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Bayometric is industry-leading supplier of fingerprint scanner devices specializing in unrivalled fingerprint readers. To supply top quality fingerprint devices, we have collaborated with leading fingerprint devices and biometric products manufacturers such as Suprema, Futronic, Nitgen. Secugen, Lumidigm etc. Our range of fingerprint readers comes equipped with advanced fingerprint capturing technology that gets and verifies fingerprint images within seconds. Clear and quality finger images provide accurate verification and identification. The devices incorporate highly advance-scanning technology into ergonomic computer peripherals. Fingerprint readers offered by us are FBI/FIPS 201 PIV and STQC certified and easily detect fake fingers. Biometric fingerprint readers offered by us found diverse application in networking security, time & attendance, banking and trading security, ATM and POS system, criminal identification and several other commercial applications.

USB Fingerprint Scanners

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