USB Fingerprint Scanners

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Bayometric is industry-leading supplier of fingerprint scanner devices specializing in unrivalled fingerprint readers. To supply top quality fingerprint devices, we have collaborated with leading fingerprint devices and biometric products manufacturers such as Suprema, Futronic, Nitgen. Secugen, Lumidigm etc. Our range of fingerprint readers comes equipped with advanced fingerprint capturing technology that gets and verifies fingerprint images within seconds. Clear and quality finger images provide accurate verification and identification. The devices incorporate highly advance-scanning technology into ergonomic computer peripherals. Fingerprint readers offered by us are FBI/FIPS 201 PIV and STQC certified and easily detect fake fingers. Biometric fingerprint readers offered by us found diverse application in networking security, time & attendance, banking and trading security, ATM and POS system, criminal identification and several other commercial applications.
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  1. Secugen Hamster Plus

    Secugen Hamster Plus


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    SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner incorporates the latest in optical sensor capability, using patented SEIR technology to provide a robust and highly reliable biometric platform that can be used in applications supporting biometric authentication and identification. 

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  2. Secugen Hamster Pro 20

    Secugen Hamster Pro 20


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    SecuGen's new ultra-compact, high image quality USB fingerprint reader that is FBI Certified as meeting FIPS 201 (PIV) and FAP 20 Mobile ID requirements. Featuring a low-profile, one-piece design, the Hamster Pro 20 is built with the industry's most rugged and advanced optical sensor using patented and patent-pending fingerprint technology  

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  3. Digital Persona U.are.U 4500

    Digital Persona U.are.U 4500


    Ships same day

    FS Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader is an elegant, powerful fingerprint identity machine. With an executive-class look and feel, the U.are.U 4500 reader is perfect for power users and shared environments. Its design is sleek and compact to conserve valuable desk space but it stays right where you put it because of its nice heft and special undercoating. 

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  4. Nitgen Fingkey Hamster

    Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX

    Ships same day

    Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX is a fingerprint scanner that supports various Operation Systems, has USB interface and is suitable for PC security solutions. Fingkey Hamster biometric scanner uses a high resolution, maintenance free optical sensor to provide a seamless PC security solution.  

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  5. Suprema BioMini

    Suprema BioMini


    Ships same day

    Suprema BioMini fingerprint scanner is a high-performance fingerprint reader that provides extensive fingerprint capture capabilities in a desktop and networking environment.

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  6. Crossmatch Verifier 300

    Crossmatch Verifier 300

    Ships same day

    Crossmatch Verifier 300 LC 2.0 is a single fingerprint scanner that delivers accurate and reliable results for identification, verification, and registration programs. Verifier 300 fingerprint reader have been deployed in customer applications around the world in a wide array of projects including child ID programs, physical access control projects, border and port entry/exit control, and national ID and registration programs.  

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  7. Lumidigm Mercury (M30x)

    Lumidigm Mercury (M30x)


    Ships same day

    LumidigmM-Series Sensor M30x(formally called Mercury) is a fingerprint reader with Lumidigm’s patented multispectral fingerprint technology which is up to 20% more reliable than conventional technology because it leverages rich fingerprint data that lies beneath the skin. It works on everyone, everywhere. Unlike traditional technology, multispectral imaging technology is not dependent on the quality or authenticity of the fingerprint ridges. Lumidigm sensors can look beyond surface ridges to verify their authenticity and enhance the identifying image. 

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  8. Futronic FS80

    Futronic FS80

    Ships same day

    Futronic FS80 Fingerprint Scanner uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system to deliver high quality fingerprint image. Futronic FS 80 fingerprint reader is the latest in biometric technology including live fingerprint detection and secret code feature which makes it ideal for access control system. Futronic FS80 has USB 2.0 plug and play compatible interface. It is compatible with various operating systems including Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0, Linux, Mac OS and Android OS.  

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  9. Lumidigm Venus (V30x)

    Lumidigm Venus (V30x)


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    Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint sensors V30x (formally called Venus) and V31x (formally called Voyager) deliver industry-leading biometric security performance regardless of environmental or skin conditions. You can depend on the V-Series to return superior images on anyone, anytime, in any environment. Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint sensors outperform other sensors by improving your application’s throughput, accuracy, speed, and security.  

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USB Fingerprint Scanners - At a Glance

USB Fingerprint Scanners use biometric technology to implement a system that is foolproof, reliable and robust. Fingerprint scanners and readers are gradually entering the field of day-to-day security and access control . They are being installed for a variety of applications by leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions across the globe.

Some of the most popular companies manufacturing fingerprint scanners and OEM components are Crossmatch, Lumidigm, Nitgen and Secugen. These firms design, develop and manufacture hardware required for different kinds of biometric scanners and systems.

How USB Fingerprint Scanners Work

USB fingerprint scanners capture the impressions of friction ridges on the skin at the tip of the finger. Then, the heat-enabled light sensor of scanning devicesrecords the minutest details of the image. This current capture is then matched with existing records of the fingerprint image to verify an individual. The optical fingerprint scanner captures the image of the fingerprint just like a camera.

Factors You Should Consider While Deciding the Right Fingerprint Scanner

  • Fast and accurate: The fingerprint scannershould be fast and at the same time very accurate and reliable. Image taken by the sensor should be of high quality and in high resolution.
  • Compact, lightweight and portable: The fingerprint scanner or reader should be compact, lightweight and portable. It should have resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock.
  • Easy to use: The fingerprint device should be easy to use and can be attached to a number of other devices with an ease. This will enable the device to be used for multipurpose.
  • Support wide environmental conditions: The fingerprint scanner you are planning to choose should be able to work well in wide environmental conditions like temperature changes and humidity.
  • Latent print & counterfeit image rejection: There should be facility of latent print image removal. It should be able to detect live finger to minimize the frauds. The reader should encrypt the finger print images so that it is not possible to reconstruct the images.
  • Supplier should be professional: The Company from which the scanner is bought should be professional and able to provide good service.

Uses of Fingerprint Technology

Business and governmental organizations across the board have used Biometric Fingerprint technology to improve productivity and reducing absenteeism. The Rajasthan government has resorted to fingerprint attendance to improve the quality of education in schools, located deep in rural Rajasthan. The new initiative seems to be working as the cases of absenteeism are on the decline, increasing the quality of the education being imparted.

Hotels in New York have resorted to biometric technology to reduce crime. This new system requires the employees to log into the biometric system, while checking in and logging out of the system at the end of their shift. According to hotel’s management, this became necessary after the visitors complained about increasing instances of theft in the hotel premises. The management has declared the new method a success as it has reduced instances of theft and crime in and around the hotel premises.

Here We are - Global Supplier of Fingerprint Scanners and Readers

Bayometric,a global supplier of biometric fingerprint scanners, offers exceptional quality USB fingerprint scanners and readers that deliver high quality fingerprint image.

Our range of biometric USB fingerprint scanners featureelegant and sleek designs and incorporate the most advanced scanning technology. Backed by industry leading biometric software, our fingerprint scanners are the preferred choice for those who want and need the very best.

These devices use advanced CMOS sensor technology along with precise optical system to provide quality fingerprint image. The power of thesereaders is such that they can even capture un-distorted raw finger image into computers in fraction of seconds.

Built with special electronic circuit, our USB fingerprint scanners can perform live finger detection with the help of software. This feature can be used to scan only live fingers, as fake fingers are automatically rejected. We have partnered with best USB fingerprint readers and scanners manufacturers to ensure top quality and high performance of the entire security device supplied by us.