Credit Background Check for Employment and Tenant Screening

Credit background check is one of the background screening approaches, in which an individual’s credit history is checks for any defaults or non-payments of debt.

Bad Credit Check with Credit History

Almost all employers perform some kind of employment background checks. These background checks commonly include verification of identity claims, work experience, educational qualifications and credentials’ verification. Businesses that come under regulated industries may need to perform more detailed employee background checks including criminal background screening. Some employers can be interested in credit background checks as well to fill specific positions.

Running credit background check is common in banks, brokerages, financial institutions, etc., before hiring candidates. It is done to make sure that a bad credit history of someone may not entice his/her to take undue advantage of his/her position in financial / banking industry. Running credit background check makes perfect sense in banking and financial services industry, as people with bad credit history are more likely to take advantage of money at their disposal.

Credit Background Check for Employment

A survey conducted by NAPBS found that as much as 16% employers ran credit background check on applicants. Credit background check for employment can be conducted via a third party service provider. The credit background check report includes all instances of debt such as student loan, car loan, credit card debt, mortgage and other loans as well as the repayments made against them. It also includes defaults, late payments, etc. if any.

Credit background check enables employers to learn how efficiently an individual has been able to manage his/her debt. Credit background check is also conducted by financial institutions before sanctioning loans. It can also be used for tenant application screening by conducting credit background check for tenants.

Credit Background Check for Tenants

Application of credit background check is not limited to employment or loans. People leasing or renting out their property can also make use of credit background check for tenants. By running credit background check for tenants, landlords / property owners can make better decisions before renting out the property. An individual with bad credit background is more likely to default on payments than the one with good credit history.

A simple online tenant background search can save property owners from many undesired consequences. Tenant background search not only allows you to review the credit history of a prospective tenant but it also allows you to verify identity related claims at the same time.

Organizations that provide credit background check for tenants, offer their service in packages and you can choose a package what suits you the best. A basic tenant background search generally includes a credit report, sex offender search and criminal records. A more detailed search may further include more items such as employment summary, foreclosures, bankruptcies, medical collections, etc.

Credit background check for tenants allows property owners to know how good an individual has been with his/her rental payments. Tenant application screening credit report also let them understand the risks involved in renting out their property to a particular renter, such as late payments, evictions, etc.

Live Scan System Features and Supported Printers

System Features

  • Fingerprint image capture
  • Demographic data entry
  • 10 rolled and 4 flat impressions
  • Type 4 and type 14 images
  • Segmentation and quality check
  • Photograph and signature


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Supported Printers

  • Hewlett-Packard M551
  • Lexmark T640/T642/T644/T650
  • Lexmark C534/C544/C746/C736
  • Lexmark CS510/CX510/MS810
  • Xerox Phaser 3610/4510/5550
  • Dell B5460dn


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tenant risk assessment

Evaluate Your Risk with a Tenant In Advance

There can be several risks associated when it comes to renting out your property. A tenant with criminal / bad credit background can incur damages and losses instead of rental income. Tenant application screening using the credit history lets you know your risk in advance.
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Hassle-Free Tenant Application Screening

Most tenant background search services are available online. You can place your order and pay online and results are usually returned within minutes. A simple and effortless tenant application screening can help you find the answer of the question – Is it safe to rent out my property to this renter?
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credit check for employment

Good Way to Hire Great Employees

Credit background check for employment allows employers to review the credit history of your prospective employees before hiring them. Bad credit and employment background check is a great way to predict and manage risk associated with an employee.
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Credit History Based Risk Management

Tenant application screening with credit history allows property owners to manage their risk in advance. With tenant background search, property owners can evaluate the risks associated with renting out their property to an individual by understanding his/her past credit performance.
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online tenant application

Online Tenant Application Screening

Most organizations that provide tenant background search services have an online presence. Tenant application screening can be ordered via the internet and report can also be obtained online. There is absolutely no need to do it manually.
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Different Packages to Choose From

Generally, credit history screening service providers offer their service in different packages. A basic package that includes a basic credit history report with sex offender and criminal record is often the cheapest. A more detailed report may further include more items such as employment summary, foreclosures, bankruptcies, medical collections, etc.
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Credit Background Check for Employees and Tenants

Conducting background check is a common practice in most jobs, however, in some employment type, credit background check can be equally important. Credit background check is also a great way for landlords to manage their risk while renting out property.

Major credit background check service providers are available online and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.


Credit background checks ensure security of property for property owners and resources for employers.

Risk Management

Tenant background search with credit history allows property owners to evaluate and manage risk in advance.


Tenant application screening can be obtained in minutes, turnaround time may vary from vendor to vendor.


Credit background check offers a reliable way to analyze how someone has been able to manage his / her debt.


You can make decisions by conducting a credit background check for tenants as you get to know them better.

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