Schleuniger Automations Chooses the Secugen Hamster Plus USB Fingerprint Scanner for Biometric Authentication

The Secugen Hamster Plus USB fingerprint scanner has been chosen by the global leader in wire processing solutions and specialist in high-precision stripping and crimping technology- Schleuniger Automations. The optical fingerprint reader has been chosen by the manufacturer due to its advanced optical sensors that can capture very high resolution images, making it an exceptionally dependable and accurate device. The Secugen Hamster Plus also won favor due to its ability to hold up under the most demanding conditions and ease of integration. It can work perfectly in the temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees.

This USB fingerprint scanner will be assisting the wire processing manufacturer with its CrimpCenter product line. The optical fingerprint reader will not only help the operators with safe and easy fingerprint logins, but also do away with the need for a username and password. With the introduction of the system, the manufacturer also seeks to resolve the issue of lost or stolen passwords along with improving the ultimate user's experience. The Secugen Hamster Plus' rugged and maintenance-free design also played a significant role in being chosen, as it was found to be a perfect fit for the tough industrial setting.

The Secugen Hamster Plus USB fingerprint scanner is compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003 as well as the latest version Windows 7. The Secugen Hamster Plus is an ergonomically designed device that can work with any kind of thumb or finger. As the Secugen Sensor makes use of the Smart Capture technology, it ensures quality scanning of even the most difficult to read fingers, making it an extremely reliable device. The weighted stand of the reader is removable, making it a compact and handy device.

The Secugen Sensor also features an Auto-On feature, which automatically turn on the scanner whenever it detects a finger within reasonable range. The combined features of Auto-On and Smart Capture in the Secugen Sensor make it a biometric application that is not only robust, but also highly reliable. This optical fingerprint reader is resistant to scratch, impact, corrosion and electrostatic discharge as it has a hardened fingerprint contact area. The optical sensors of the Secugen Hamster Plus incorporate the latest in technology by using the patented SEIR technology. This optical fingerprint reader can support a variety of biometric functions such as fingerprint recognition, fingerprint verification, fingerprint authentication, fingerprint scanning and fingerprint matching applications.

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