) and failure to acquire (FTA) incidents, resulting in better population coverage in its class and category.

Multispectral imaging technology not only scans the finger skin surface but it also captures sub-surface level to create a fingerprint image. The sub-surface skin features an exact copy of surface fingerprints, but unlike surface print, it stays free from contaminants and imperfections.

Multispectral imaging can even see through some latex gloves! Subsurface imaging capability with the multispectral imaging tech allows Lumidigm M211 to capture high quality prints without compromising on performance even in harsh environments.

Immune to environmental challenges

HID Lumidigm M211’s superior fingerprint scanning capabilities can not only address finger skin conditions but also extend to environmental conditions. It can scan fingerprints in challenging environmental conditions such as dry or moist surroundings, high or low temperature, high ambient lighting, etc. It can scan cold fingers in a dry cold environment and moist fingers in high temperature as good as a clean finger in normal environment. Lumidigm M Series fingerprint reader can well maintain its performance across the entire temperature range.

Superior spoof detection

Fake fingerprints and spoof attacks can be the biggest threat to biometric security. Even expensive and feature-rich devices can fall victim to such attacks, if they do not leverage an anti-spoofing mechanism. HID Lumidigm takes security very seriously and has equipped Lumidigm M Series fingerprint readers with its cutting edge anti-spoofing and liveness detection technologies.

Lumidigm provides industry’s best liveness detection technology that stems from its superior multispectral imaging technique. Spoofs are generally made to feature surface characteristics of human finger skin. It is virtually impossible to imitate subsurface information of human finger skin while imitating skin characteristics as well.

Lumidigm’s spoof detection algorithm is not static to pre-defined spoof attacks. its superior spoof detection algorithm is continually enhanced as new threats are identified.

Durable and rugged

While manufacturing the M211 as a performer, HID Lumidigm has not compromised on durability. M211 can survive harsh environmental conditions without breaking a sweat. It is an IP65 rated device, which means that its sealed construction does not allow water and dust to creep in and damage its internal optical and electronic components.

It can easily survive accidental liquid spills and dusty environment. High durability and ruggedness ensure proven resistance from impacts, drops, electrostatic shock, extreme temperatures, scratches, humidity and contaminants such as dirt, oil and sweat.


  • Patented Multispectral Imaging technology puts it among the best fingerprint scanners available in the market.
  • Produces highest quality fingerprint images by capturing skin surface and subsurface information. Even if finger skin in contaminated or imperfect, sub-surface fingerprint information works as an exact copy of it.
  • Cutting edge spoof detection makes it immune to spoofs and fake fingerprint attacks.
  • Rugged and reliable, rated IP65 for ingress protection. One of the most durable fingerprint recognition devices around.
  • It can scan consistently scan high quality fingerprint images regardless of finger or environmental conditions.
  • A high performance fingerprint scanner that can be used for a variety of applications for biometric fingerprint identification and authentication.
  • Support for a wide range of operating systems and platforms including Android, Windows and Linux.

Best Biometric Device for your PC

m211 fingerprint reader

HID Lumidigm’s patented Multispectral Imaging Technology makes it possible to collect sub-surface fingerprint information along with the surface print. Sub-surface print stays intact even if some of the surface information is imperfect or lost. This groundbreaking technology becomes a game changer for HID Lumidigm M211 and takes it miles ahead of the competition.

Since it can collect sub-surface information from the finger skin, it can scan aged, scarred, dry and fingers contaminated with oil, dirt, lotion, sweat, etc. When you use HID Lumidigm M211, it doesn’t matter how dirty, dry or wet your finger is, you can simply go ahead and use the device.


Lumidigm M211 can scan fingerprint images with 500 dpi resolution and requires minimal maintenance. Lumidigm fingerprint sensors are known to perform high quality fingerprint scans on anyone, anytime and in any environment, thanks to industry leading imaging technology. Lumidigm fingerprint sensor enhances the throughput and accuracy of fingerprint enrollment and verification. It can dramatically scans even out of coverage fingerprints that are deemed unreadable by other scanners.


If you can get the fingerprint image right, performance is improved automatically and that is exactly what HID Lumidigm M Series fingerprint readers do. With the use of patented multispectral imaging technology, they capture highest quality fingerprint images which equates to superior performance.

Though fingerprint image can be the key to superior performance, HID Lumidigm M211’s performance does not depend on the imaging alone. Its high performance feature extraction and matching algorithm does an extraordinary job in extracting fingerprint features and matching the sample with the stored template. High performance algorithms take the performance of this Lumidigm M Series fingerprint reader to the next level.


HID Lumidigm M211 can detect and reject fingerprint spoof attacks, thanks to its proven anti-spoofing technology. This HID Lumidigm M Series fingerprint reader makes use of Lumidigm’s innovative imaging approach that can scan and analyze sub-surface finger skin information to weed out imposter attacks. This results in industry leading liveness detection and high level of security against fingerprint presentation attacks.

Technical Specifications

Technology Patented Lumidigm optical multispectral imaging
Image resolution / bit depth 500 dpi / 8-bit, 256 grayscale
Platen area 17.4 x 13.9 mm (rectangular), uncoated
Image out ANSI 381 compliant
Template out ANSI 378 compliant
Score or verification (1:1) Requires ANSI 378 template input
Identification (1:N) Uses ANSI 378 templates as input
Latent protection Included
Verification mode (1:1) Up to 50,000
Identification mode (1:N) Up to 1,000 users per group, up to 10 groups
Finger placement to image 1.3 sec. (typical)
Finger placement to template / score 1.8 sec. (typical)
Finger placement to identification 2.0 sec (typical) — 1,000 users
Temperature (operating) 0 to 60°C
Humidity 0–95% RH non-condensing
Ingress protection at platen IP65
ESD Immunity IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4+/-15 kV Air
USB 2.0 480 Mbps high-speed
Operating systems supported Windows 8 / 8 Embedded (32/64-bit)
Windows 7 / 7 Embedded (32/64-bit),
Windows XP / XP Embedded
Encryption n/a
Supply current — operational +5 VDC 400 mA (peak)
Supply current — idle +5 VDC 200 mA (typical)
Interoperability ANSI 378, ISO 19794-2:2005, ANSI 381, ISO 19794-4:2005, NFIQ compliant, MINEX-certified algorithm
Device certifications CE, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 60950, IEC 62471, RoHS, Certified support for thin clients
Interface USB 1.1
Memory n/a
Operating system n/a


  • Physical Access Control
  • Digital / Logical Access Control
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

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Supported Software

Fingerprint SDK

Zero learning curve for developers. No biometric programming experience required. Get access to sample codes in multiple languages including C/C++, C#.NET, Java etc.


Computer Logon

Logon to Windows, Domain, Websites and Applications using fingerprints. Enterprise Password Management with Seamless Interface to Active Directory.


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