Futronic FS90 Mini USB 2.0 Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Futronic FS90 Mini fingerprint scanner is two times smaller than FS80 but captures the same good quality fingerprint images without any distortions.

Futronic FS90 Mini

Sorry, this product is no longer available

This Futronic FS90 is no longer in production by the manufacturer, although you may find similar or relevant fingerprint scanners below description.

FS90 Description

If you are looking for a fingerprint scanner with 300×440-pixel image resolutions and 15x22mm finger scanning window, then FS90 USB 2.0 Mini Fingerprint Scanner is your best bet.

It has been specially designed to produce high quality images with a compact form factor. The FS90 scanner is one-third the size of FS80. It comes with a 0.3 meter USB cable which works well with mobile phones including smart phones, handheld PDAs (Palm Desktop Assistants), Notebook PCs and other mobile hardware capable devices. FS90 is quite handy and portable as it comes in a compact size with dimensions of 57 X 29 X 27 mm and weighs just 80 grams.

Futronic FS90 comes equipped with the feature of automatic light intensity adjustment as per finger characteristics. Along with it, the light for finger illumination is generated with 4 infra-red LEDs. Due to these advanced features, FS90 captures quality-optimized images for fingerprints without any distortions for even fingers having difficulties such as dry, wet or blurred fingers.

The FS90 is equipped with a 13mm thick crown glass prism which makes it quite robust. It also allows it to be used in rugged conditions including even external or non-office conditions. The thick crown glass prism makes it a more durable and robust fingerprint sensor than the ones which use semiconductor sensors. In addition, it also features a 13m thick crown glass platen leading to further enhancement in the quality of the scans.

FS90 Fingerprint Sensor is very fast as it takes just 0.1 second or 100 milliseconds to scan undistorted and precise raw fingerprints into the connected device.

FS90 has a free API (Application Programming Interface) available which works with multiple operating systems such as Windows (XP, Vista, CE 5.0/6.0), Linux (kernel 2.4 or higher) and MAC OS. This API enables easy integration of FS90’s capabilities into a business application. The images of fingerprints captured by the FS90 can now be accessed programmatically by the application. This allows the images it to be stored, processed, matched and transferred through the business application thus resulting in a compact business solution for the end user.

FS90 also comes with a module which is easily embeddable in target products or systems. It’s very compact in size with dimensions of 43mm X 24mm X 25mm. This is made possible by designing the FS90 module without the plastic shell and USB cable while keeping it same as FS90 on the whole.

FS90 Features

With a 15x22mm finger scanning window and 300×440 pixel image resolutions, FS90 can capture an un-distorted fingerprint image into PC in 0.1 second. The illumination for finger scanning is automatically adjusted according to fingerprint’s characteristics to optimize the quality of the captured image. The finger scanning window is a 13mm thick crown glass prism which is much more reliable and robust than semiconductor fingerprint sensor.


The dimensions (57 X 29 X 27 mm) and light weight (80 grams)makes it very portable.


The finger scanning window is a crown glass with 13mm thickness.


Captures an almost un-distorted raw fingerprint image in 100ms.

API for Image Capture

FREE application to capture raw fingerprint image.

FS90 module is available for customers who want to integrate FS90 into their own products. It is same as FS90 but even smaller because it does not have plastic shell and USB cable. Its size is 43(L) x 24(W) x 25(H) mm and can be easily embedded into any target system.

FS90 and its module are ready to work on popular operating systems as well as handheld devices. Futronic provides Application Programming Interface (API) to capture fingerprint image on Windows XP and Vista, Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Linux with kernel 2.4 or higher and MAC OS. After fingerprint image is captured, it can be processed, transferred, stored and matched with pre-stored data by any backend software that makes project implementation very flexible.

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