FS21M – Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control System

FS21M supports MiFare card so that any combination of fingerprint, MiFare card and PIN can be used for access and attendance control.

Futronic FS21M Fin’Lock

Sorry, this product is no longer available

This Futronic FS21M Fin’Lock is no longer in production by the manufacturer, although you may find similar or relevant fingerprint attendance and time clock devices below description.

FS21M Description

Futronic Fin’s Lock FS22/FS21M Fingerprint Access Control System is one the best systems that enterprises can have as the most secured and handy access & attendance control solution. It uses tremendous high resolution optical system and most recent biometric technology that make it a secure system. It well-supports to MiFare card, which is a contactless smart card technology, so that any combination of fingerprint can easily be stored in MiFare card to eradicate any possible privacy issue.

F22 is a modern and high functionality device. For error free fingerprint reorganization, it uses powerful Digital Processor. It is capable to do full-match for 700 fingerprints in just a second. Full-match means it matches the input fingerprint to the fingerprints, which are stored in the main database before producing the successful result. It means, the matching does not prevent even after getting preset matching score, but will maintain the match of all fingerprints and revisit the fingerprint having the highest score. This is the main attraction and one of the top advantages of Fin’lock products comparing with most other similar products available in the market that stop the matching when preset score is reached. It is only possible because the full-match is the most accurate way of fingerprint recognition and can reduce the False Acceptance Ratio (FAR) to almost null. It is the best and most appropriate solution for application that needs to do 1-to-many fingerprint matching with a huge fingerprint database.

You can find similar features as FS22 in FS21M but with a slower matching speed as it uses dissimilar processor.

Futronic FS22 and FS21M have the capability to operate in both the network mode and the local mode. With the help of Fingerprint Authentication server (FAS), FS22 and FS21M can be connected in LAN/Internet as a cluster. FAS is a Futronic proprietary software that works on Windows 2000/XP and Vista.

When it is in the network mode, FAS can be used to store and recognize fingerprints. FAS has the capability to easily manage infinite number of fingerprints. On the other hand, FS22/FS21M is capable to store up to three thousands fingerprints. Because of its local mode, you can use it as a standalone access and attendance control system.

FS21M Features

Listed below are the top features of Futronic FS21M:

  • FS21M comes with the Futronic proprietary Live Finger Detection (LFD) feature that helps you to identify and reject fake fingers. When LFD is activated then only live fingers can be used to access and attendance enrolment. So fake fingers, which are made of rubber or silicon cannot be used to record attendance.
  • With the help of MIFare card reader or writer, FS 21M provides the facility to issue Mi Fare card for users.
  • It supports diverse access control methodologies to fulfil the requirements of various applications such as Fingerprint only (1-to-N matching), ID+ Fingerprint (1-1 matching), MiFarecard + Fingerprint(1-to-1 matching), MiFare card+ Fingerprint stored on card (1-to-1 matching), MiFare card+ PIN, MiFare card only, and PIN only.
  • One user can only resister 3 fingerprints not more than that.
  • In both FS21M and FAS/PC, you can get the facility of add, delete, edit, etc.
  • User/Finger data base can be easily synchronized between FS21M and FAS/PC over the LAN/ Internet.
  • With the help of Blowfish algorithm, all the communication between FS21M and FAS/PC can be encrypted. For the key exchange, it needs Diffie-Hellman algorithm.
  • FS21M is capable to operate in both the network mode and the local mode.
  • It is capable to sustain wiegand interface with 5 selectable output format.
  • Futronic’s Remote Relay Unit FS30 is supported by FS21M.
  • Futronic’s Remote Relay Unit FS30 is supported by FS21M.
  • User can select black and silver color enclosure for the selection process.
  • FS21M comes with huge storage space to store up to 3000 fingerprints.
  • Fingerprint recognition is well-prepared on FS21M. It matches the input finger to the fingerprints stored in the database. If it is using the MiFare card with or without fingerprint, then the user authentication needs to be done locally.
  • Access log is always stored locally. Each FS21M has the capability to store up to 1 million access log records.
  • Access Log in FS21M can be transferred to FAS through LAN/Internet. The access log can also be exported to Excel or text file format.
  • FS21M can store unlimited number of fingerprints in the Finger Authentication server (FAS)
  • To form a cluster for large-scale access control application, a highest number of 99 Fin’locks can be connected to FAS
  • In case of LAN or Internet connection failure, all FS21Ms will switch to operate in the local mode.

FS21M Specifications

Fingerprint image resolution 320×480 pixel,500DPI
Light source 4 Infra Red LEDs
Finger scanning window size 16mm x 24mm
Fingerprint recognition accuracy FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
Display 122×32 dot matrix LCD with backlight that supports English and Chinese character
User input & prompt 16 keys keypad with backlight, Buzzer, red and green LED

MiFare card sensing range 30mm
Interface to PC Ethernet with lithium battery powered Real Time Clock
Door control 1 Door Strike, 1 Door Switch and 12VDC/1.5A
Operating temperature -10 to +55 Degrees
Dimension 140mm(W) x 110mm(H) x 41.5mm(D)
Enclosure 3mm thickness ABS

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